Traveling to Japan? Let the Japan Anime Map guide you!

Saw this on Kotaku via Forever Geek, but the Japan Anime Map! courtesy of the Japan National Tourism Organization. Dammit, where was this when I went to Japan two months ago!?

Hi, I'm just here to see Kagamin

I’ve been to Akihabara a few times (overrated, IMO). This past spring, I got to see Nakano Broadway (smaller than Akiba, but nice! and some bargains to be found) and Nipponbashi Otaku Road in Osaka (eh, just ok). I’d heard of Ikebukuro’s Otome Road, although I haven’t been there. But I wasn’t aware of the shops in Kanagawa, Hiroshima and Fukuoka. The guide also features some concept cafes, although to be frank, I don’t care how much English they claim to speak, they are probably terrible. I think it would be awkward and frustrating if not completely unfulfilling to visit without a.) conversational skills in Japanese or b.) a friend that speaks Japanese well.

What’s more interesting though is the backside of the map which shows where some famed real life areas like the Lucky Star Shrine are… looks like they missed out on some places though:

  • Higurashi no Naku Koro ni in Shirakawa-go (how could they leave this out!?)
  • Might want to add the Hansaku Iroha hot spring to the list
  • I’d be curious to see the Ano Hana town/bridge (although that bridge looks much less impressive in that picture)
  • The Shiratani Unsuikyo rainforest which served as inspiration for the setting of Princess Mononoke
  • And if someone recreated Neo-Venezia, I would be resident #1.

While the map is nice and gives you a good starting point, it’s light on details so you’ll need to do the detailed legwork on your own. Someone needs to create a specific to anime travel.

I have a ridiculously short memory, where else would you want to visit?

4 Replies to “Traveling to Japan? Let the Japan Anime Map guide you!”

  1. They included the True Tears town, nice. Now I can go there and burn Hiromi in effigy! I didn’t know Kannagi was set in Sendai though. I’m not too sure people are going to want to visit there for a bit.

    Needs more Tokyo guide to Honey and Clover locations. Someday I will complete the full H&C pilgrimage.

  2. Someone could make an absolute killing out of this. Seriously. It could be just a matter of time before we see “Anime scenic” tours popping up all over the place.

  3. Yes I saw these maps on ANN a couple of days ago. I already made some big quality printouts…Hehehe…
    Anyways, I thought they should’ve added a bit more stuff to the map. It seems to have such a dearth of …rather new content…so yeah…

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