Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi First Impressions

The second eroge-based anime of Spring 2011 seems to fare somewhat better than OreTsuba…

Yes, by taking a stroll in the woods, you can find some kawaii bishoujos

Okay, so if you haven’t seen my first impressions post for Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (OreTsuba), I’m just going to be really straightforward and say that OreTsuba has gone down the path of mediocrity. Not that I have anything against eroge-based anime, but OreTsuba’s first episode was really just a mass of unidentifiable characters.

Wait. Hold it. This is a post for Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi  (Hoshizora), right?

Hehe, seems like I got sidetracked a bit. Anyways the reason why I brought up OreTsuba was because Hoshizora and OreTsuba have quite a few things in common and I’d like to make a comparison between the two.

Despite how poorly most eroge-anime are organized, Hoshizora seems to have deviated from the norm of eroge-anime  by not bombarding the viewer with introductions to all the characters in the first episode. Kudos!

As usual with the eroge-anime, we all know that the main character will end up getting with all the females or have a harem. Either way, the plot to eroge-anime is relatively simple. In Hoshizora, the plot seems to have a good setting and lives up to the usual expectations of how an eroge will unfold, so not much complaints on that. What I do have to criticize is the ridiculously retarded pretext for the setting. Like really, your whole family would move to the countryside because your brother has a fragile body? I’m not saying it’s improbable, but come on, that just doesn’t fit into an eroge anime.

Wait...this is the first episode right?

Anyways, the characters to this show have been pretty good so far. Unlike all the other eroge-anime main characters, I’ve actually taken a liking to the one found in Hoshizora, who is none other than Hoshino Kazuma. The characters who have been given quite a bit of  airtime seem to have quite a bit of depth in them, but there are still a couple characters who are just the regular type girls in a harem that don’t really have anything unique to them. Such an example would be Ui, the girl the that Kazuma accidentally kisses in this episode, who is nothing buy a pretty face. Not that she will won’t have a future as an interesting character, but the first episode quite literally ruined any prospective hopes I had for her. Tsk tsk. So much for liking the main female lead…

If you’ve noticed from the screenshots I’ve taken, the quality of Hoshizora is quite a sad story. You would think that an eroge-anime in 2011 should look more “polished” like OreTsuba, but that’s just not the case for Hoshizora. To me, Hoshizora’s quality reminds me of the quality you would find in 2006 anime, which is a bit grainy. Not that retro anime with grainy textures are bad, such as Zeta Gundam, but Hoshizora just isn’t the type of show you would expect to have such low quality.

I know I'll take pleasure in doing so any day!

As for the comedy genre that Hoshizora tries to fulfill, it’s actually not that bad. Although there were some redundant jokes, generally it was pretty enjoyable. However, it’s not the type of satirical comedy you would find in 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, but rather jokes you find in eroge-anime like OreTsuba, except much more organized and smooth. By smooth, I meant the jokes inserted into Hoshizora didn’t seem “forced”, but rather it was “going with the flow”. A pretty good bonus to the standard romance eroge-anime.

Anyways, because I’ve already chosen a show to cover for the Spring 2011 season, I won’t be writing any “poems” about Hoshizora. However, if you are interested in a bit of romance and comedy, definitely try out this show. As long as you don’t hold high expectations, Hoshizora will come off as a decent show to spend your time with. By telling you not to have high expectations, I mean, don’t think Hoshizora will be an Amagami SS, but rather expect an OreTsuba and be surprised by how good it is. As usual with anime that are at least somewhat mediocre, I’ll continue to watch (perhaps enjoy?) this show!

11 Replies to “Hoshizora e Kakeru Hashi First Impressions”

  1. Getting past the fact that there’s no way that jump-stumble-fall-kiss combination of fate could happen accidentally (This is the ero-verse, after all, where physics take a backseat for the sake of charged awkwardness), I found this to be a surprisingly enjoyable adaptation.
    As you said, it was good that they didn’t try to cram every character detail into the first episode like other adaptations are wont to do.

    1. Yup, aside from the usual antics of ero-anime, Hoshizora is not that bad. I especially enjoyed about the last 10 minutes of the episode as it was mostly focused on humor instead of the cliche romance I was expecting. Anyways, definitely a pleasant watch, but it still has quite a way to go before I can call it a “good show”

      1. It definitely felt like it settled into its groove in the last half or so, after setting up the prerequisite awkward meeting with the primary love interest. It’s one of three shows this season that I’ve “lost myself in”, or haven’t checked to see how much is left to watch.
        Here’s hoping it keeps up the good work~

  2. Visual novel based anime, cliche meetings and all stuff. I guess this anime is ok despite the graphics which I think is quite disappointed. I like the character design although it looks old. Anyway, I will watch this anime to fill up my time.

    1. Hehe…so I’m not the only one who noticed the poor graphics quality…
      It’s as you’ve said, Hoshizora has all the cliche stuff you’d find in an eroge-based anime, so there’s not much expectations that Hoshizora will blow our minds with something revolutionary.
      Definitely a good “time-filler”

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