Hanasaku Iroha 04

I’m still enjoying the series, but the charm of the first two episodes appears to be gone. Instead, Hanasaku Iroha seems to going down the path of a typical slice-of-life/drama series, although one with gorgeous art. On the plus side, the story also continues to move forward at a decent rate, helping to keep the whole thing interesting.

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Hanasaku Iroha 03

About two fairly heavy episodes, the third installment of Hanasaku Iroha gives us a more light-hearted and typical for the slice of life genre episode. As I really didn’t want to see anything bad of a sexual nature happen to Ohana, and that would have been the other way for things to go, I didn’t mind the way the episode went, even if it was a rather cliched type of episode.

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Looking Back on School Days

As I write this, we’re only a day or so away from the conclusion of a most marvelously memorable deconstruction of an anime genre. As such, I thought it might be interesting to look back on another such memorable deconstruction, that being the anime School Days.

But wait, you may be saying, School Days was a deconstruction?

Perhaps not intentionally, good reader, but I definitely think that one can interpret School Days as a deconstruction of harem anime, and here in this blog post, I will explain why.

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