Highschool of the Dead OVA: Why so serious?

You knew we were in for another hard hitting episode of HOTD when the gang randomly ends up in an island in the middle of nowhere and finds… a beach house.

Or maybe not

If I told you that HOTD was getting an OVA, what would have figured? Amp up the violence? Nah. Amp up the T&A? Yeah, probably. Figure as much as skin as the broadcast version displayed, the OVA would be one step shy of hentai. Well, in case you’re wondering, HOTD actually pulls the naked punches. Of course, what nudity and fanservice there is not exactly tasteful. But it’s not as raunchy as I’d expect. Score one for restraint. Sort of.

Ugh, cannot unsee this or Takashi's speedo

The OVA is short. Just 16 minutes. But it’s HOTD through and through. Not exactly taking itself seriously. The gang find themselves on a remote island where the only thing is a beach house with plenty of water, no food and wait for it… lots of swimsuits. It’s somewhat remarkable that everyone was able to find a swimsuit that fit them considering all of the girls, except for Alice, could out boob the old Baywatch cast, but hey, things happen on desert islands. I gotta wonder what size Kouta’s suzumiku was. He’s not exactly a slim fit. A size 20? Do they make these things that big in Japan?

Komura can't get no respect

Anyway, the girls send the boys hunting. Kouta, as expected, gunpla otaku master himself, returns with a treasure trove of fish. Takashi, meanwhile, continues his string of poor luck, firstly disgracing us with unsexy angles of his ill-fitting speedo, then in failing to return with any food. Those coconuts were on that tree just waiting to be picked man! Easier than killing zombies.

Saya has, by far, the most embarrassing and screwed up hallucination of them all

The gang build a fire to cook the fish, only to realize that the leaves that Alice and annoying dog gathered were hydrangea – resulting in the gang starting to hallucinate… sexy dreams of course. Not scary dreams. I mean they’ve only been killing zombies for I suppose weeks now. If you were going to hallucinate, you’d figure sexy dreams would be natural. While Shizuka gets all lezzed out with her friend Rika, Saya gets all incestuous with Shizuka-level busy momma.

What love triangle?

Meanwhile Saeko and Rei probably imagine that the other is Takashi and start lezzing out with each other. Poor Kouta has no partner to dance with, because Takashi’s gone off with an orgy of zombies to hallucinate about Saeko, so Kouta’s left to make like a Strike Witch and hump a broomstick. Poor guy. I especially liked how Alice went to get water while all this was going on and returned with it… like 10 hours afterwards. Did she fall down a well or something?

Zombies have needs too

It’s a bad day for Takashi – although you have to give a guy credit for being able to fend off 4 horny zombies in his sleep – and even worse for the group, because the supposed island, turns out not to be a real island, thus forcing the gang to continue traveling. Besides, they still have to find their families, so they couldn’t have lezzed out on the island together forever. Although the thought of it might be enticing.

Sixteen minutes including OP and ED. Worth your time? Yeah, definitely – if you’re a fan of the original show. It’s the same over the top outrageousness that makes it a fantastic guilty pleasure.

8 Replies to “Highschool of the Dead OVA: Why so serious?”

  1. It’s actually pertinent in suggesting what was just insinuated in the manga: Saeko has the hots for Takashi, and it’s going to be a fight. 🙂

  2. LOL I’ve been waiting for your post on this for a while RP! I’m mad at you for making me wait so long! 😀 Jk.
    Anyways, as you’ve said, the OVA is true to the material that we’ve all come to know HOTD is, and the fanservice is no disappointment either. Aside from the whole “hallucination” thing, the OVA actually addresses some serious issues. Things such as a love sankaku between Saeko, Takashi, and Rei is particular noted * a la Takashi*. Also, the feud between Takashi and Kohta’s contributions to the group as men is particularly notable too.
    Regardless of which, I’m actually pretty pleased with the OVA (after all, it is an OVA, and HOTD, as a fanservice show, has to live up to a beach episode requirement). Also, I think the possibility for a second season is ramped up even higher. The fact that they are “going to keep” searching, implies that the story will continue, thus creating a pretext for a second series.
    Anywho, viva HOTD! Viva Saeko!

  3. As amusing as this was, I didn’t get my appetite back until five hours later, once the images of Hirano in that swimsuit were finally purged from my retinas.

      1. I think he just got head-butted in the sack. And/or the contact caused a hallucination/wet-dream induced orgasm. The zombie clearly face-planted in his crotch, its mouth too low to really bite.

  4. its kinda funny how they just forgot about their parents in this episode. and at the same time its obvious there parents are zombies, from the look of the rest of japan 😛

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