Blue Exorcist: Episode 2

Blue Exorcist is possibly the biggest surprise for me this anime season.

Happy birthday, Indeed.

Maybe it’s because I didn’t have a certain feel for anything else on my line up for the spring. Or maybe, after dealing with a slue of studying for finals, all I want is some mindless filler to act as Novocaine to numb my brain.

The second episode of Blue Exorcists picks up right where the first episode left off.

Rin and Father Fujimoto are running frantically as the two of them are trying to get back to their home by sunset, so that “daddy” Satan can’t get his hands on Rin. They do this  all while fighting off really disgusting dog corpses called ghouls and a plethora of other demons in the streets of Japan.

We then turn our attention to the group of  bullies from the last episode. There they are, back in the subway station, with their leader having no recollection of what happened.  Suddenly after a bout of anger, the demon Astaroth posses the leader again, just like he did in the last episode. Father Fujimoto and Rin finally return back to the monastery. Father Fujimoto then gives strict instructions to put up these barriers all over the church. Without haste, Father takes Rin to a secret room underneath the church…

And low and behold, just like Inuyasha and Ichigo, Rin joins the line of  male shonen protagonists in by getting his own demon sword:  Kurikara, “Devil slayer”.

Though, if there is anything remotely interesting,  we learn that Rin can never unsheathe the sword. If he does he would become a full blown devil and capable of god knows what. Father Fujimoto then proceeds to stuff Rin back into the secret room and locks him up, quite literally.

When we get to the action, remember that bully guy that was possessed by Astaroth? Yeah, well he drove a delivery truck. Straight into the church. The other priest then proceed to fight these demons head on, full metal alchemist style. (No, I am not kidding.) They defeat the possessed boy, and his army of demon shrooms. Rin has a bit of a dramatic spat with Father Fujimoto, who turns out not being his real biological father. (Seriously kid, the man is a priest.You where going to be disappointed sooner or later.)

That when things go from “Oh Crap!” to “HOLY $%##@!”  in a matter of seconds.

Father Fujimoto keels over, suddenly blue flames engulf his body and our dear Father Fujimoto become possessed, by none other but  Satan himself.  The lord of the under dark then creates a gate from Assiah (The realm in which the world as which we know exists) to Ghenna (Hell, basically) and tries to drag his son back “home”.

Suddenly, Father takes control of his possessed body for a fraction of a second, and takes a special charm from his necklace. He transforms the charm into a thin blade of sorts and quickly stabs himself in the heart, killing himself and sending Satan back to the darkness. Touched by the old man’s attempt to save him, Rin disobeys Father Fujimoto and unsheathes the sword to  destroys the gate to Ghenna. The sun rises. Yukio, Rin’s twin bother apears and runs over to Father Fujimoto.

Though,  there where fireballs abound and more action than you can shake a stick at, though I actually felt like crying? Oh don’t get me wrong, deaths in animes don’t really bother me. Though, the real reason why I could be devisated beacuse the only really entertaining character in the series so far just has to die.

Though it was faced paced, everything in this episode felt really short.  Possibly because when watching his episode of Blue Exorcists, you can find yourself getting swept up from the current of never ending action.

However, If there was anything that bothered me in this current episode, was well, the gate to Ghenna it’s self…

Perhaps it’s just me, but the whole 3D effect was a bit of a turn off for me.  I’m sure they did it to possibly make the gate a little more intimidating in appearance, but to me it looked more like  some ugly 3d plastic graphics where just pasted right on to the screen.Sure, I love 3D, but think it would have been better had they stuck to 2D.

So how did this episode stack up?

Blue Exorcists episode 2 flowed though really well. I enjoyed the fast pace and this seemly never ending action that lead to another nice climactic episode. Sure there was some awkward 3D thrown in, but hey, no one’s perfect. Now we got to wait around for episode 3 because I’m really starting to hate this cliff hanger.

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  1. I agree; I was hugely surprised at how awesome this anime is turning out to be so far. Just wait until you get to the third episode! You get a fun new setting and some revelations about a character you thought you knew.

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