Blue Exorcist Episode 6

After watching this episode, you’ll be calling God asking to get 20 minutes of your life back.
This Blue exorcist episode was more Iron chief than action packed Shonen anime series I was so tickled pink with. And quite frankly, I’m pretty pissed.

Well as it turns out, we get our first filler episode of the season. Thanks Mephisto. Thanks for practically lying to our faces. Fun and Games? You promised us, the loyal viewers, that something interesting was in store and here we are patiently waiting for something serious to go down and all we get is…


You gotta be freakin’ kidding me. I was expecting dramatic gun battles, some serious sibling bickering and…Alright, I’ll save the long rant for later, let’s move on the episode summary.
Okay, so the episode starts out as such: Rin charges out of his dorm panicking because he slept late. He skids into the cafeteria room where he sees Yukio eating breakfast. Rin is wolfing away his meal so that he has some fuel to run on during gym class. (And if you watched the previous episode you’d understand why. ) The brothers finish eating and put their trays away.

Well, before we know it, it’s lunch time again. A large crowd of students make their way to the lunch cart outside that’s filled with free sandwiches. Rin has another fight with Bon again. Only this time it’s over who gets the last sandwich in the cart. Meanwhile Yukio is confronted by group of fellow female students who have seem to have taken a fancy to him. The three girls then argue over which of their homemade Bento boxes that Yukio gets to taste first.

If only nerds get all the chicks in real life

Feeling intimidated by the sudden onslaught of female attention, Yukio grabs Rin as they make a beeline for the cafeteria. Rin soon ignores his brother’s woes when he is swept away by the wide array of gourmet food before his eyes. Seriously, look at this stuff. Who wouldn’t want lobster for their cafeteria lunch?

If only my school lunches where that awesome. l hate anime.

Suddenly Rin is immediately sucked back into reality when he sees the obnoxiously high prices. In fact he’s so flabbergasted by this that he storms into Mephisto’s office and complains. Mephisto then tries to ease Rin’s worries by offering to pay for eating expenses, saying that he would be happy to give Rin an allowance of 2o00 yen…a month that is. Naturally Rin is beyond annoyed.

Though thankfully, Yukio drags Rin out of there just in time for him not to kill Mephisto. Yukio then calms his fiendish brother down by telling him that perhaps the answer to feeding bottomless pit of a stomach is to cook his own meals, and perhaps to cut down the cost of eating for the both of them. Though we later find out Yukio just wants his brother to cook for him so he could avoid any future confrontation from those girls. Honestly, I don’t understand that boy.

Later that night, Yukio leaves Rin to slave away in the common room kitchen. A couple of hours later Rin finishes his delectable master pieces for tomorrow’s lunch and goes to bed.

The next morning Yukio is washing his face when all of the sudden Rin literally drop kicks him. How’s that for a good morning?

After nearly paralyzing his brother, Rin continues to scream at Yukio for being a pig for eating what was suppose to be their lunch for the afternoon. However, when Yukio  finally explains that there’s no way that he could have possibly eaten those two containers by himself that’s when things get bit creepy.

Frantically, they run to the kitchen only to find…wait… Mephisto?

After a bit of a chat with the director of the school, it appears that the so called “force” behind all this phantom cooking was  actually done by Ukobach, the fireplace demon that haunts the academy. Turns out that demon was pissed off that Rin was invading his coveted kitchen space, so to get even with him, the demon ate all the food that Rin had made the night before. Night fall comes and Rin cleans up the mess in the kitchen from earlier that afternoon. (Turns out Mephisto is quite the messy cook.) However, despite this kind gesture, it becomes quite apparent that Ukobach is still pissed off at Rin. Feeling like his cheeky self as usual, Rin then is as the perfect opportunity to taunting the demon into revealing himself.

The next day we Yukio running back to the boys dorm after a full day of classes. Of course, guessing from the rain we are lead to expect that something serious is about to go down. Finally, Yukio makes it to the common room’s kitchen, suddenly there’s blue flash and…

There we see Rin and Ukoback with laying on the floor with fat bellies. Mephisto claps joyfully to a confused Yukio stating that Rin and creature are friends now–because, evidently, as it turns out, that food is the way to magically win over your enemy’s heart. (If that’s the case then why doesn’t Rin bake a cake for Bon then? Just a thought.)

