RP’s first anime con: requiem

My first con experience. Was it a success or a total lame-o?


Massive success!


As this random guy in a suit of something that I don’t know would attest.

The juicy details?

  • Got to meet Blindability and 7thwraith and walk around the con with them (thanks to Misaki for playing matchmaker). They were really cool and totally not your awkward otaku stereotype… gee, that sounds terribly disingenuous when I write it out. But I’m being serious. Smile with tongue out
  • Got to meet and take a picture with “Kawaii Ambassador” Yu Kimura
  • Dealers room was pretty awesome. Even though a lot of the stuff was overpriced, it was just cool to see figures and merch you wouldn’t see anywhere else
  • A heck of a lot of cosplayers. Way more than I thought there would be. I thought maybe 10-15% would dress up, but actually it was more like 30-40%. And there were some really good costumes too.
  • Just overall cool atmosphere. I wasn’t sure what the heck I was walking into. Worst case scenario, I thought there’d be a shitload of teenagers running around, screaming “OVER 9000!” and random crap, but it wasn’t like that at all. I’d guess that 80% of the con members were over 18, and a good 40-50% over 21. I sort of lol’d when I was in a panel listening to convention stories and there were stories of people getting piss drunk and passing out and stuff… or basically the college student experience. I was like, “wut? these are not your parent’s otaku hikikomori”
  • Location was nice. Ok, Somerset, NJ is out in the middle of nowhere. But the benefit of that is that there’s not much local traffic and lots of free parking. I can only imagine the vehicular hell a con would wreak when in the middle of a major city.
  • Non-stop schedule. To be honest, I didn’t make the best use of time. Nor was I an early bird or late owl, but it was really cool to know that something was going on basically around the clock. You know, just in case I did want to play tabletop games at 4am (I didn’t).

For next time

  • I sort of wish I took more photos. I was shy about taking them this time, even though there was no reason to be. I guess I was just overwhelmed by the number of actual cosplayers there were
  • I will read the map as soon as I get there. First time, I walked through, saw the main room, went into the Artist’s Alley, Dealer’s room and then I was like, “that’s it?” It took me half a day to realize that there was a whole ‘nother building where the actual panels were happening. And another day for me to realize there was even a 2nd floor where additional panels were happening.

All in all, the con was a blast. More fun than I would’ve imagined. The time flew by, I was sad to see it end.

20 Replies to “RP’s first anime con: requiem”

  1. Wow that guy with the suit awesome ahahah must have taken a while to make that, I haven’t been to any cons yet I plan to sometime this year sadly not much in FL xD

    I can only imagine the kids running around yelling random crap anyway sounded like you had fun! Also loved that first picture! So cute!

  2. Congratulations on the good turnout!
    Did you get any loot?!
    Any interesting pics?!!
    Haha, perhaps I’m expecting too much for a first con, but still, as long as you had some quality fun, then I’m sure it’s an absolute success.
    I’ll be looking forward to you taking photos in your next con!

    1. I got not much loot, because I’m a cheapass 😛
      All I got was a little TTGL Nia figure and a Yotsuba manga I could’ve bought from any bookstore. Maybe next time I’ll buy a t-shirt or something. >_<

      1. LOL…CHEAPASS!
        Ah well, at least you got yourself a little something, otherwise that would’ve been somewhat disappointing!
        Next time I’ll be expecting loot pics!

  3. I remember my first Anime Expo way back when … pretty overwhelming, especially since AX is such a big convention. I think all the cosplayers threw me into a daze lol. Definitely a lot of fun, though, and meeting up with people makes it all the better; only so much you can do on your own, after all.

  4. Hehe, first con experiences always turn out to be overwhelming at first. Animenext was my first con too, and boy does it get crazy. Animenext does have some great panels though, and a pretty friend community. It’s always the loot that gets expensive though x_x

    Because Animenext was my first con though, some other cons out there kind of suck in comparison. While I don’t know about Expo and such, I know from experience that AWA (the largest con in the southeast) pales in comparison to Animenext. I don’t know about the NY anime con, but I’ve heard it’s sidelined by Comic Con.

    The holy grail of cons in the US are definitely Anime Expo and Otakon, that’s for sure. Going to either of the two is something all anime bloggers should plan on doing at least once (or at least, I’m definitely doing so :P)

    1. I’m a little curious about what goes on in those smaller cons. There’s a neverending list of them.

      But I didn’t realize that Otakon was the big one on the east coast. What did you think of Otakon vs. Anext? Is there a noticeable difference in quality between the two?

  5. I TOLD YOU THERE WAS ANOTHER BUILDING!! You have no sense of direction. Although I can’t say anything about the second floor since we figured that out together at the same time.

    I’m glad you had fun; I had fun. And I thought we were going to write about the convention together (although… I am a bit too lazy right now to write about anything).

  6. No candid pics of you, 7, and blindability? What a worthless post!

    At my first anicon, I was struck at…
    1. How crappy the panels were
    2. How uninterested I was in the guests of honor
    3. The tasteful sense of humor people generally had
    4. The sheer number of people wearing the hat that one guy always wears in Bleach
    5. The level of weeaboosity the aniblogging group exuded

    1. If you want my picture, you have to sign a contract with me first…just as those who asked to have my picture taken at the con.

    2. Our little mini group consisted of all Asians so we were low on the weeaboo factor. Yeah the contract price of being a papparazzi was just too high. Besides you don’t want to be blinded by our Otaku coolness!

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