30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 11: OH MY GOD!

Just how far is she willing to go with this...?

Okay, since RP covered for me last week, I’m sure you’re all caught up with what has been going on in 30-sai. Therefore, I’m just going to skip writing anything about episode 10 and assume you’ve all picked up the details from RP.

Anyways, in this week’s episode, we start off with a “legend”. Not sure if it’s a legend or actual history though.  Regardless, it’s an epic about how the “Virgin King” came to be and how he came over his innate temptations for a former sex god who tried to conquer and trample over his virginity. Anyways, just when we thought she pulled the ultimate trump card on him by flashing him, the Virgin King does not falter, and proceeds to fend off the sex god by gathering “virgin energy” and does a lame knock-off Kamehameha/Rasengan/Chidori/Hadouken/*name your ball-related attack here* on her.

Ah, of course, the "virgin essence"

Okay okay, well, what type of importance does that legend play? Actually, we get to see some of the techniques that Hayao is learning in the desert from the Virgin King, who just so happens to be there after defeating the “self-proclaimed” Virgin King of the desert. While all that is taking place, Natsu, who’s still upset with Hayao because of his supposed “affair” with Momoko, the blow up doll, is going on an eating spree and has covered herself with her blanket. I think she takes the “comfort food” thing to a whole new level.

Oh the hygiene!

Anyways, while all that “om nom nom noming” is taking place at Natsu’s apartment, one must wonder how are things going at the Hayao residence. Actually it doesn’t seem that bad. Since Hayao went on his trip to “find himself” again (did he ever find himself in the first place?), Daigorou and Macaron have the house all to themselves. So, what do you think male gods would do when they are left alone in an apartment? PLAY THEIR PSPs. Well, maybe not “official” PSPs, but you get the idea.

However, during one of their gaming sessions, a distressed Pi-chan calls the brothers out of desperation to seek advice on how to make Natsu and Hayao get together again. After receiving the call, Macaron pretends to go shopping for groceries so that Pi-chan can have some alone time with Daigorou. Wait what? That doesn’t make sense. Why would he go out? Shouldn’t he be discussing the plans too? Well actually, Macaron knows that Pi-chan has feelings for Daigorou, and what better time to suck up to a guy when you’re feeling down? Anyways, Macaron goes on his lil’ shopping trip with his dearly beloved Ku-nee chan while THIS happens…

Tanning while standing on a table. Now that's how gods tan.

Okay, first off, if you walked into a room to find the guy you love standing naked on a table, what would you do? If it were me, I would probably kick his ass, tell him he’s a pervert, and then bid adieu. However, that’s not how Pi-chan rolls. Instead she does THIS…

Hugging your naked crush...implies imminent sex, yes?

Clearly I don’t know how love works between gods, but when they get their “homework” done, who the hell cares. So yes, this does mean that Daigorou and Pi-chan are officially a couple. I don’t know if this seems more like an one-sided relationship, but hey, I bet you couldn’t find a cooler way to start dating the girl who likes you. Now that’s style. Jesus, Daigorou is just too smooth!

And about that “shopping trip” between Macaron and Ku-chan eh…

Get your minds out of the gutter.

And for you folks wondering where they are, they’ve actually gone to the Sahara to tell Hayao to come back. However, Hayao, after undergoing arduous training from the Virgin King, has become the Virgin Prince. Complete with clothing that makes him look like a character from Hellsing. He even has an eyepatch. Not the lame pirate eye-patches that Western animators give to characters, but the legit Japanese one that you can find in EVA or Ikkitousen. Okay okay, so he looks cooler now, but so what? As far as I know, Hayao is still the pus…oh wait I take that back. Now he has comebacks that make Macaron look bad? What? He’s trying to see Macaron’s penis? WHAT?!

Yeah, just like how I snapped, so did Ku-chan. So now, all of a sudden, she literally beats the crap out of Hayao and takes back her beloved bishounen, Macaron. Surprisingly, she speaks Japanese now too. Like seriously, what going? Why are all the gods hooking up? What about their respective human counterparts? Ah who cares, as long as there’s love in the air, I’m satisfied.

So unaware, yet so lucky. In other words, I'm jelly

So once Macaron and his new cougar-girlfriend takes care of biz in the Sahara, the gods wait at the airport in order to stage a reunion between Hayao and Natsu, but before that can happen…

Can we please get some public decency please?

Anyways, back on track. While the above 3 are waiting for Hayao’s imminent arrival, Ku-chan drags in a slightly very obese Natsu, who after Hayao’s arrival, tries to deny her identity, which seems pretty dumb considering how she was just conversing with the gods. Regardless, Hayao tries to make up to Natsu and apologize for his faults, only to get a knuckle sandwich with a high concentration of saturated fats. Wait…so the reunion backfires? No, it actually doesn’t because Natsu quickly goes over to Hayao and have their “lover” talk, which results in their renewed love for each other.

So basically, this week didn’t get far much. Other than the newly developed god couples, the humans are back to what they were before episode 10. So…just taking a retrospective look on what has happened so far, I would have to say the story development was remarkably slow. Seriously speaking, the writers probably could’ve made this into a 6 episode series if they didn’t have so many jokes, which by the end of the season, are getting a bit old. However, 30-sai is still as funny to watch as it was originally, and I would have to say the quality is pretty much at the standard at what it was the beginning. With the finale coming up in a couple of days, I personally think that this show was not as great as it could’ve been, but still, good enough for me to recommend to other people. I feel as if 30-sai is the type of show that you’d watch a couple of times, but you would never take it seriously. Ah well, who cares about what I think …

Look forward to the finale!

Now we're only missing 1 couple in there!


3 Replies to “30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 11: OH MY GOD!”

  1. I was surprised when Anjou turned up fat, it was hilarious. Anyways, why was Pi’s sister able to talk after that Dotei King Showdown? I never really got that.

    1. Hahaha yeah the comfort food…of course.
      Well from my interpretation, I thought Ku-chan was able to talk because she “snapped” out of what she was doing previously, which was act like a child. However, as we know, she’s the older sister of Pi-chan, which means she should technically be more mature. Guess she just “reverted” back to what she is.
      It’s kinda of like something “triggers” your 2nd personality I guess??

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