30-sai no Hoken Taiiku First Impressions

Woah. Now this is what I’ve been waiting for!


I’m at a loss for words. This anime is not quite like what I’ve seen during my anime-watching years so far. It’s so vastly different, that I’m just going to say that I WILL be covering this show for the Spring 2011 season before discussing anything with you guys.

Anyways, I’m sure you’re all here not to hear what I’m deciding on to blog about, but rather what 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku (30-sai) is going to show us. 30-sai started off as neither a manga nor a visual novel, but rather as a “guidebook”. Whether this “guidebook” for 30-year old virgins works or not, I don’t have the slightest clue because I’m not sure if this was meant to be a serious “let’s get you laid” or one of those joke books.  Whatever it is, it’s literally awesome.

So for the people who don’t have any idea about 30-sai other than what I’ve said above, it’s basically about a generic 30-year old salaryman/closet otaku named Hayao Imagawa, who hasn’t even gotten one single girlfriend in his entire life. Luckily, on his 30th birthday, self-proclaimed “sex god” Daigorou descends from the heavens to give Hayao heavenly advice on getting laid. Talk about using HAX.

YES WE CAN! (copyright Barack Obama)

Anyways, let’s get on to what this show basically has to offer.

As you guys can tell, 30-sai is meant to be a romantic comedy that leans heavily in favor of making sex jokes about every moment of each episode. Now, usually I get really picky about when and how jokes are inserted into each scene, but seeing how there isn’t meant to be even a slight bit of seriousness in this series, I guess I don’t really have to care. As long this show keeps me laughing my head off, I’m pretty sure its doing it’s job perfectly well.

Because the story line is pretty obvious, we can all tell the whole point of this series is for Hayao to get together with Natsu Ando, the female main who makes a short appearance in the first episode. Being a romantic comedy, it seems pretty straightforward for most audiences to guess the outcome of the show, so I guess there isn’t much to complain about the story line. What I do have to say is that I felt the organization of events in the first episode was pretty messy. It’s not like there’s any chronological errors, but everything seems quite rushed. Maybe I just couldn’t read subtitles fast enough, but if that continues in the next few episodes, then…”Houston, we have a problem”.

Oh you get the point.

Another problem I would like to address that I’ve noticed from the first episode was the excessive censoring. Whether it was basic terms that related to sex or any image that had sexual references, it was censored. That pretty much caused me to have a 2 minute time slot where I actually didn’t know what was going on. Whether the producers are doing this as a tactic to increase DVD sales or not, I feel this could cause problems for some of the more picky viewers. Also, despite the cute, friendly colors they used for the “visual” censoring, I found that it got annoying after a while. Perhaps I’m a bit too strict, but I thought the only visual censoring that was done right was in Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls. Whatever it is, I don’t think the censoring will deter me from enjoying this series as much as I’ve already have in the first episode.

Also, there was another odd part of the show that I noticed while I was watching it. The episodes are only 13 minutes long each? What’s going on? Aren’t most anime episodes supposed to last about 24 minutes at least? Well, due to the rather simplistic plot, I think it’s actually quite reasonable for them to shorten each episode so that there will be enough content evenly spread out for 12 episodes. Regardless, I still feel somewhat disappointed that when I blog about 30-sai each week, there I’ll have less content to talk about compared to other people…

That's not a good pickup line to get girls in bed with you Daigorou...

Anyways, if you haven’t already read what I’ve written at the top, I’ve decided on blogging about 30-sai for the Spring 2011 season! This show is a definite keeper for me because it contains all the genres that I look for in an anime! Whether it becomes a popular hit or not, I’m sure I’ll still enjoy blogging about 30-sai’s 13 minute episodes each week!

On a side note, I’ve been hearing reports from several other people that they think 30-sai will be the worst anime of the Spring 2011 season. Personally speaking, I think it’s way too early on in the season to say anything is definitely the “worst”. There’s simply just too many plot details and character development that has yet to be revealed, thus the potential of the show doesn’t only lie in what the debut episode shows us.

Cheers to hopefully having a good season!

9 Replies to “30-sai no Hoken Taiiku First Impressions”

  1. Where do people even get these ideas…

    Animation looks terrible and I’m not even expecting a soundtrack, so this looks like a total thumbs down from me… Not that I ever was ready to give it a chance. Dirty jokes are cool with me, but at least make them funny…This was just bad.

    1. Ah well, people have their own certain tastes 😀
      Hmm…when you mention dirty jokes that are funny…are you referring to the ones like in Seitokai Yakuindomo? I thought those were pretty good.
      Also, I think the reason that made the animation look bad was mainly about the censoring. If there weren’t visual censors like literally EVERYWHERE, then the show’s animation would’ve seemed much smoother.

    1. I actually started watching B Gata H Kei a while back…but I couldn’t proceed any further after the first few episodes. B Gata H Kei seems to lack some sort of an “attraction” for me. Not that it wasn’t funny or anything, but I guess I just didn’t like the characters, otherwise I’m sure B Gata H Kei would’ve seemed much better to me…

  2. I was not expecting to enjoy this–I was expecting a how to guide that was censored out the wazoo.

    This…I’m sure is a satire. I couldn’t stop laughing. I think the over-censoring is on purpose, a commentary on the current situation in Japan and the wise to remove all objectionable things from anime. I used Doki’s subs, and they did a really good job of handling the censorship problem.

    1. LOL.
      Hehe…I actually thought this wasn’t meant to be a satire until I saw it. I thought it would have a little bit of comedy, but mainly focused on romance…but I guess it turned out to be exactly the opposite.

      Hmm…as for the censoring…I do see your point, but I’m not going to go forward and confirm it because that would be speaking on behalf on someone else :D. As for the subs…I think I used Doki’s as well.

  3. i think this anime is pretty good, the “yabecchi” voice is really fit the dotei virgin character
    as for the jokes, the jab “tsukkomi” is placed at the right pace and timing
    i hope people would understand that and appreciate the series

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