Yumekui Merry, episode 10: Everyone’s cuter in loli form

For an episode that confirmed nothing and went nowhere, I sort of enjoyed it.


As if teenaged Isana wasn’t cute enough, loli Isana takes a jab at current Yui to steal the cutest crown.


Basically, Yumeji himself provides the calm before the storm as he gets Engi’s help to try to keep Isana safe from Moetree’s incoming attack. I believe this was also the first episode we got to see inside Isana’s room (predictably girly) and the first time we’ve actually seen her painting – narwhals of course, they are the unicorns of the sea. Actually, I think it was porpoises. While Yumeji is off getting Engi’s help he leaves Merry behind to keep a watch on Isana. Smart boy.


There’s not much in terms of action, this episode, so we get a fair amount of character background. Including a snapshot into the formerly genki, but now utterly lifeless Chizuru. Standard happy family background until one day she learns of her parent’s dual-suicide because of mounting family debts, which sets off a depression spiral for Chizuru. Afraid that everything she touches or becomes close to turns to ash.


So when a dream demon named Lestion holds Chizuru at gunpoint to become his vessel so he can take revenge on Moetree, Chizuru gladly obliges, having nothing to live for anyway. However, her affinity for Isana is now challenging her disconnection with the rest of the world. And although she seems to have no intentions on going back on her deal with Lestion, she’s also not standing by idly waiting for Isana to die.


A sort of non sequitor was seeing the budding "romance" between Saki and Taketeru, hinted upon back in the beach episode. We learn a bit about Taketeru’s cute little sister’s sad background, and how he ever started writing those weird haikus. On one hand, I enjoy this subplot, partly because it seems completely disconnected to the main story, and it’s nice to see the side characters fill out. On the other hand, the problem is it just seems like they’re filling time with their scenes. Unless Taketeru is secretly Elcreth’s vessel…


Which brings us to Elcreth, as we get our first extended look at this Sauron-wannabe. In his conversations with ClownEye, it seems he’s aware that Moetree’s in town and causing some carnage, but if he’s aware of her secret secession plans, he’s not letting on. The problem with Elcreth is that, so far, he’s just evil for evil’s sake. Why does he want to be in reality and see dreams? Because he didn’t have them in his world. Pretty paper thin. At least Moetree has some sinister doublecrossing in her plans. And John Doe has… his army of cat nurses. Elcreth though is just Bowser at the end of Super Mario World. Just get your own damn princess dude!


At the end of the episode, Chizuru warns Yumeji of Isana’s imminent fate and reveals that she’s a vessel as well.

Which brings me to my final and most important observation, both Isana and Chizuru have the same slash markings that their megane had back in episode 4. Which was different from the total black color the little cat hatted girl had in episode 3. Merry disposed of Chris Everfresh without it seeming to have any negative effects on their megane friend – my understanding, because they hadn’t actually "consummated" their relationship yet. It seems Chizuru hasn’t done the deed either, and we know Isana hasn’t done the deed. So why is intervening now a problem? I’m pretty sure somebody totally farked a major plotpoint here, because the Isana situation shouldn’t be as risky as they’re making it out to be.

10 Replies to “Yumekui Merry, episode 10: Everyone’s cuter in loli form”

  1. While I love both the anime and manga, the former is starting to leave bits and pieces out.

    Pharos Hercules (that’s how his name is actually spelled, BTW) has a deeper yet equally evil motive for leading dream demons to the real world, but I can’t get into that for possible spoilers’ sake. I’d be disappointed if the anime fails to reveal what he’s trying to do within the next episode or two.

    Also, about Chris and the club president: I don’t know why it still hasn’t been revealed in the anime… That’s probably being saved for the next episode or so, though it should have come up by now.

    At least I hope it is, along with more John (which also should have happened by now), or I’ll be shedding many manly tears of disappoint.

    Proof of Hercules’ name spelling, in case anyone is wondering: http://www.mangafox.com/manga/yumekui_merry/v05/c028/2.html

    1. Elcreth is… Hercules? Whatever, all of their names are ridiculous. I can barely keep them straight. I like Hercules. I’m going with Hercules now. Easy to remember.

      FYI – I edited your comment to remove what could be a spoiler. Try to avoid mentioning anything in the manga before it airs in the anime. Maybe Yumeji will do that the next episode, but I think it’s probably further out because they haven’t hinted that Yumeji knows anything concrete about Merry’s ability.

      1. My bad about the semi-spoilers. I spent a good 5 minutes debating on whether or not I should have posted that, lol. I guess I made the wrong choice.

        But yeah, his name is definitely Hercules. Elcreth/Elcres or whatever people are saying sounds very lame in comparison, IMO.

      2. Ah, don’t sweat it. I think it’s probably pretty obvious for anyone following the show, but I suppose better safe than sorry.

  2. Episode 10! Great stuff mostly with Chizuru’s demon and some of her past, I called Leon a different name…like Tim. Yeah I was so off hahah no idea where I came up with that…

    Can’t wait to see Merry fight Mistilteinn! Should be a great one, lets just hope all the animation can keep up.

    I have to get around to reading the manga, maybe after the series ends I will check things out. Usually I don’t read a manga if a series is running not sure why guess to avoid possible spoilers.

    1. Oh… I don’t think the animation can keep up. 😛 But I do hope it’ll be a fun fight.

      Yeah, I think I might check the manga out after this season’s over. I’m curious to see where they end up and if a second season looks possible.

  3. I forgot that there was a manga of this lol. unfortunately, stories like Yumekui Merry don’t give me an incentive to read the manga ._.

    I’m worried that these fillers are getting so crammed that there couldn’t be time to relate everything by the last ep.

    1. Yeah same! I always forget most shows have a manga already running, ah well gives me something to read after the series ends and we wait for another season! Woo!! Hopefully.

      Yeah not the best episode ever, but very story filled which works but we shall see how things go with the next few episodes.

    2. The pacing is a little odd right? Last week I thought they couldn’t fit everything in. Then they didn’t really move the story forward. But now, ironically, I think they could fit everything in. Of course they’ll have to cram it all in a bit. But Moetree next week. Some build up the week after. Then Elcreth Hercules for the finally.

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