Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi First Impressions

The second eroge-based anime of Spring 2011 seems to fare somewhat better than OreTsuba…

Yes, by taking a stroll in the woods, you can find some kawaii bishoujos

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Why Nichijou Doesn’t Quite Work

Note: This will be a short post, but slightly spoilerrific.

Nichijou, being the latest work of the lofty Kyoto Animation, has received a fair bit of attention. It has already been compared to such comedic luminaries as Azumanga Daioh and Lucky Star. And it does in fact share much in common with both of these famous anime works.

However, I think that it has a key flaw that prevents it from working as well as those two did. In this blog entry, I will explore that flaw, while also stating how I think it says something of essential importance about Kyoto Animation itself.

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