New Writer Introductions: SabishiiMiruku

The first writer search ever went pretty well. For all those who’d taken the time to express their interest, thank you very much. I truly appreciated the time and effort everyone put into their work. It was tough making decisions. Hopefully I’ll hear from you all again in the future.

The last one is SabishiiMiruku. Not Sad Mikuru like after a Haruhi raeping. But Sad Miruku, like milk after it’s been left out too long. -RP

Ore no Kuroneko no imouto mo

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K-On 27: This is the series that never ends, and this is how it goes…

Recently released was the extra K-On episode that came out with the DVDs. While the episode has been floating around for a wee bit, the subs that had been released were questionable at best, so I waited for the Coalguys release. Now with that release, I can finally get one more taste of the adventures of the five girls before saying good-bye forev-

Oh, who am I kidding? With recent announcements of not just one, but two sequel mangas, it should be obvious by now that the adventures of the girls with continue on forever, or at least as long as the fans demand it. We’ll eventually end up with a Crankshaft version of K-On with the girls in old age. That’s one thing you can bet on.

But there’s nothing wrong with more episodes of these cute girls in action. Fyi, check out the new writers and say hi while you’re here reading this, if you haven’t already.

No, this is not a Christmas episode, despite what the opening shots might make it seem.

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