Tiger & Bunny is already Fabulous!

In ways that Star Driver will never be…

Sometimes heroes need saving too

The premise for Tiger and Bunny is pretty straightforward. Imagine, if you will, the Justice League, donning NASCAR racing suits decked out with logos and corporate sponsorships, going around saving the poor residents of Gotham Metropolis Sternbild who just so happen to have the misfortune of being constantly under attack by supervillains and normal villains with the uncanny ability to turn every situation in a supervillainy situation. Now imagine those superheros get scored based on their action, with the winner taking home the NEXTEL Cup, hoping to challenge “The Intimidator” for superhero supremacy. And picture a show where the product placement and sponsorships are so intertwined that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between what’s part of the show and what’s an actual commercial (I’m assuming Ice Woman’s Pepsi NEXT commercial was actually a commercial). The cynic in you might say, “brilliant! Sunrise has finally found the perfect way to hawk their wares!” And heck, I wouldn’t disagree with you. BUT- I’d also say it’s the perfect platform to create an intelligent, biting satire on entertainment, consumer culture, and corporate malfeasance.

What's wrong with a little BL between heroes?

Satire-aside, the action itself is pretty enthralling. The twists and turns in battle, the hero scoring system, give Mrs. Diethard credit, it makes for exciting television – even with the liberal use of CGI, the animation is good. Those used to, and wanting, one of those grand scale “change the world” Sunrise epics like Gundam or Code Geass will probably be a little disappointed, as Tiger & Bunny doesn’t have that same sense of scale. But the benefit is that, at least so far, it’s as funny as the action’s exciting. There were a couple scenes where I burst out laughing.

Give Sunrise some credit for mixing it up. I can’t imagine Tiger and Bunny will ever reach “epic” status like Code Geass, but as long as the show continues to build around the action, Tiger and Bunny should be a fun watch. Think less Batman The Animated Series, think more Teen Titans.

7 Replies to “Tiger & Bunny is already Fabulous!”

  1. Satirising product placement but then making a pretty buck of said satirising? I give Sunrise a cynical appreciation applause for that one

  2. Man, this episode was so cheeky. I was expecting this to be entertaining from the first I heard of it, but I didn’t think it would be quite this funny or satirical. Though I can’t help but wonder if any of the actual sponsors had words for Sunrise about the way the product placements were used.

    1. I’m sure they knew it was going to be pretty cheeky… but I bet the ironic humor doesn’t stop the unstoppable otaku consumer brigade from purchasing those products en masse… well, at least, Pepsi Next will probably be a hot item in more ways than one. 😛

      1. Oh Sunrise is clearly having its cake and eating it too, but I’m okay with being manipulated by capitalism if it means the quality of the spoofing will stay high.

        And don’t you mean it will be a cold item? 😉

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