Yumekui Merry, episode 13: The power of love

Ok, no power of love in this episode. Just the force of will. Who didn’t see this coming?

Unlimited Deux ex Machina Works!

I am the bone of my sword.
Steel is my body, and fire is my blood.
I have created over a thousand blades.
Unknown to death.
Nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many weapons.
Yet, these hands will never hold anything.
So as I pray: Unlimited Force of Will!

This one time, at band camp, Yui stuck a horn...

What the hell did they do to Yui!? What is she doing? Being retarded is not moe! They turned her into a laughingstock!

Chizuru gets a sneak peak at the season finale

Honestly, Kiiragi over at RandomC had a great post summing up my thoughts on the predictably deus ex machina in waiting season finale. But some questions for you:

  • Were you surprised that Leon’s single bullet theory was a failure? And what kind of false build-up was it to string us along all season with Chizuru’s character and then for the show to sacrifice her and Leon for something that ultimately didn’t really do a thing (I don’t care if Merry pulled the cute little wizard through the supposed bullet injury – that’s bullshit).
  • Yumeji just happens to “borrow” John Doe’s weapon… how is that? Speaking of which, what the hell exactly happened to John? And Hercules for that matter? Why even bother introducing Hercules? Why bother introducing John Doe except to tease us?
  • The whole thing about Yumeji sending Merry back to wherever she came from… how exactly are they going to do this? Does Yumeji have a time limit on this? I mean, can he keep Merry around for a few more decades before sending her back?
  • The brass club has brass balls, because… Yui can play a magical air horn? Has she been watching Donovan McNabb in the playoffs a little too much?
  • Engi got healthy… because of force of will? I suppose Moetree also forgot how to fight because of that?

I don’t know if I’m just on a stretch of bad luck, but I am getting sick of shows that peter out halfway through and turn into an unmitigated disaster by the end. Thankfully, my faith in anime hasn’t been tarnished forever, because I started watching Kino’s Journey and that show is awesome. For those of you that stuck through Yumekui Merry to the end. I’m sorry. We all suffered all the same though. Stay tuned. Support groups are forming as we speak. JC Staff – now on my “don’t give them the benefit of doubt” list – along with A1 Pictures.

Final verdict: Do not watch past episode 7. Get your cat nurse fix in episode 6. Some delicious Isana fanservice in the 7th episode and then call it a day.

7 Replies to “Yumekui Merry, episode 13: The power of love”

  1. Lol poor bullet failure! I knew it would not work Muhahahaha!

    Not a bad episode, but nothing amazing either! The only thing that was great was Yumeji’s hidden powers, other than that Merry was alright too. Animation still fell apart during the fighting not sure what happened between episode 1 – 13 the combat sections failed. Ah well heres hope for another season?

    1. I dunno, even Yumeji’s hidden powers was weak. The way they revealed it. It’s just such convenient timing. Against the enemy they had no other shot against. Of course, he comes up with it then… Actually, unless they’re planning to stick the manga, I’d rather not see another season.

    1. Oh has it been trending lately? Fate/Stay Night was pretty good, I thought. Not good as the VN supposedly. But it’s just incredibly famous.

  2. Well, I’m crying manly tears of disappoint.

    When they finally introduced the lucid dream ability from the manga, it just turned insanely cheesy without John actually being there:

    They also neglected Yumeji reminding Merry about prez-chan and just turned it into some Deus Ex Machina bullcrap that I really hoped wouldn’t happen:

    The fact that they almost completely ignored Pharos Hercules just makes even more ridiculous (though he really hasn’t done too much in the manga either, so I’m a bit more forgiving for that).

    Man.. there needs to be a second season of this–one that actually follows the story. While I loved Leon’s and Mistlteinn’s designs and the fact that Ichima occasionally sounded like Hazama from BlazBlue, these last couple of episode did absolutely no justice to the manga.

    It’s kinda sad, since the first few episodes were what got me into the manga in the first place..


  3. Yumekui Merry was one of the least consistent series I think I’ve watched. There were a handful of moments that had me bored to tears, the last episode unfortunately being among them, but an equal amount that piqued my curiosity. Sadly, that ridiculous imaginary trumpet thing that came out of nowhere only made it worse.
    If only there weren’t so many abandoned subplots, or ones hastily resolved just for the sake of finishing the series. And just once, it’d be nice for there not to be a deus ex machina ending to a shounen series.

    Despite my complaints, I had fun watching. I liked it as much as I thought I would, that is to say I thought it was a nice little distraction, but little more kept my interest.

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