New writer introductions: Essick!

The first writer search ever went pretty well. For all those who’d taken the time to express their interest, thank you very much. I truly appreciated the time and effort everyone put into their work. It was tough making decisions. Hopefully I’ll hear from you all again in the future.

The second of three is Essick. -RP


You can say Anime has acted as this sort of proverbial jack in the box by popping in and out during random intervals throughout my lifetime when I least expected it.

When I was in kindergarten I watched Sailor Moon on Kids WB during the weekdays at seven in the morning. (Remember those days?) And then there was this strange show called Tenchi Muyo! on some Spanish network that used to air on Saturday mornings.

At this point I really didn’t understand that what I was really watching was something called Anime or Japanese animation. I just liked these crazy cartoons that for some odd reason I found really aesthetically pleasing. I just thought it looked cool.

And then of course, the inevitable happened; I started to get up later to go to school and the Spanish network that used to air all those cartoons that I kinda liked, started canceling those shows in favor of newer programs.

So just like that: Poof. Nothing.

There was no anime to speak of at this point. I even forgot about it actually. So there I was, spending my afternoons blissfully plopped in front of the television watching Nickelodeon like a normal child. All was quiet.

Until 5th grade.

Though, of course, (like all obsessions that you go through when you’re a kid) that part of my life came to a close too. However, this time I found that my overall love for anime was hanging by a thin thread.
I thought that once I had careened off the Pokemon bandwagon, the high esteem that I held for this wonderful thing that I discovered as a small kid would just fade away. I thought I would be perfectly content spending my afternoons blissfully plopped in front of the television watching MTV just like everyone else that was going into middle school.

Thank god I was wrong.

Today, I can say that my love for Anime since then has been successfully rekindled (Thanks .hack//SIGN). What really keeps me watching, to be honest, is the content. The characters, and of course, the storylines are something that I have yet to witness with western animation.

Oh, the enviable list. So what makes me happier than a pig spending the holiday in a cesspool, or makes me want to forgo watching Anime altogether?

I couldn’t really say what exactly makes me like an anime. Like I said earlier, it’s the characters and the story. But as for the genre, that’s a little bit more difficult to pinpoint. Honestly, I’m a person who likes to be entertained most of the time, so it makes sense why I often drift towards comedies. Besides good ol’ anime humor, I also like having my helping of science fiction every once in a while. However, one of my favorite animes, Blood+, is neither comedy or sci-fi for that matter. I believe what I am trying to say is that, I’m just as lenient with my anime watching as I am with my musical tastes– I could stand just about anything, but I still have my favorites.

Just not Shoujo.

I’ll go into a diabetic shock from all the fluff.

11 Replies to “New writer introductions: Essick!”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere. I can tell from your intro that we will agree on a lot of things in the future lol.

    As a gift, you should check out the Eyeshield 21 manga. It’s really damn good >:3

  2. For an introduction post, that was oddly entertaining. Now, a hate rant on shoujo anime, say “Shoujo: I-It’s not that I like you or anything, idiot! *Giant slap*” would be icing on the cake.

    Anime with a capital A is fresh.

  3. Thank you everyone for the awesome comments! I was a tad nervous, but it seems everyone enjoyed my post!

    And as for Bass, I find it funny that you recommended Eyeshield 21, I have a friend of mine that’s a HUGE fan and has been bugging me to read/watch it for the past couple of months, so I think I should definitely check it out now. XD

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