Hanasaku Iroha 03

About two fairly heavy episodes, the third installment of Hanasaku Iroha gives us a more light-hearted and typical for the slice of life genre episode. As I really didn’t want to see anything bad of a sexual nature happen to Ohana, and that would have been the other way for things to go, I didn’t mind the way the episode went, even if it was a rather cliched type of episode.

This episode focuses on fleshing on the character of the writer, who is turns out isn’t a best selling writer, but a failed writer with his head stuck in the gutter, and a tendency for dramatics. I did like the character of the writer, but it’s hard to take the story seriously, as he’s so overdramatic and ridiculous. As the episode goes, he’s given up on himself, but a rescue attempt from the whole gang and a pep talk from Ohana brings him back around.

I’m aware that the humor was hit or miss for many people in this episode, but I personally enjoyed it. From Ohana giving advice to the writer on how to tie her up in the turtle shell bondage (from what I can gather, Japanese bondage has a focus on being visually intricate) to the writer’s ridiculous porn to the old man blushing about being tied up, it all worked for me. I don’t have a high bar when it comes to being entertained, luckily for the writers of the show.

However, what I liked best was the subtle development and revelations in the characters on the show. Nako may have really dropped the ball last episode, but she really redeemed herself. Minko gets more interesting as we see the effort she put into hating Ohana and her determination to keep hating Ohana. Then there’s Grandmother (probably my favorite character) who one has no idea if she honestly cares, or only does what her job demands.

I hated the cliches. It was still a good episode to me, but everything was so predictable, what with the speech that saves the day. Then there’s grandma secretly knowing Ohana would save the day, while I sit there can’t believing they seriously pulling that stunt. Hanasaku Iroha has the potential to be a lot better then that, and doesn’t need to use such old and tired cliches.

On a final note, PA Works can really make nice fanservice scenes. The scene of Nako dripping wet is a very memorable one, and one I will not forget anytime soon.

6 Replies to “Hanasaku Iroha 03”

  1. Random bondage?! Wut? That was kind of funny and Ohana looked like she was in no real danger, besides that guy she was with seems “slow” so I don’t think he would have done anything to her.

    Nako diving was epic! And of course the wet clothes afterwards, sadly most people will drop due to the fanservice being thrown around with this episode. But to get annoyed over the “bath” scene is sad! It didn’t really happen it was a dream scene after all.

    Anyway if people can’t handle this kind of fanservice I dunno what they can handle lol, however I will keep watching.

  2. Nako diving was my favorite part of the episode. That was a great way to develop her character — so surprising, since she had been utterly timid, then suddenly confident and dependable, and yet it was quite believable!

    Aside from that it was a bit of a disappointment, but that was because the first two episodes were so good.

  3. ‘…even if it was a rather cliched type of episode’

    It was just an inconsistent one for me. I like the set-up and the characters of Ohana, her mother and Granmather, but I felt the fanservice came out of nowhere and the stuff with the writer was kind of forced. The fan-service wasn’t a bad thing per se, but to suddenly include so much (comparatively speaking in terms of the previous episodes), just made it feel like a completely different show. Overall, I still like it though, and I’ll be interested to track how it develops and your views on it.

  4. Everyone was too out of character for me to want developments to continue like this for awhile. I mean one episode in awhile’s alright, and it did get the job done, but all the characters felt like they were being played by people other than themselves. I mean I know I wouldn’t let being gagged and bound fly under those circumstances.

    As Yahtzee put it best, it was like someone thinly disguised as your best friend entered your house, and you wondered if they were going to leave soon, or murder you and cannibalize your body. It almost reached uncanny valley territory, which is saying something considering how they were the same people. But I digress. It was a decent episode, I just hope it doesn’t continue on like this for too long.

    1. “I know I wouldn’t let being gagged and bound fly under those circumstances.”

      An excellent point, especially because the first couple of episodes were remarkably convincing in their character portrayals.In a show where people get kicked or hit with a baseball bat, and they go flying up into the sky, and so forth, I could just laugh it off as a dumb joke. HanaSaku Iroha seemed more serious, as if I was supposed to BELIEVE in these characters. Now I don’t quite know what to think.

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