30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 7: Mid-Season Impressions & They’re here for your virginity!

Run Hayao Run! Before Natsu takes your one and only virginity!

There's a reason why this guy is the virgin king...

Alright folks! I’ve kept you waiting for 7+ days and really, I do feel terribly sorry that I couldn’t deliver this 30-sai’s 7th episode in time. At first, I was planning on waiting to do a double feature post after the 8th episode comes out, but since I haven’t seen any fansubbers complete subbing for that episode, I decided that I’ll just do an [extremely] late  post! On a more interesting side note, I’m going to do this episode in a different style. This is mainly because this episode had barely any development and I felt like adding some style to my posts, and not just the usual summarize and talk about episode writing format.

Anyways, because I have a knack for typing a lot and torturing my readers with redundant information, I’m STILL going to summarize episode 7. So, in this episode, Hayao and Natsu have already started dating for roughly 2 weeks, and the gods on both sides are already rushing the new couple to copulate so they can return to heaven. However, when the pair go to Hayao’s house for a “house date”, Virgin King Dorm Keeper steps in a goes Super Saiyan to “save” Hayao’s ONE and ONLY virginity. * Anyways, after they escape from the clutches of the Virgin King, Hayao and the group decides to head to Natsu house. At her house, Hayao and Natsu are left alone in a room to do the dirty deed, but before Hayao can even attempt to do so, he spots a “bullet-style” vibrator under Natsu’s bed and faints after his fantasies of what Natsu does at home. Well. That’s it. See how much happened this episode? Not much right? Yeah, that’s exactly why I’m deciding to do a special format just for this episode.

*On Sankaku Complex (NSFW), I’ve recently read a post where it tells the story of a Russian woman who lost her virginity 6 times. How did she do it? She doesn’t have 6 vajayjays now does she? Actually, there’s something like a “vaginoplasty” when doctors reconstruct a woman’s hymen to make her a virgin once more. Jeez, the wonders of technology…

So do I, especially when I see a tranny and a guy THIS close to each other.

So, you might ask, what’s so special about this episode post? Well, first up, I did a whole episode summary in roughly 100 words. However, I’ve decided that because it’s already the 7th episode, I would like to do a half-season impression type of post. I don’t think it has been done here before at Rabbit Poets, but hey, there’s always a first!


Mid-Season Impressions


The characters can be said to be “lackluster”. That’s saying quite a lot. Since this show has a dearth of characters, that pretty much means this show’s cast has gone down the drain. However, that’s not entirely the case. Even though the main characters like Hayao and Natsu are really just “flat” characters who have the same attitudes throughout the whole show, that’s not the same for characters like Daigorou and Pi-chan. Daigorou, being my favorite character so far in this series, can only be more or less considered a supporting character. I’m rather amazed by the depth that Daigorou’s character has, compared to the rest of the non-gods, who all seem bland, like McNuggets before they were tasteless white filth.  On the female side, Pi-chan’s character has shown varying degrees of success in my opinion. Serving as the female foil to Daigorou’s character, Pi-chan actually fulfills her role very well. Does anybody remember the sex shop scene in episode 5? Now that’s a tsundere right there. Has anyone in this show displayed tsundere-ness yet? No, which shows that compared to the other characters, Pi-chan actually stands out. As far as comparing the characters to other shows go, all of the characters aren’t good enough, and at best, I would only say Daigorou and Pi-chan are “mediocre”. I’m not sure how they’re going to improve in this department, but they better get things going, because the characters are somewhat contributing to the show’s diminishing popularity

Characters, yes. Jokes, not so much actually.

Core Content:

As we should all know by now, 30-sai is a satirical type of comedy. Unrelenting jokes, sexual or neutral, has been the core content of this show. You can say that the romance between Hayao and Natsu should be the core content, but I beg to differ. The entire show is based upon these jokes. Take the jokes out, and you’ve got a ridiculously retarded anime. Anyways, the jokes themselves are rather ingenious. Not that they’re terribly original or anything, but they show up at the right time and is moderated to an extent that the jokes won’t seem too exorbitant or uncalled for. If 30-sai couldn’t even get a basic grasp at that, then 30-sai will be doomed. As a show that revolves around jokes, I have to say 30-sai has come pretty far. Even my friends who don’t watch anime are imploring me to bring 30-sai to school to watch with them. Now that’s impact. Especially since those guys don’t even want to watch blockblusters such as DRRR!! or Neon Genesis Evangelion. So definitely, the core content has been pretty stable throughout the first half of the season, and I’d go as far as to say that the jokes have been excellent most of the times. Certainly something that 30-sai can be proud to say they’ve done right.

