30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 8 & 9: Romantic ga Tomaranai

Oh jeez, my double post virginity…my “doutei”!!!

I just...only...wanted...to...protect...double posting...virginity...(TT_TT)

So, like last week, I would like to start off with apologizing for being super late in my post. I know I said I would try to not be late on the episode 8 post, but I guess the double feature post was just inevitable. Please understand, as a high school student, I’m in the process of going through a barrage of final exams, thus my posts for this week and next week could be a wee bit late. Other than that, I won’t be able to forecast any delays. You have my most sincere apologies, my dear audience & RP.

Alright lets get this show started!


Episode 8

As usual, I am going to start off with a quick recap of what went on in this episode. So, basically, we start off this episode with the end of a date between Hayao and Natsu. Oddly enough, Hayao attempts to ask Natsu for a kiss, who also seems to be in the mood for it, but the two never get anything done, as per usual.

Ki...ki...kickkk...kick me in the balls harder! ONEGAI SHIMASU!

Not letting this type of kissing opportunity go to a waste for a second time, the gods both lecture their respective humans and teach them how to “kiss”. For all you bishounen-lovers or tranny-lolicons out there, you will all want to catch a glimpse of Macaron trying to teach Hayao on how to move in to kiss. However, for the people who like girls who give  head, you won’t want to miss out on Pi-chan diving straight into Natsu and Frenching her like there’s no other French person left in the world. Now that’s serious training.

While all this is happening, apparently Daigorou and “Virgin King” landlord have gone out for a couple of late night snacks & drinks. Just like ol’ times, don’t cha say? Hehehe. Oh, and if you have been watching the new epic AnoHana, and are fans of the main character, Anaru (oh jeez I’m too immature), then this is for you.

Nah, I somewhat lied. This has nothing to do with AnoHana except for Anaru’s ridiculous name. But still, enjoy these censored images of a god’s chrysanthemum derrier and the virgin king’s derrier. Quite a sight to behold eh?

Okay, away from the captivating asses. Anyways, as the episode goes on, we encounter that “SM-looking” librarian who works beside Natsu and “fat bastard” who works with Hayao. Apparently those two are at some sort of convention-like place to sell their novels on astronomy, which eventually leads to a chain of hilarious events. I won’t go into details about the jokes they make, because if I did, there would be at least an additional 6 images to this post. Not something I would like to take pleasure in doing. Basically it’s all about etiquette towards women and how you’re supposed to act around them.

Anyways, after Miss SM literally makes Fat Bastard eat sh**, they somehow stumble into each other’s book…and being astronomy geeks…they somehow concur on the points found on each other’s book and they have this sort of sudden revelation…Whatever.

Woah. So, back to Natsu and Hayao. After their date, Hayao take Natsu back to her house…and proceeds to…


That's not the appropriate position for a first-kiss ya know?














Not this time baby!

Progress! Actually, if Hayao could just take off his pants now...















Is it just me or is 30-sai finally picking up it’s pace? I know it’s meant to be 12 episodes long and everything, but don’t you think, in comparison to the first few episodes, things seem to move along really fast now? Like it literally took 6 episodes for Hayao to ask out Natsu successfully, yet it only took him 1 episode to make a kiss. I realize there are obvious time lapses in the story line, but this certainly seems to be some bad organization.

Okay, you might wonder, what’s the big deal with this post’s title? “Romantic ga Tomaranai”, for all you non-weeaboo/non-otaku & non-Japanese people, can be lit. translated into “Romantic Won’t Stop”. I think you can infer what it actually means, so I’m not going to go into detail. So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but in the recent episodes of 30-sai, and especially this one, it shifts to more a more “romantic’ genre type of anime. I know 30-sai is meant to be a satire/romance anime, with an emphasis on the satire, but I think it has sort of switched in this episode at least. It’s certainly good to see that 30-sai is softening up on the hardcore sex jokes, and moving on to story development, but the transition seems all too fast! From what I would like to see, I certainly prefer a “smooth” transition, where the audience doesn’t really know there’s a transition until things start becoming apparent. With 30-sai, it’s just like “plop”. Not the best metaphor, but you get the point.

Daigorou, you have no idea how much I love your dialogue!














To be honest, this episode seemed really short, because of the long random filler dialogue between the characters, so if you actually consider the amount of events that happen in this episode, it’s really not that much. I know I might be asking a lot from a 13 minute-per-episode anime, but I would definitely like to see something better for the rest of the series (not counting Ep. 9 because I already watched it)


Episode 9

You ain’t quite done, dear reader!

