30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 4: Is it turning into another mahou shoujo show?

I couldn’t help but think of Haruna’s masou shoujo transformation spell from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka? after seeing this…

She seems more mahou shoujo than a god...

So episode 4 starts off from where episode 3 left it at: right after Hayao successfully asks out Natsu to a date. Anyways, their date seems to have started off fine, and Hayao seems to have followed through with Daigorou’s “game plan”. However, since we know that things in 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku doesn’t turn out as it should, the date ends prematurely and the two return to their respective homes. Anyways, after Hayao arrives home, he receives another scathing dosage of Daigorou’s verbal abuse and is left  broken and is  shot down.

Yeah, that's totally helpful...especially at how far Natsu and Hayao has gone...

Interestingly, we get to peek into Natsu’s life and we are introduced to 2 new gods, whom are both female. These 2 female gods are the opposite to Daigorou and Macaron and they seem to be much more “nicer” toward Natsu than Daigorou is to Hayao. Anyways, the new gods seem to also want to help Natsu reach a goal of “lose your virginity after you turn 30 ASAP”. Apparently, Natsu was on their “game plan” as well, but Natsu left prematurely because she got too nervous and, as a result, she gets scolded by the two new gods. Anyways, in case you’re wondering why I haven’t talked about the names of the new gods, it is because we haven’t been formerly introduced to them and the only name we know so far is “Pi-chan” which refers to twin tails girl.

...uh...sure you do.

Anyways, back to things on Hayao’s end. So, after Daigorou finishes his lecture with Hayao, Daigorou brings in one of Hayao’s coworkers (whose name I’ve totally forgotten) to help Hayao lose his virginity. I’m not sure what was going on during this whole scene because of the “****advantage over ****advantage” chapter was too confusing. Other than that, it’s still pretty damn funny. I certainly do hope the blu-ray of this show doesn’t have so much censoring…otherwise I wouldn’t get what they’re talking about. Anyways! Back to 30-sai. This coworker of Hayao’s is apparently the top womanizer in the world, who lost his virginity at 18, and yes, got laid with Ms.Bulgaria. One of those hot chicks from a landlocked European country (I think…)…this man sure knows where to get his girls!

This just takes it TOO far

LOL. After that 5 minutes of random jokes about an obese man getting some with a voluptuous foreigner, we get to see Natsu and Hayao’s date that takes place a few days later. Anyways, as they try to focus on “maintaining eye contact”, both of them miserably fail after a short conversation span of 10 seconds or so. Regardless, the date seemed to hit off pretty well, and in fact, no hiccups happen in between. As a result, Hayao actually gets the chance to escort Natsu to a JR station, where he gets to…*you guessed it* confess for his 3rd time. Most of you would think that “third time’s the charm”; however, that’s not the case with Natsu. Even though she looked like she was about to accept his confession, she ultimately declines him (again), but she does not use her AKField this time. Perhaps this is hinting to feelings that cannot yet be expressed?

At first I pitied Hayao, but now I genuinely feel bad for him...

Hmm…seems like there actually wasn’t much to this episode compared to the development from episode 3. Even though Hayao moved on from just “acquaintance” to “friend who takes you out”, Hayao is essentially back to square one in terms of his romantic relationship with Natsu. Not the type of pacing I would like to see. After all, this isn’t a shoujo anime. It’s not Kaichou wa Maid Sama, okay? Hopefully we’ll get to know the true reason behind why Natsu rejected Hayao yet again in the next episode, but as far this show goes, it actually needs to speed up at bit.

You gotta love Daigorou's poses in each episode!

Anyways, another hilarious episode of 30-sai has gone by, but yet, I feel some sort of emptiness as this show progresses. Not that the jokes are bad or anything, but the lack of plot development is going to kill this show’s ratings. So hopefully next week the producers will step it up and make an episode where SOMETHING actually happens, not just constant jokes for 13 minutes. I mean come on, they only have to make up something interesting for 13 minutes and have a small cliffhanger that will make us want to watch the next episode. So far in this series, I would definitely have to say the watchability is high; however, in terms of ratings based on the plot, 30-sai is pretty low. Come on 30-sai! Let’s get something started!

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