Bakuman, episode 23: Hurting to the end

Koogy acts like an ass. Everyone redo’s their name, then gets their five minutes in the sun. And there’s a 4-way tie for the finish. Ok, that last one remains to be seen. But you get the gist.


The one thing I do enjoy seeing is all of Nakai’s desperate – and hilarious – reactions. He’s the one that’s been through the ringer. He’s the one that has his career on the line. For all the excitement Fukuda, Mashiro and Takagi get to partake in – they have nothing really to lose. Especially our two "heroes." They’re prodigies. Child wunderkinds. They could go on a 5 year losing streak and still be ahead of the curve. They have nothing to lose. What’s their cost of failure? Losing out on a personality-less, bimbo seiyuu wife? Please. Cry me a river. But Nakai? Nakai’s known nothing but failure. He’s old enough to be Mashiro and Takagi’s father. And seemingly destined to forever be a company man. Churning out creative work for superior creative minds. Isn’t that sort of like twisting the knife in a stab wound? I don’t root for Mashiro and Takagi for reasons I’ve made all too clear over the past 22 episodes. But Nakai? I root for Nakai. He’s got skin in the game.


That is. I only root for Scruffy Nakai. Not clean-shaven child molester Nakai. *shudder* Keep the 5 o’ clock shadow, Scruff.


For all the terrible animation Bakuman features, they do seem to be doing a good job of ensuring Miyoshi’s boob jiggle physics are receiving the right amount of attention.

6 Replies to “Bakuman, episode 23: Hurting to the end”

  1. I always get the feeling that I wouldn’t like the manga Ashirogi Muto makes if it were real because it’s just such standard shounen stuff. As much of an ass as Koogy is, I kind of liked how Colorfusical at least was unique. Maybe that’s just me…>_>

    Well, still, CHILD MOLESTER FTW!!

    1. I dunno, I suppose Koogy gets some credit for his elitist talents… but I like a story that makes sense. Actually, Nakai and Aoi’s story seemed pretty unique. At least the 5 seconds that we heard about it.

  2. I like the fact that he shaves whenever he goes to see Aoki. Not because he shaves for her, or that he looks better (scruff FTW), but because it really does give him some personality in a kind of pathetic, but endearing way.

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