Hanasaku Iroha 04

I’m still enjoying the series, but the charm of the first two episodes appears to be gone. Instead, Hanasaku Iroha seems to going down the path of a typical slice-of-life/drama series, although one with gorgeous art. On the plus side, the story also continues to move forward at a decent rate, helping to keep the whole thing interesting.

This was a fairly important episode plotwise, as it introduced the unknown character in the promo art, as well as the rival inn which is of course bigger and badder then the inn that Ohana works at. Yunia is in the same high school class at Ohana, and extremely friendly. She also happens to be in line to inherit said rival inn.

The best part of the episode was without a doubt the dialouge between Ohana and the other characters as well as Ohana’s thought process. There’s the moment where she realizes that Minko has a crush on someone, only to assume right away that there’s no way it could be Tohru. Then there’s Nako walking in on Ohana trying to figure out what to text in reply to Ko.

Another great part of this episode was Nako and Ohana bonding, where we got to see more of Nako’s character. Nako has come a long way, from being a dislikable character to a very likable one is a short span of time. They two of them as friends is extremely adorable!

One point of annoyance with Ohana though is her eagerness to be friends with Minko. While the whole thing is amusing, I feel like she really needs to give the girl some space. Forcibly shoving herself into Minko’s face isn’t going to make Minko like her.


Um...I think this is illegal.

Although the end of the episode after Ohana has realized Minko has a crush on Tohru, just to see Tohru giving Yunia a ride, and them acting like a couple was a punch in the gut. I understand Minko has attitude issues, but the poor girl can’t get a break!

2 Replies to “Hanasaku Iroha 04”

  1. LOL I was actually waiting for the show to confirm my suspicions about Minchi and Tohru…
    Anyways, aside from the “incredibly obvious” crush Minchi has on Tohru, I was rather surprised by the love triangle…especially since Yunia is related to the ookami at a rival ryokan.

    Finally some epic development!

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