New Writer Introductions: Vee

I know it’s probably been said that adding another into the fray might shake things up a bit, but a little one such as this could only serve to better things!

This is me most mornings.

I’ve been given the green light to go ahead and put this up, as the wildcard anime review writer. The name’s Vee. Or Little One, if you’d prefer. (You’ve got to give me props for a cheesy opening line.)

As a little girl in the 90s, I grew up watching things like Sailor Moon and Pokemon with my friends, and like so many other little girls do, or so I hope, I went around pretending I could use magical rose petals and capture domestic pets in little red and white balls. Sadly, that never happened, but that didn’t stop me from growing up to be enchanted by the world of anime. To be perfectly candid with you, I only rediscovered it at the start of my high school years, thanks to one of my closest friends. After that, something captivated me, be it the art styles, the foreign culture, or simply the unique story lines put across that we didn’t often see on everyday television. I began to pursue both shoujo and shonen and everything in between with a healthy interest. I thought for sure that one day the interest would just wane, and i’d simply fade out once more, but as of seventeen years of age, it’s still going strong.

Truth be told, I’ve developed something of a critique personality these days. Being both a Literature and a Media student and pursuing both those interests outside of school too, I’ve come to analyse what’s better known as “tropes” in shows and characters, and potentially predict what’s coming next. As you might’ve guessed, this occasionally makes me a fastidious and nit picky reviewer. Regardless, it also makes for a more enriching experience on a whole, and I am particularly pleased when the tropes are subverted or turned on their head. (And I am also sounding particularly like an old man. Shame on me.) That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the odd bit of fluff; if well placed, I’ll probably let out a couple of daaaws, and if well plotted and played out than I’ll probably go on to extol the production company’s worth. I will, on occasion, also write little articles on character analysis or the breakdown of how a series works or such, to the best of my ability.

As for things I’ll watch, to quote an old song, I’ll go anywhere you want it. Sci-fi, slice of life, drama, romantic comedies, action, thrillers, psychological thrillers – throw them at me! I’ll do my best. Most shows will get at least a three episode watch from me if they pique my interest, however if it’s absolutely horrific or simply not my cup of tea, I’ll stop at the first or midway through the second. However, the genres I really prefer are dramas, slice of life and comedies, some action and some psychological dramas. I can deal with magical girls and fancy ninja footwork, but only to a degree. Ecchi and moe and gratuitous fanservice and such are also not things I look out for in particular, but if they’re well executed, I’ll be fine. Unnecessary crotch shots have a tendency to irk me. I have a friends with balls. They remind me often that it hurts. I particularly admire shows that are willing to turn the whole thing on it’s head.
I’ve written a fair bit in the past, both reviews and literary articles that have been published in print and at other various places. At the moment, my junkyard/portfolio of ditherings, other reviews and literary pieces can be found at, a literary blog.
So that’s me. In and out. One last word, you ask? Elephants. Hope to see you round!

10 Replies to “New Writer Introductions: Vee”

  1. As said before,
    I can’t wait for the summer season to get started so I can read what you’ll write!
    Also, I’m so happy that I’ll be working with someone that’s around my age, so I guess I won’t feel so “ronery” amongst the other writers :D.

    1. Ahaha I REMEMBER YOU! 8D .

      And might I say, you have such a unique and punchy way of looking at things. I’ve secretly been stalking your posts, in a kind, oh-isn’t-this-good way. And yes, the summer season should be tons of fun. I’m definitely looking forward to writing with a team! I’ve been a solo act for a while and it’s never been quite as fun.

      And naww I either always feel ridiculously young or ridiculously old, so I’m glad there’s someone like that out there too! No more roneriness for us 😛

  2. RP on recruitment spree. Well, the more the merrier I suppose.

    But do make your own Twitter account and link your new post there. That way, I’ll give RP (the admin) lesser credit when I see him happily tweet away with “New blog post!” How merry he sounds.

  3. New writers are always a good thing, I love it when blogs cover a lot of shows.

    I really look forward to your posts in the future, and welcome to the sphere 🙂

    1. Yeah, I realized the 0-2 I was doing alone each season probably wasn’t cutting the dijon. 😛 Figure I’ll find the talent first and decide what to do with everyone as we go along.

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