Later the next day Yukio is sitting by himself during lunchtime when the same group of girls start to pester him. They see the Bento in his lap and asked where he got it. Calmly, Yukio explains that his brother made the meal, but sadly, after hearing this, the girls aren’t very impressed and go back to fawning over Yukio.

Rin after feeling defeated after loosing the interests of some mindless fangirls, Rin trudges back to the boys dorm a few hours later where he meets Shiemi.

Strangely enough, we find out a few seconds later that Rin and Shiemi aren’t the only ones wanting to keep him company while he eats. Alas, the fangirl trio strikes again! This time we see they have gotten a bit craftier and have resorted to sneaking behind a pillar. The group conspires about getting Yukio to eat their Bentos while secretly trying to make heads or tails of Shiemi presence. Who does this little tramp think she is cooking for their beloved Yukio?

The sun sets and it’s time for Sheimi to leave. Yukio suggests that uses the secret key he has so that she dosen’t have to walk all the way back home. Oh and the fangirls?

I could understand having a crush on a guy, but these girls need to get a life.

Still waiting outside. Full of spite, they finally get to their senses and barge into the boy’s dormitory. The girls enter the kitchen and open the fridge and start throwing away all the food in a jealous rage after discovering that Yukio has yet to eat their Bento boxes that they made for him couple of days ago.  Suddenly, the girls stop cold in their tracks when they see a frighting creature before them.

The brothers wake up with a start when they hear shrill screams coming from the kitchen. They speed into the kitchen, only to find to their horror that Ukobach has grown nearly five times his size and has started cooking their female classmates in a giant human stew.

It’s after Ukobach knocking Rin against a shelf full of dried goods that he has an epiphany. Rin then launches into a cheesy monologue explaining why people make food and the reason why we make food is to make others happy and blah blah blah.

Long story short, Ukobach turned into an evil demon cause he was absorbing all of negative feelings from the group of girls.  Much to his distress, Yukio winds up having to eat all the Bento boxes that his devoted followers made for him, and en voila he stuffs his face making everything return to normal. The end.

Yeah. That’s it.

Just like Rin was making his threat face over and over again in this episode, I felt like making the same stupid expression on my face as soon as the ending credits started to roll.


I mean, really? Perhaps I was expecting too much. I don’t know, was it wrong of me to come up the assumption that something awesome was possibly going to happen? I guess it was just the way episode five ended made me believe that  something worthwhile was in the works. What happened exorcism and fighting demons and what the hell is this Iron Chief competition crap?

Oh, don’t get me wrong… I love cooking, and I also love television.  Though, this combination didn’t quite work well for me in the this particular scenario. Sorry, no thanks. Now before fans out there start to shake their heads at me, Yes, I get  it. Again in this episode they’re trying to portray how a person’s actions could  influence not only other people but the corresponding forces around them. Personally, I like how the writers of this show are trying to bring a sort of depth to the series, however (and again this could just me) I can’t help but feel as if they’re trying a bit too hard.

How does this episode stack up?

Rather horribly. If your watching this series, trust me when I say you’re just better off skipping it. If you want some Yukio and Rin shenangians then be my guest. However aside from that it’s safe to say it’s needless filler and I suggest that you save your appetite for something worth while.

3 Replies to “Blue Exorcist Episode 6”

  1. Aw, I didn’t think it was that bad. Sure, sort of a pointless episode, but it was pretty good fun. And I thought it provided a little characterization for Rin in letting him be something else besides that guy who yells all the time.

    1. Okay, call me cranky, I might have been a little over dramatic in my post, but I thought that come Episode 6 that we where going to see some sinister plot development wise. I was thinking “Ohh, finally we can get this train rolling.” Then I see this episode and I’m sitting there stunned thinking to myself. “What the hell was all that?’

      To respond to pp’s comment: No, there’s nothing wrong with -food- themed anime, but in blue exorcist case I’m secretly thinking, “Okay, that was just unnecessary…” But then again this could just be the series writer’s way of offering a sort of change of pace for once. You know, having the characters do something else other than exorcizing demons and fighting with that one guy that happens to piss you off.

      Honestly, I’m just going to have to be wary of Mephisto for now on 😛

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