Blue Exorcist: First Impression

Blue exorcist is so over blown with Shonen goodness, it’ll practically make you eyes bleed.

There’s a cliche that’s tiresome  as it is true: don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Blue Exorcist,(or Ao No Exorcist) though is a tough nut to break at first. Here, our protagonist is a fifteen year old boy named Rin: AKA your typical slacker/bad ass who can’t seem to pull himself together. He lives in a church/monastery  that’s conveniently located in the city (for some reason) where Father Fujimoto takes care of him and his twin (yet completely opposite) brother Yukio, who is now moving away to go to college. Rin, (both slight moved by speech that his brother gives him and practically being forced by the other priests), goes to a job interview. Finally it’s here where things start to get interesting.

Warning:  spoilers ahoy!

We meet a little girl  who shows up at the church with her mother explaining to Father Fujimoto that she’s been seeing demons. It’s here we learn that Father Fujimoto is actually an exorcist.

Fast forward and it’s the end of the day of Rin’s excited about landing his new job. After sharing the good news with his brother, Rin gets out of the phone booth. It’s then that he sees the same little girl from earlier trying to catch her scarf that’s blowing in the wind.  Within a fraction of a second,  we find that’s it’s actually not the wind, but this strange green goblin looking thing that just appeared out of thin air. Oh, yeah, he does get her scarf back eventually, albeit practically destroying the store and scaring the crap out of the customers in the process. Rin then goes home, finding himself jobless once again. Concerned that Rin has seen a demon, Father Fujimoto tells him not to go outside. Though, as luck would have it does exactly what Fuijimoto tells him not to do.

Suddenly, Rin runs into a group of  guys that he beat up for shooting pigeons in the park in the very  beginning of the episode. After a bit of a confrontation. The group of punks grab Rin and drag him into an ally where they try to teach him a lesson.

Oh, kids these days!

Angered by the situation, Rin literally bursts into blue flames. Of course, as luck would have it, Father Fujimoto appears, and destroys the guy who tried to burn him with the hot rod in the picture. Amongst all the chaos, we find out that Rin is the offspring of a human mother and that those pretty blue flames comes  from  his father, the most powerful demon of them all: Satan. Proving to us once and for all, that in the world of anime, no one is safe from failed birth control, not even the prince of darkness himself.

But all joking aside. We do find out that Rin does have, well… a use. But I won’t give that away.

Aside from the semi climactic first episode. I couldn’t help but think, if it looks like a shonen it takes like a shonen. And with that said, it’s pretty safe to say that it’s going to flow like one. It’s generic as generic gets. Seriously, the whole “kin of Satan” motif has been done, not only in anime but in popular culture. (Ever heard of The Omen?) Also, the characters themselves are really nothing to brag about either. Rin is your standard Shonen protagonist. The only one who is even mildly entertaining is Father Fujimoto, even though he creeps me out in the looks department, considering he looks like he could be the illegitimate love child of Father Anderson from Hellsing and that creepy guy from Neon Genesis Evangelion.


To convenience myself that there had to be at least, well, something redeeming about this series, I took it upon myself to scan through the manga. Nothing riveting. Nothing.

Suddenly, I found myself panicking. If there is nothing remotely new and or interesting, then, why, why god am I starting to actually like this anime?

It because, though while slow in the beginning, it’s all the non-stop action? All the blood, the fighting, and the slightly macabre storyline that makes the 13 year old boy in me want to cream himself?


The Final Verdict?

If you want to find something remotely thought provoking, then sorry. Blue  Exorcist is about as shallow as a small puddle. If you have a super low tolerance for  the typical  shonen fan-fair, you might spontaneously combust faster than that monk within the first 30 seconds of this anime.

Though, if you want to find that action packed anime series to make your long boring summer go by faster, then Blue Exorcist would be the perfect mindless action anime you’ve been waiting for.

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