A Blue Exorcist Double Feature: Episode 4 and Episode 5

I would like to take the time to apologize for posting so late. However, hopefully this double post will make up for the lost time. Thank you for your patience!

Alright, after pouring over this for a while, I came to the conclusion that Blue Exorcist episode 4 is like a breezy walk though a garden, while the fifth episode is a bit more like an intense power walk.

Episode 4

Wait, did I just say episode was a like a walk through the garden?


Okay, I lied. Though I could say that episode began rather harmlessly. In the beginning, we see Rin shooting the breeze in his dorm bed reading a manga.


Ah, ladies, doncha love those sensitive types?

Seconds later, Yukio comes in and yanks the manga out of Rin hands and tells his brother to do some studying while he goes out to run some errands so that he can perform a small exorcism later on that day.  Interested, Rin begs Yukio that he accompany him. Reluctantly, Yukio lets his brother tag along, that is if he stays on his best behavior.

Yukio then uses a special key to leave their dorm when they go to the shop. The brothers cross the bridge and walk up to the steps of the shop when Yukio then tells that Rin that he needs to stay put on the side walk since he’s not an exorcists.


And what does Rin do?



Totally ignoring his brother’s wishes, Rin then walks up some path that leads to a beautiful garden with a blonde tending to it. He leans over and touches the gate, when it suddenly swings open and literally falls off the hinges and hits the ground.

We turn our attention to Yukio again who is having a conversation with the shop keeper in the exorcist shop while buying his supplies. We find out that the blonde girl is actually the shop keepers daughter, Shiemi.  The shop keeper worries about her daughter considering she’s been acting a bit strange ever since the day her grandmother died. All she ever seems to do now is to tend to her deceased grandmother’s garden in solitude. She seemed fine before however this gardening business seems to be doing a number on her legs.

Feeling the need to save her daughter, the shop keeper implores Yukio to go take a look at her. Yukio goes into the garden and finds Rin helping Shiemi with some planting. Yukio grins exclaiming that the strange “roots” on her legs are actually a temptent from a plant demon. Yukio then goes on to assure Shiemi that the exorcism will be easy and that pesky demon in with be out of her no time.

As we later find out in this episode, hind sight is 20/20

This episode was another action packed episode, full of bullets flying and demon spawning galore. Speaking of which, I think I’m starting to dig the demon designs in this series. Sure, there may not be the scariest but they fit seamlessly into the story and that not all the demons in this world are riddled with giant horns and  menacing eyes. I’m also enjoying the fact that the basic dogma of exorcism in this series doesn’t just revolve around Catholicism when it come to dealing with these pest.

Also, in this episode we are being into induce to another major character, Shiemi, who looks like she belongs in Shoujo series with those huge green eyes of hers. I was put off by her appearance at first, and then after  listening to her voice I decided that she wasn’t terribly aggravating. I gave her a pass.


How does this episode stack up?

It’s a good episode to watch if you’re really into this series. We finally get to see an exorcism in this one. However, if there is anything I’m concerned about it’s Shiemi. Oh sure, she’s cute and adorable, but then again so is that new little puppy until it chews on your favorite pair of shoes. I hope they don’t make her an  annoying female lead and you know, god forbid, actually make her a useful character.

Which brings us to…

Episode 5

The episode starts up when we see Rin, well, being his typical “bad ass” self and sleeping in the middle one of his classes. Pissed off at his devil-may-care (Ah ha. Pun.) attitude, a young man named Ryuji Suguro (or Bon as his friends call him.)  calls Rin out on his bad behavior. Bon goes on to point out that Rin takes his studies  way too lightly and that he shouldn’t be enrolled at the cram school at all seeing that his sub-par behavior is embarrassing. Oh and Rin of course being, well, Rin, decided that this is the perfect opportunity  to start a fight as usual. I swear.

But of course.


The two simmer down as Yukio breaks off the fight. Though as the episode progresses we can see that Rin has a new rival of sorts.



Without boring the people who are currently reading this review, I’ll just spare the mundane details of the entire episode by saying that yet again we find another character taking us to another trip down memory lane. Again we find out how exorcism effected a certain character and perhaps why exactly they wanted to be an exorcist in the first place. In Bon’s case he wanted to help his father rebuild their village’s temple despite all the vicious rumors that the temple was cured after Satan destroyed it.


Okay, so this guy has some rough patches and I could see why he may appeal to some fans of this series. Though while watching the episode I couldn’t  help but think, Jesus, could they make his Bon guy even more cliche than he already is? Seriously. I thought it was good that the writers decided to show what exactly drives a young person into joining the exorcism profession. I’m probably going to get some grief for this, but I sincerely thought Shiemi back story was a bit more interesting and a bit more heartbreaking I think. Not to knock the guy down, but Bon, his whole character along with the combination of a troubled past back story is something I’ve seen way to much of.

So petty complaining aside, let’s fast forward to the good part shall we?

It’s late at night and we see Mephisto on the top of what I’m guessing from some high rise drinking tea when he’s greeted by a strange Demon. I don’t want to spoil anything here, but all  can say is that I’ve been itching for some plot to finally happen and as it turns out there’s something rather sinister in store!

How does this episode stack up?

Episode 5 is I what I would say wasn’t your “typical” B.E. episode. There wasn’t as much action or too much plot development in this one, which got me a bit concerned. I felt as thing where at momentary standstill. Then again I have to remind myself that this series is scheduled for a whole 24 episodes and that there is bound to be some quiet time between. I just honestly hope that B.E. doesn’t loose it’s action streak.

Though on a positive note this was a very character heavy episode. Despite my lack of interests in Bon’s past, I thought it was refreshing to have the spotlight on someone else other than Yukio and Rin for once. Also,  on another note it turns out Shiemi is technically Rin’s love interest? What?  Oh don’t get me wrong she’s cute as a button, but really?Perhaps it’s just me, but these two don’t really look like “couple” material  for me. She’s a goody-good girl and Rin is the typical “bad boy”.  Shiemi looks like she could be with Yukio maybe. But Rin? Nope.

But in closing, to sorta paraphrase what Mephisto said about what’s going to unfold, I personally hope that episode 6 is where we see start to see the so called  “fun and games” begin.

2 Replies to “A Blue Exorcist Double Feature: Episode 4 and Episode 5”

  1. Not sure what to make of the blonde loli either, but I thought Bon’s backstory was weaved in fairly well. I also liked the ending and am hoping to see more of those ‘behind-the-scenes’ players getting involved and stirring things up (not that the more comedic elements are bad) and hiking up the drama and action again.

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