Blue Exorcist 7


I hate to say it, but I thought this was going to be a truly lousy episode. Though not terribly action packed like it’s predecessors, it carries a lot of characterization in it’s wake.


So in this episode of Blue Exorcist we deal with typical jaunt of taking down demons and the stories behind the students that want to take down these demons. However, this time  in this particular episode the story revolves around our female lead Shiemi.

In this very special episode of blue exorcist slightly there’s slightly more filler. Sheimi tries and makes friends with her female classmates. Everything pretty much starts off smoothly. Well, at first anyway. Sheimi goes into the mystical cram hallway where she meets Izumo and Paku. While trying to get the girl’s attention the poor thing falls over on her face.Rin finds that Shiemi has fallen over. He just helps her up and the pair just waltz into the classroom like nothing happened.just waltz into the class like nothing happened. Once in class, Yukio  announces that they are entering the tough part of exorcist school and that their Ex Wire exams are coming up. What exactly is an Ex Wire? I’ll explain later…

We cut over to the next scene and yet we are in another class room. Only this time the gang seems to be taking lessons in demon summoning.

Full Metal Alchemist, anyone?

I personally thought this was one of the cooler aspects of the episode. Turns out if your a gifted exorcist with a tough enough will you can summon demon familiars by using a symbol and some blood. oh, and don’t forget that you need to recite a chant that has some meaning to you. And there you have it, your very own demon familiar! However, again keep in mind that this isn’t for the faint of heart. You do need strong will since demons don’t like taking orders from wet blankets evidently.

So after seeing their teacher do this procedure rather effortlessly, the kiddies decide to give this demon summoning  a try. Izumo is up first. She says her chant and then poof! She summons two spirit foxes.Then  feeling compelled to impress Izumo, Shiemi decides to give this summoning thing a try.

Shiemi looks at her white piece of paper when suddenly a green/yell0w sphere forms into this strange creature.

Shiemi soon falls in love with her little green man spirit calls it Ni. The crazy teacher dismisses the class and a Pissed of Izumo ambles out of the classroom. Still desperate to get her attention, Sheimi follows her out of the class room and actually begs her to be her friend. Sounds awkward as it seems? You bet.  It’s a bit painful to watch, however you tend to get over it quick once you realize that she’s never been socialized properly.

Amused by this Izumo accepts Shiemi’s offer.
However, as the viewers, we soon see that this friendship comes with a price. What follows later is essentially Izumo treating Shiemi like complete crap telling her to go fetch this and that and of course telling Shiemi to occasionally to carry her bag.

The next day, Yukio, ahem, excuse me, Mr.Okumura, decides that in order to properly prepare his students for the Ex Wire exam, he puts them in a sort of “training camp” at the boy’s dormitory building. I found this a bit  weird because it seems that Yukio and Rin where staying in an abandoned dorm this whole time. But based on that logic where dose everyone else live? At home?
It’s the end of the evening. They all finnish their tests. The girls decide that they’re going to take baths after all of that hard work of studying. Upon hearing this one of the boys makes a slightly suggestive comment. Of course, hearing this my ears perk up a little. Maybe, something interesting will happen like maybe they’ll peek into the girls bathroom and then Izumo will have to summon on of their fox demons and then calamity would ensue. Oh how I wished.
But no. Yukio puts an end to all of the”girl” talk and that is that. Though, I found it quite funny when that one guy tried to persuade him to a sneak peak into the girls wash room anyway.


Oh Yukio, you're sucha square.

I was bit bummed out. Maybe, that’s all there is to this episode? Nothing worth watching except a little lesson on demon summoning and some girl getting pushed around by a bully?
Thankfully, things start to get interesting once Rin calls Shiemi out on her supposed friendship with Izumo. Ironically, Rin is being a good friend by trying to tell Shiemi that Izumo is no good for her. Of course, Shiemi being socially retarded and well, very naive dosen’t take this very well.


Though Shiemi isn’t only one getting schooled on friendship, it’s our friendly neighborhood ice queen, Izumo being told by best friend Paku tells her that she should think twice about being nasty to others. The screen goes foggy and yet again we find ourselves dragged into someone else’s traumatic childhood. Though, we learn that in Izumo’s case is kind of ironic. As it turns out Izumo, to our shock, wasn’t the most popular girl in school when she was a kid and was often teased because of her complaints of seeing ghosts. (I guess in this series you have to be a complete outsider/misfit/delinquent to be a exorcist apparently.)


In the mists of this slight heartfelt conversation a demon appears. A very deadly looking demon that is.

