30-sai No Hoken Taiiku, Episode 2: Would you?

30-Sai is definitely the comedy/satire of Spring 2011. No contest.

Would you?

After the myriad of events in the first episode of 30-sai, we’re introduced to an new character within the opening moments of the second episode of 30-sai. This character is none other than Macaron (not to be confused with the dessert), Daigorou’s younger brother. Just like Daigorou, Macaron likes to poke fun at Hayao’s inability to talk and get with women, much to the Hayao’s dismay. Althougth a cute bishounen, Macaron’s facade as an innocent boy is vastly different from what he and Daigorou are all about.

Yes, virginity is a deadly disease that you can pass around

Anyways, if you are wondering who that kawaii bishoujo in the top picture is, that is Macaron in disguise. Part of an operation formulated by Daigorou, Macaron dressed up as a girl just to see if Hayao was a lolicon, but the results were simply just too inconclusive. I mean, Hayao complains about lolis not having oppai, but then again, he likes lolis. What’s going on?

Daigorou, I don't think taking a blowup doll as hostage will really do much...

Anyways, after Macaron’s introduction, Daigorou wastes no time and immediately asks Hayao to participate in his new tactic by getting Hayao to participate in events where Hayao can meet more people. However, Hayao fails to see the purpose in Daigorou’s plan, leading to Daigorou showing a “crucified” Momoko and threatening to only return her to him if he follows through with the plan. Kudos to the animators on making Daigorou look totally badass!

The same god who thinks he can get you laid

Just when you think Daigorou was about to invoke heavenly punishment in his absurdly cool pose, being the satire that 30-sai is, it is revealed that Daigorou was merely holding his cool pose with his brother helping him out with props. Of course. What were you expecting? 30-sai is meant to be full of sharp twists and turns!

That's too fast, Hayao...

Enough about Daigorou and Hayao! In this episode, it marks the formal introduction to the female protagonist, Natsu Ando. With Hayao getting a chance to actually meet Natsu, they seem to start off a positive friendship. This leads to Hayao proclaiming that he has met his “soul mate” to  Daigorou, but Daigorou only states that Hayao is an idiot who has finally learned to communicate with the opposite sex, and needs to be harshly rejected. Foreshadow much? Anyways, Natsu is introduced as a polite and soft spoken girl who seems to be about the age of Hayao and apparently has something that makes her more than meets the eye…


Now's the time for General Ackbar to come in and say "IT'S A TRAP!!!"

After Hayao’s awkward confession, which translates as a euphemism of  “lets have sex” in Japanese, Natsu activates her AKF and literally lays waste to Hayao, both physically and mentally. Definitely something that wasn’t expected. I thought that Natsu would be just like “uhm…pardon me?”, but instead Natsu goes on the offensive. Definitely another awesome aspect of 30-sai that keeps viewers entertained!

Yet another laughter-inducing episode of 30-sai has passed. If you ask me if I enjoy this show, I would have tosay  yes, but somehow I feel like 30-sai is lacking in the “material” department. I don’t know if it’s just me, but am I the only one who senses an emptiness about 30-sai, even when I’m laughing my head off? Perhaps there is this lack of substance due to each 30-sai episode being 13 minutes long? Maybe, but that’s certainly not an excuse to ditch story development in exchange for episodes full of sexual jokes. Anyways, the watch-ability factor of 30-sai is definitely high, but if you are looking for a show with “substance”, I suggest that you should pick up another show.

Ah well, even though I say 30-sai lacks substance, I’m in no way disappointed by this show because it’s only the 2nd episode. I mean, not a lot of shows actually display a strong story development until later episodes. Just look at the majority of the Winter 2011 show and you’ll know what I mean. Anyways, I’ll be looking forward to next week’s fill of laughs from the 3rd episode of 30-sai!



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