That's my reaction to the music


Nah, I’m just kidding, the music isn’t THAT bad. Surely it lacks a good list of OST, but the OP and ED seem somewhat addicting. I guess it’s an acquired taste. Or is it just the Mere Exposure Effect? Sorry, the effects of AP exam cramming has yet to wear off from my inept brain. Whatever. Anyways, as you can infer from above, the OP and ED aren’t specifically great or bad, so I’m going to go for a solid mediocre. However, listening to the OP has become my guilty pleasure when I watch 30-sai now…I know I have bad tastes okay, RP? As for the OST, it’s just miserable listening to the same 3-4 songs over and over again. Especially when there’s so much of the same type of scenes in each week’s episode. The OST is so bad, that I don’t even remembering hearing the OST during each episode, other than the fact that I think it’s bad. Maybe I might be exaggerating a bit, but 30-sai has got to make better use of its OST in the latter half of the season


Special Highlights:

Special Highlight A: Troll face

Exhibit A:

The Troll Face. Ever since that episode with Ms.Bulgaria, troll faces have become common appearances during each episode. It is almost guaranteed that you’ll see a troll face either from the gods or Hayao. To tell you the truth, sometimes I’m annoyed by the troll faces, but in general, the placements are so good that it just makes me ROFL. I’m not sure if I’m the only person who’s noticed this, but I would just like to point this highlight out.

God poses. I just can't get enough of this!

Exhibit B:

God Poses. Do you know what I am talking about? The few odd seconds that the camera stops to find Daigorou in either a boss or provocative pose. That’s what I’m taking about. Even Wiz Khalifa knows what it is! LOL, bad joke. Anyways, the main point is, the god poses have become a staple joke in this whole series. I think it would feel awkward if I didn’t get to see an episode where Daigorou is in another one of his awesome poses. I don’t know if the rest of the netizens agree with me, but  surely everyone else I know who watches this show are on the same page as I am. As mentioned above, RP knows of my odd tastes, so I can’t say for sure if everyone else noticed this or if anyone is appreciating this, but I know I am!

Conclusion to Mid-Season Impressions:

All in all, 30-sai has been a great (not spectacular) show this season so far. I know it can’t compete with shows such as Hanasaku Iroha, AnoHana, Denpa, or Nichijou, but every week, 30-sai has been the TRUE stress reliever for me. I feel as if 30-sai is the only show this whole season that provides this kind of mature humor (Nichijou sometimes has it, but it’s not consistent), but that’s of course in a good way. Certainly I won’t be telling the whole world to watch 30-sai, as it is an acquired taste, but I wouldn’t mind recommending my friends to watch this show, well, at least judging by what I’ve seen up to now. As for the next few episodes before the finale, I hope that 30-sai steps it up by having a better story to tell each episode and put more effort in the development of the male & female lead. It’s disappointing to see shows that have some sort of outstanding aspect only to be hounded for failure to meet expectations in some other basic criteria. So, in all seriousness, 30-sai only has to improve its characters and story, in order for it to become an even better, and perhaps memorable show

Oh, and I’m not sorry for making you read 1500+ words. I felt that in order to make up for my failure to turn in this post by the 7 day due date, I’m obligated to write a longer and hopefully, more interesting post. Comments on this new writing format are highly welcome, especially if you have some suggestions, then please comment!


5 Replies to “30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 7: Mid-Season Impressions & They’re here for your virginity!”

  1. Actually, I rather like this new format. It’s not terribly original, but hey, it’s definitely something new.
    Anyways, as I was watching 30sai no Hoken Taiiku, I also noticed the constant “god poses” and “troll faces” that you mentioned. However, I’m not too keen on liking the troll faces as I’m not a fan of ahegao. Perhaps it’s just personal taste?
    As for the music, I definitely agree with you! There definitely wasn’t a lot of soundtrack going on, which is unacceptable to me, especially cuz I’m an avid fan for anime OST

    Keep up the good work Sabishii!
    P.S. LOL 1500+ words? That’s a lot…

    1. Thanks for the words of encouragement Mirugi! It’s good to see that there are people out there who agree with some of my thoughts so far! Also, I’m glad no one has “yet” to post any negative comments to my new posting style!

  2. I just love this anime haha. I literally fell off my chair when the Virgin King revealed himself. I mean, c’mon, how hilarious can this anime get?

    On another note, it seems to be moving away from the practical sex advice it claimed it would give (not that it actually gave any), and is moving onto a more story-driven anime. Not necessarily bad, but it may be a sign that the mangaka is losing a bit of focus.

    1. Yeah, the Virgin King was probably one of the most memorable moments of this episode. Every time I see that landlord, I can’t help but LMAO at whatever he says, as it usually has to do with Hayao needing to keep his virginity, etc. LOL and I loved the eyecatch during the commerical showing the Virgin King 50 years ago when he was a young man shouting “I’ve decided to become the Virgin King!”

      It’s as you’ve said. The actual sex and relationship advice has been lessening and has been shifting towards a more practical story line approach to this show. It’s not like the advice is completely off, but the fact that it has digressed from being actual advice to suicidal-attempts kind of ruins the whole point of this show.

      I’m not too sure about your mangaka comment though…Somehow I was under the impression that 30-sai has already been written and that it was just an animated version of the story. Perhaps I’ve been mistaken?! Oh jeez, but if it’s as you’ve said, then the mangaka needs a wake up call (or perhaps a relationship to experiment with?)

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