The demon hisses and it’s deadly acid that it’s spitting fro it’s…err…mouth, I guess. Paku gets injured by the god awful demon spit which causes her to fall to the floor and develop these rather hideous burns in her skin.

Trying to save her friend Izumo grabs some left over pieces of paper with transformation circles on them. At first the summoning seems to go well since she managed to summon the same the fox demons just like she did earlier that day.  However, this back fires. The demons sence her apprehensiveness and thus try to attack her.

Suddenly Rin jumps in and commands Izumo to rip the paper up so that the demons are destroyed. Izumo does as she’s told and the demons evaporate. Rin then shortly finds out that he’s in a bit of a predicament. If he Unsheathes his sword everyone would see the blue flames. Regrettably, Rin decides to simply just to distracts the monster why just, well, letting the thing attack him basically.

Then something unthinkable happens. Shiemi not wanting to be a bystander rushes over to give Paku first aid. It’s a deadly burn wound and Shiemi soon realizes that she needs “Sancho” a rare herb to treat the infection.

Anyway, we cut back to Rin and he’s still getting thrown around like a rag doll. Finally, Yukio comes to his rescue just when he’s about to reach for his sword.  Yukio fires at the creature but unfortunately he dosen’t kill the the demon and it escapes.

Yukio ambles over Shiemi and thanks her, saying that she did well with first aid and that her quick thinking saved Paku.Everyone feels relieved that Paku is still alive. Everyone except for Izumo whose busy sitting in a corner crying feeling crappy for not being to save her best friend all by herself.
The epsiode draws to a close and then we find the air growing thick with suspense when we learn who was the person who was actually behind that really hideous looking demon.





Aside from the anecdotes about friendship and yet another character giving us a childhood flashback, we learned some important terminology from the series in this very episode.


The Meister Classes


Such as a:
Ex wire: an exorcist candidate
Meister: an exorcist specialization.
Kinghts: fights with a sword.
Dragoon: fights with a gun.
Aria: Recites holy scriptures from the bible or other texts.
Doctor: Self explanatory.

I find it interesting how they put a bit thought into the exorcists classes themselves and the fact that they are divided into classes and that the exorcist  aren’t just simply priests that just run around aimlessly throwing holy water. The classes themselves also make sense…well except for Dragoon. Why can’t they just call them gunslingers or something?

How does this episode stack up?

As for the general atmosphere, I felt that there was a little less cheesiness over all in this episode compared to the other ones. This was yet again another character heavy episode with back stories and again we get to peer into the depths of the relationships that these students have with each other. We also see these characters slightly changing before us. Izumo treats others poorly despite having a rough childhood of getting picked on. We think she’s a total beyotch, that is, until her best friend is near death and that she’s actually human. Shiemi is shy and dosen’t know how to connect to others. Though later on in the episode she finds her niche and  basically over comes being socially awkward. Well, sorta. The point is she over comes getting bullied and learns her true herself worth in end.

Though, speaking about bullies, I can’t help but feel that I’m being bullied myself. Again, I’m dealt with a very suspenseful ending hoping that it would lead to plot once again. Will all of this lead to something. I hope. I hope the writers will stop teasing me and go back to the plot. Oh, look! There’s a scary teacher with an eye patch and I sure hope as hell that he makes something interesting happen…

5 Replies to “Blue Exorcist 7”

    1. Ah, now -that- makes sense.

      Sorry, but when I watching the episode that was the one thing that bothered me personally.

      But yes, this is what’s I’m actually starting to like about Blue Exorcists, it’s fact that the series tends to barrow from other cultures besides Japan and or/ go another route with the exorcisms themselves besides standard Catholicism. I mean, some people may see this and think that the writers are simply being lazy, but I think that it’s kinda neat that the writers of the show are trying to convey True Cross as a international demon organization.

  1. The class system reminds me of an RPG (or perhaps an MMORPG is the better one here).

    Shiemi = one of the most generic, boring heroines from the Spring season. I’m finding it hard to relate to her (and appreciate her character development) when she’s just so darn naive and innocent-acting. Maybe it’s just me =_=;

    Luckily Rin and Yukio are both pretty cool main characters. The side characters all feel rather lacking as of now though.

  2. Heh heh, cool reviews. 🙂

    To answer your questions: the other students are staying in the new dorm. Rin and Yukio are the only ones living in the old dorm because Rin is considered sort of a risk.

    Also, “Sancho” isn’t a rare herb. It’s Aloe. “Sancho” is the name Shiemi has given to it, because apparently existing plant names are too boring for little Miss Gardener.

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