Bakuman, episode 25: The end

Well, it’s over. Thank god.


Oh, don’t get me wrong. This was another pretty good episode actually. Again, because I found the discussions during the serialization meeting to be pretty interesting. But sitting around… talking… isn’t exactly prime time shounen stuff.


But in the end, our “heros” get serialized; Fukuda and Nakai make the initial cut, but ultimately get rejected; and a new genius enters the fray. (How many geniuses are there in this biz?)


I know there’s another 2 coeur season of Bakuman planned, but what if this season hadn’t been 25 episodes, but only 13? It would have rushed some things, but for a show that’s generally been plodding and padded in all the wrong places, it might not have been a bad thing. We would’ve likely lost a lot of the romance aspect, the rivals would’ve been introduced earlier, and the drama would’ve been amped up. Additionally, one would think that the animation would’ve been less atrocious if they didn’t need to spread the budget out over 25 episodes.

Maybe I’m in the minority here. People seem to love Bakuman on MAL, but I stand by my opinion that the anime was terrible. Bakuman had glimpses of… promise. But was dragged down by… poor directing actually. Which pains me to say, considering I loved Kenichi Kasai’s work with Honey & Clover and Nodame Cantabile. But he was the wrong guy for Bakuman. The visuals lacked panache, and were uninteresting, but more importantly, I think he ultimately ended up emphasizing the wrong parts of the story, which made Mashiro and Takagi (and really Mashiro mostly) less likeable. Once they course corrected and focused more on the competition and the manga business, things improved, but by then it was too little, too late.

Final score? 4 stars out of 10. Not recommended.

2 Replies to “Bakuman, episode 25: The end”

  1. Thank you for your reviews. I really enjoyed reading them. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought that this series is terribly lacking.

    No matter how many seasons this anime will have it’s probably not going anywhere.

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