Yumekui Merry, episode 12: The unbeatable enemy

We are full steam ahead for some deus ex machina finish…


I gotta disagree with psgels here, I don’t think the episode did much for filling out Moetree as being more than a stereotypical “I am evil, because I am evil” unbeatable villain. And the revelation that Leon and Chizuru have been allowing others to die, because he needs the lost demon souls to charge up his one bullet gun seems more plot pandering than anything that’s core to the show. Let’s go with the second part first. We learn that Leon was once part of a group of dream demons that hunted down Moetree, presumably because she was killing other dream demons. Of course, they don’t stop her; they get massacred themselves. Leon, the one lone survivor, creates or adapts his fallen comrade’s gun and points to it as the one thing that can stop Moetree. Except that firing it means filling it with souls, and killing Leon and Chizuru’s hopes and dreams in the process… What a predicament.

So the choice is that saving Isana means Chizuru has to die. Actually, it means Isana has to die first, so Leon can fire the gun, which would kill Chizuru. Of course, this is all assuming that this magical golden gun is all that it’s cracked up to be. I’ve never been a big fan of these “one weapon that can stop an unbeatable enemy” plot tricks. Now let’s ask ourselves, from the show that we’ve seen so far, what about it would lead us to believe that it’s going to allow both Isana and Chizuru to die? Everything they’ve built up so far indicates that both will survive. But how is that going to happen when Moetree is literally beating the crap out of everyone with one finger? Clearly, some sort of deus ex machina that hasn’t been revealed yet.


Now let’s go back to that first point, what did we learn about Moetree in this episode? Besides that she’s ridiculously strong, can’t be scratched, and kills for fun. Nothing right? I thought Moetree was a lot more interesting when they hinted at her having aspirations about unseating Hercules Elcreth. Maybe she still does. But we’ve heard not a peep of that or from Hercules. She’s still the same one-dimensional villain she always was.


So what does that leave us with? Yumeji after watching Merry get beat to a pulp, Engi get impaled, is going to take matters into his own hands. Because with only one episode left, he’s gotta do something… This sort of makes me think of Soul Eater, with Maka pulling some power of love shit to defeat an enemy she had no business defeating. Yumeji’s gonna need to do the same, pull out dat power of love.

One Reply to “Yumekui Merry, episode 12: The unbeatable enemy”

  1. Missteltein is just way too strong. To think that Yumeji will win looks impossible, although he finish this episode with cool post(lifting the sword and tried to defeat her). Theres really something will happen in the next episode. I hope is not the power of LOVE…

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