Will Nichijou be too moe for you?

Spring is here. And KyoAni’s back doing what KyoAni does best – animating cute girls doing weird things. Or so it would seem.

M-m-mee tooo *nosebleed*

There’s two things you can guarantee with KyoAni shows. One is that the relatively unknown cast is likely to become the next big thing in seiyuu moe by the time all 26 episodes of Nichijou airs. The other is that the show will look fantastic. And Nichijou does. You’d think a slice of life would have little opportunity to show off its animation chops, but that’s where the random, absurdist humor comes in handy. Robot nuclear explosion? Check. Multi-stage save the takoyaki battle? Check. It’s probably not at Haruhi level, but I think Nichijou looks markedly better than Lucky Star did, and much more dynamic than anything you’d ever see in K-ON. Like otou-san, watching KyoAni produce shows made me wish that they’d grace worthier shows with its marvelous animation. Not that Nichijou’s a bad show. I’m just sick and tired of watching studios like JC Staff and DEEN ruin potentially good action series with their glorified slideshows.

Takoyaki Power

Now, what about Nichijou itself? Is it any good? For the moe crowd, there’s probably more than enough cute to get your rocks off. But even for the anti-moe crowd, there’s enough where Nichijou could be the bridge that sparks hope for a peaceful co-existence between the two parties.

*cue the melodramatic violins*

Ok maybe not.

Nichijou’s not bad. It’s a non-stop barrage of random gags and humor. A moe Cromartie High School would be one way to look at it. A slightly less schizophrenic Pani Poni Dash would be another way to look at it. A lot of these jokes are going to be funny, a lot of them are going to fall flat. How much you enjoy Nichijou will probably depend on how much you come to like the characters. That was the big difference for me with Cromartie and Pani Poni. I ended up liking Cromartie, because there were a few characters I could latch onto, whether it was straight man Takashi, Freddie Mercury or misunderstood Mechazawa. Contrast that with Pani Poni Dash, which I just could not get into, because it was just sensory overload. Too many non-standout characters, too many flat gags. But Nichijou should benefit from a having a manageable cast. Plus, director Tatsuya Ishihara is a master – he’s touched everything big that KyoAni has done, including The Melancholy and Disappearance of Haruhi, so you will love Nichijou whether you like it want to or not.

4 Replies to “Will Nichijou be too moe for you?”

  1. you will love Nichijou whether you like it or not.

    Not sure if this should be construed as a confusing statement or a fascist one 😉

    As far as I’m concerned (although granted, it’s possible I’m in the minority), it won’t be “moe” that makes or breaks Nichijou, I can’t take moe or leave it. It’ll be funny that makes this series work. And so far, I haven’t seen it. To me, Lucky Star proved that Kyoto could do funny, but we’ll see. I’ll give it a few chances for sure.

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