Fireball Charming: A First Impression

Oh, Drossel, you snappy brat! Disney should make you an official princess…

Wonderful news to all of you loyal subjects of the Uranos Kingdom’s Tempest Domain! Your royal highness, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel is alive and well ! God save the Q–er, the Princess!  But, yes, folks, she’s back, along with her trusty man slave bodyguard and object of her amusement, Gedächtnis!
When I heard that Fireball was coming back I was pretty psyched. Finally, I thought, something mindless to watch while I’m the middle of class.

But in all seriousness, I actually forgot about this great little gem, and to be honest it’s been a quite a while (okay, more like two years ) since I’ve watched the last Fireball. So if you’re like me and forgot about it’s actual existence,  here’s a quick rundown to get you up to speed:
This small “series” revolves around a robot princess named Drossel von Flügel and her robot servant Gedächtnis (Who was appointed by her late father, the king, to protect her.) and their various shenanigans in the abandoned mansion that they inhabit. Thinking that it sounds pretty boring for a premise? I don’t blame you. Though things do pick up in the later “episodes”  when we learn that there’s actually a war going on between humans and robots. Again, not the most riveting storytelling, but hey, what do you want from a two minute television short?

As much as I enjoyed the original Fireball, I couldn’t help but likening it to biting into a freshly baked éclair. Even though there’s unnatural sweetness about it (I mean, C’mon we are dealing with a war here.) strangely there’s this fresh, yet airy feeling without making you too overwhelmed.  Which I applaud. Here the same formulaic use of light comedy is transferred seamlessly into it’s predecessor.

The new Drossel unveiled.

In the first episode of Fireball Charming, we see a new Drossel quite literally unveiled before us, and that she’s standing in a sparsely lit classroom. Within a fraction of second, we instantly cut to Drossel talking to Gedächtnis, telling him about the very odd dream she had about wondering around in a desolate classroom where she spotted a humanoid figure…

The over all production for the series, as I am shocked to say, is pretty top notch. After all, when was the last time we’ve seen this type of energy going into some thing so minor? With that said, I couldn’t help but to dig the overall atmosphere of the new series. Fireball fans, you should be thrilled. For the first time we’re seeing the characters existing in an actual world. We see a classroom, as well as what appears to be an outdoor courtyard.  No longer are we being completely sheltered in a unnaturally vast room with black and white checkered floor tiles that seem to on for an eternity.

Drossel and Gedächtnis 2.0

I also find the “upgrades” given to the characters themselves to be quite pleasing, especially in Gedächtnis’s case. Instead having the appearance of a tall slender banana spider, we can obviously see that his frame is bulkier and that he now has pistons for legs for God’s sake! Finally, he looks like an overall ass kicking machine ready to protect his lady within a moment’s notice. Oh, and speaking of the princess herself, I believe that her new look is quite fitting. Gone are her robotic pigtails and the mini-skirt, and what is this? VA-VA-VA-VOOM! A new curvaceous body! She certainly looks more grown-up. And to be quite honest, she actually looks like a princess to be taken seriously.

However, now with this new “improved” look I’m now instantly curious. According to Wikipedia, this series is supposed to be a prequel of sorts. Personally, I’m trying to see how they’re going to pull this one out of their sleeves. Are the series creators actually going to put a twist on the current storyline they created? Or am I reading too much into things and remind myself that this whole “plot device” thing could just be as nonsensical as the story its self? We’ll have to see.

The Final Verdict?

If you’ve watched Fireball the series, Fireball Charming would be a fun romp down memory lane with the usual shtick between Drossel and Gedächtnis.

If you haven’t watched Fireball the series, then go ahead. Watch it. It won’t kill you. Seriously, 13 episodes that are only roughly two minutes each? And if you do go and watch the original Fireball and feel as if you’ve wasted a good half hour of valuable that you have on this Earth and that Fireball Charming would be a complete waste of your life…

You’re more than welcomed to sick Schadenfreude on me.

4 Replies to “Fireball Charming: A First Impression”

  1. Fireball was a fun show, and even though not every joke worked, it was still a nice way to spend 20ish minutes. If Charming is more of the same, I’ll have to check it out somewhere along the line.

    Not quite sold on the new Drossel, though. I think it’s the hair, it does look a bit odd. Not a bad design, though, and I quite like Gedächtnis’ new look.

  2. Fireball Charming is the 2nd season to a series? Oh boy, I think I might have missed out one of the best “shorts” thats out there (Ah, silly me)! Anyways, judging by how positively you wrote about this first episode, I’ll try watching the original “Fireball” before this series gets too far 😀

    P.S. It’s a Disney show? OMG is Disney trying to explore international options to earn $$$? Oh jeez.

  3. For a short episode this was great! Hopefully we get some longer episodes? And yes Disney is trying to cash in on more “anime” they already got K-On and Naruto Shippoden! Well for the english dubs.

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