You know you're a god when you can order beer when you're 12 years old.














Okay, let’s get this clear. It’s not that I’m getting lazy or anything, but this episode was so dearth of actual plot-relevant content, that I’m actually refusing to do a episodic summary. It’s also not as if it wasn’t funny, but really, I can’t make heads or tails of why this episode is episode 9. It absolutely serves no purpose.

I can actually sum up this episode in a small paragraph:

After bonding orally, Natsu and Hayao decide to go on a zoo date, but the gods tag along just to make sure everything is going smoothly at the zoo. At the zoo, the group encounter Miss SM and her new pet, Fat Bastard cruising around in SM attire. After what seems to be a blunder of a date, the humans retire back to their houses while the gods go have a karaoke night.


Ku-chan, your ability to chat with pandas, just makes me want to make you mine.

So yeah, since I’m not going to do an episodic summary, I’ve decided that I’ll just proceed by injecting some funny jokes from this episode and elaborate on them.

In this panel, Ku-chan is seen chatting up with a panda that just *censored* a female panda. It’s funny how she can speak in so many random languages and be able to communicate with animals, yet fails to understand Japanese. But still, since I can speak English and Mandarin, I think I can communicate with her…

Exactly! Why hallucinate when you can do the real thing and get sued!

Actually, Daigorou’s spirit on this matter is quite true. In fact, if you have time to hallucinate about something, why not work towards getting it? Certainly, if you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and you want to move forward to that type of relationship, instead of all that fapping, wasting of tissue paper, and moaning, why not try working on getting something going? It’s somewhat hilarious that you can learn life lessons by watching some of these sex-implied jokes from 30-sai.

Anyways, just a little interjection from our SM duo. I’m not particularly amazed at this SM duo, because I’m not so sure of their purpose in this show. They are funny, I’ll give them that, but they just seem so random and I don’t think they can be related to Hayao and Natsu. Also, could it be that the 30-sai is just trying to find a way to “recycle” characters? Who knows, but I don’t think this was the best idea…

In case you can’t see the subs:

Pic 1. “B-B-By the way, how long is it your brother’s”. I know, blame the subber for bad grammar, but you get the point

Pic 2. “Stop putting your fingers in my nose”

Why did I put these photos in here? Well actually, despite what I’ve said earlier about how this episode doesn’t have any plot development, I guess I’ve left out a little bit actually. In terms of the gods’ romance, Pi-chan is actually depicted to having some sort of a crush on Daigorou. My suspicions started way back in the sex shop episode (5, I think?), but I can pretty much say with confidence that she likes him (I’m about 75% sure). Like, why would she ask about Daigorou’s penis size? I mean, for Pete’s sake, Daigorou is a SEX GOD. He’s supposed to have genitalia of LEGENDARY proportions. It’s even true! Macaron compares Daigorou’s size to the length of an elephant’s trunk! Now that’s just scary. Also, because women are so predictable about who they like when they’re drunk, I hope the arm around Daigorou’s neck should pretty much give it away.

Anyways, I certainly hope the best on the god’s end…but of course. I get to keep Ku-chan. She’s mine.


So to wrap it, I hope my double feature post was not a total catastrophe, and that you’ve all enjoyed it! I do apologize for being late (again) despite my promises and my lack of writing for Part 2 of my double post. Although I’ve now gained some minimal experience in writing a double post, this is something that I would certainly like to stay away from in the future. I’m sure RP would agree with me on this. Being Punctual is the essential to success, my comrades (a la Danny Choo)!

All in all, I thought this double post was NOT a:

GOD/GOOD CHOICE! (Man, you gotta love these poses)

5 Replies to “30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 8 & 9: Romantic ga Tomaranai”

      1. Yeah…
        Funny as 30-sai is, the popularity of it with Otakus/Weeaboos aren’t that high. This is because most of them are the “30 year old virgins” and can’t bear to watch this type of show. Also, as we all know, Otakus are into moe characters, good moe art, moe this and that. However, 30-sai is heavily lacking in that department, so therefore you already lose a lot of the potential audience. It’s surprising how my non-anime watching friends like this a lot more than my anime watching friends. Just some food for thought.

        Therefore, because it lacks in popularity, it ultimately gives other potential producers of shows like this a big RED LIGHT.

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