30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 3: Can I get your email? I’m a collector!

Because girls come to the men’s washroom to  listen to your request to get their emails.

This land lord is just too baus.

So the 3rd episode of 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku (30-sai) starts from where it left off in the 2nd episode. Following right after Natsu literally vaporizes Hayao in her AKField, Hayao is in his apartment, all dejected by his first rejection. Get it? Dejected, rejected? LOL. Anyways, as usual, Daigorou and Macaron provide Hayao advice on he should have properly asked her out, and discusse what the possible outcomes were. However, since Hayao put up such a half-assed (or some could say TOO fast) attempt, Daigorou just casually disses Hayao and tells Hayao that Natsu might not even see him as a man.

Anyone else loving Daigorou's awesome poses?

As we should all know by now, Daigorou is prone to making these “intense” poses, that really just want to make you emulate them. Was he a model back when he was a human? Who knows. Anyways, Daigorou certainly doesn’t mince his words when it comes to how pathetic Hayao is about dating. Like…I don’t think such negative advice would raise Hayao’s self-esteem too much. Regardless, as a tactic to make up for Hayao’s initial blunder, Daigorou presents Hayao with a plan to get  Natsu’s email, but as you know Hayao tends to fail quite a bit…

Email, GET!

The next day at work, Hayao meets Natsu again, and while he is in the washroom practicing his lines to approach Natsu, he actually encounters her in the MEN’s WASHROOM. Okay okay, you might be asking how Natsu is in the men’s washroom and such, but that’s for you to figure out if you haven’t watched this episode yet. For those who have watched this episode…it might seem a bit too strange how Natsu instantly activates her AKField when a guy tries to talk to her, but not when Hayao does. Perhaps some plot holes right there? Anyways, while Hayao actually manages to say a decent line, he’s overheard by Natsu and she agrees to give him her email, much to Hayao’s surprise. After getting the email, Natsu realizes she’s in the men’s washroom and…*cue AKField*

Even God uses a wiretap. Now...does he use H4X when he plays CSS?

For those of you who can’t read kanji, ? means god in Japansese and Chinese. Anyways, there’s no such thing as a god wiretap. Like seriously, the CHINCO on top pretty much convinces me that device is made in China. If you guys can track back to the first episode, you should all remember Daigorou’s ability to appear on Hayao’s screen. Why doesn’t he just use the same thing to spy on Hayao? I mean, can’t he do the same thing with phones? More plot holes revealed.

What's up with the Super Saiyan references these days?

So after Hayao gets Natsu’s email, the two seem to hit off on a much better note this time. Now, after Daigorou and Macaron hear of Hayao’s success, they start getting more into detail about sex…which is actually quite a long way from where Hayao is in their relationship…Anyways, the next day, Hayao meets Natsu again and he overhears her conversation with her coworker about not seeing some movie yet. While Hayao is using a computer, Daigorou and Macaron casually appear on Hayao’s screen and tells Hayao to ask her out for a movie date. Simple right? Well, don’t forget Hayao is relationship noob 101, so per usual, Hayao refuses to ask out Natsu at first, but after some skillful psychological play from Daigorou and Macaron, Hayao finally agrees.

When you have relationship troubles, just ask these 2 for help!

So! HAYAO GETS HIS FIRST DATE!!! SUGOI!!! Finally some plot development!

Anyways, the 3rd episode of 30-sai has been yet another filled with satirical jokes and such, which is after all, the whole point of this show. Unlike the past two episodes, this one actually features some good plot development between Hayao and Natsu, which lives up to the genre of “romantic comedy”. I have to say, although this one had less jokes than the other episodes of 30-sai, it was easily the best one so far in terms of its story.

However, 30-sai is not without its flaws. Throughout this episode, I noticed several plot holes, which I more or less ignored because they always used some sort of joke to cover it up later. Also, I really can’t stand the 13 minute runtime of 30-sai. Maybe I’m just too used to the regular 24 minutes runtime, but don’t you think that 13 minutes is a tad bit too short? I wonder how it’s aired in Japan because 13 minutes is a very odd time slot. Also, because it’s 13 minutes, there’s usually not too much room for details and extensive development. There were several details missed and aside from how it left off in the end of this episode, the first 2 endings were a bit bland. By bland, I mean that there wasn’t a “cliffhanger” or something that compelled me to watch the next episode.

Regardless, 30-sai is enjoyable as usual, and really, if you can ignore some of the shortcomings of this show, there’s not that much to complain about. The characters are as diverse as ever and don’t seem to be getting boring at all. I’ll certainly be looking forward to blog about the 4th episode of this series! 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku BANZAI!



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