Yumekui Merry, episode 11: Everybody’s Talkin’

Everybody’s talking at me / I don’t hear a word they’re saying / Only the echoes of my mind.


Terrible letdown is all I can say about this episode. Nothing happened. Too much talking. The big showdown was a letdown. Short, unwatchable, jerky action scenes. No Hercules Elcreth. Moetree is apparently (weirdly) romantically involved with Ijima. Ijima is making her clothes explode. BIG step back for the show.

Aight, I put on my robe and wizard hat.

It figures Isana’s dream demon, Palete, would be ridiculously cute. Although truly, truly the most cowardly of all the dream demons yet. Still, I wouldn’t mind having a Palete around the house to hug and squeeze once in a while.


So, things I liked about Moetree this episode: her flexibility and eagerness to do splits just about every time she was in a scene. Sort of sexy. And it makes me want to forgive how her character model seemed to change almost as much as Hattori’s in Bakuman. I think JC Staff just needs to focus their animation budget on one show. Because stretching their money out across multiple shows is really hurting the animation quality.


Cue a couple of strikes for Merry and Yumeji this episode. Merry got her ass handed to her by Moetree (or so we assume, since the fight choreography was so brutally awful, I think I saw a foot and possibly a bitch slap somewhere in there). Merry then spent the next 5 minutes writhing on the ground. If Moetree didn’t fall into the typically chatty villain trope, Isana would be an empty shell several times over already. I realize Engi and Chizuru’s dream demon are going to help even the playing field next episode, but shouldn’t Merry have been able to handle her own a little better than that? She knocked John Doe on his heels and John Doe’s a bad ass. Is Moetree really that much more powerful than Doe? I can’t believe that.

Also, negative strike for Yumeji. I like his willingness to jump into fights. I can understand his getting his ass beat by the dream demons. They are in another class of course. But then helplessly getting stepped on by Ijima? C’mon now. Yumeji’s gotta work on bringing the firebreathing fists, because he’s not winning, he’s not bi-winning, he’s just a loser, a troll.


Also, I’m not buying Chizuru’s guilt about not helping the others before Isana. Moetree twists the knife, but c’mon now. That was then. This is now. If you’re helping Isana, it doesn’t mean you should feel any guilt or cognitive dissonance, just because you didn’t help the people before her.


WTF is this. I just completely can’t understand the logic behind this. Moetree walking away without explanation is perhaps the epitome of padding the show length. What’s she walking away for? She didn’t even break a sweat! She was all limber and flexible, ready to rock. And then just up and decides to take her ball home and not play the game.

If there’s a second season of YM, I’m pretty sure I’m not going to cover it. The show had a solid start, it has elements that are interesting, and it’s generally fun to watch, but it’s spinning on a downwards spiral.

15 Replies to “Yumekui Merry, episode 11: Everybody’s Talkin’”

  1. Well, this IS an anime-original arc, just so that the series can have a proper conclusion in 12 episodes. Mysteltainne? Kawanami? Isana being possessed by a MUMA?!? Pft.

    At this point in the manga (after Landsborough) Engi was getting her arse kicked by Heracles, and had to be bailed out eventually by Merry and John Doe’s army of catgirls.

    1. This is an anime-original arc? I guess that explains why it seems so meandering and aimless. I don’t understand why they would diverge from the manga arc. It sounds like there’s no shortage of material.

      1. Oh, the manga… is so much better. So much more life and energy in it. At least in the few parts left… not to mention filling in some what I thought were nice details.

  2. Big let down so far with this episode I wanted a fighttt not another game of tag between Merry and a boss character, big time failure on the fight. It was so….well boring hahaha lots of talking between the characters but overall terrible episode.

    LOL Moetree best name for her! She is indeed fun to look at I love her character design, I must draw her sometime! Woooo.

    Let’s hope the next two episodes can provide fans with something fun.

  3. Ahh… I kind hard to like this episode. I agree with your thought that a lot of talk and less fight. The fight is just way too less and uncool too. Merry loose in a blink?! Hard to believe it though…

    1. Yeah, either they undepowered Merry too much or overpowered Moetree too much. You can bet in the second fight, Merry’s going to do much better. Even if she hasn’t done anything extra to prepare

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