A Blue Exorcist Double Feature: Episode 8 and Episode 9


Finally, all of you Blue Exorcist can lay to rest knowing there is going to be some action going around this place! We’re almost towards the middle of the series and so far here’s some plot stuff  that’s happening. We know that the Director of True Cross may have something up his sleeve for our young bastard of Satan. Also, some strange monster is loose in the school it’s self.  Any who, enough commentary for now, let us move on to the summery…

In Episode 8
Episode eight kicks off directly from seven. And when I mean directly from seven, I mean that Izumo is in the girl’s bathroom with Paku laying on the floor, oh and with that really horrid monster. Again.

Jesus. That thing is fugliy.

Izumo wakes up from her dream and goes to class later, though we can clearly see that she’s still preoccupied from Paku’s sickness. She gets so wrapped up in her own personal drama that she freezes half away through reciting her bible verses. Of course, Bon being the ham is he is, takes this opportunity to show off. Everyone graciously applauds him.  Izumo gets pissed off at this cockiness and tells him off. Bon being a hot head obviously doesn’t take to this kindly. The two have a bit of a spat, and it escalates to the point it nearly gets physical.

And who got a slap in the face even though he had nothing to do with this? Rin.

After hearing these two quarreling.Yukio puts on his teacher’s cap and lectors his students about teamwork. After all, the team that fights off demons together gets punished together. And by “getting punished” we’re not talking writing “I will not fight in class” over and over again while in detention. Please. This is exorcism school, if a student gets out of line you can expect a nice and heavy spirit rock to lay on their shins for a couple of hours.

Yukio leaves the classroom to run errands. The second he leaves, Izumo and Bon go back to ripping each others heads off…That is, until the power goes out.

Our  heroes  look around confused as to what is going on. How can the rest of the lights appear to be on rest of the city where the dorm is shrouded in darkness? Of course, we know something is about to go down.

Oh yeah, things have just got from bad to worse.

The front to the class room breaks open only to to discover… Hold on. Wait a minute. That it’s the demon from the last episode?

Shiemi calls on her demon familiar and summons this gargantuan tree trunk thing to act as a barrier. Rin takes the incentive to chase after the demon to drive it away from his fellow classmates. The demon surprisingly does follow Rin. Well, half of it does any way. Quite literary actually.

So anyway, Rin disappears  leaving the others with the other half of the demon to deal with. Bon then decides to put his Aria skills to use and gets the idea to recite verses in the Book of John (Yes, we are talking the Bible here.) to dispel the demon. Though despite Shiemi’s magical Ferngully powers, the demon manages to break through her powerful tree barrier, thus weakening her in the process. Moved by Shiemi’s selfless behavior Izumo is then convenience at the last minute to stop being a wet blanket and to summons her fox demon familiars. The demons are shocked to see Izumo has finally snapped out of her emo kid funk, though this sadly still doesn’t stop the beast.

Cut to Rin. He runs in a full on marathon sprint down to the boiler room so that he can turn on the power on again. Seeing that no lights = breeding ground for goblins, demons  and the like. True, that sounds easy enough, but when you have some weird demon monster that looks like the oogy boogy man hot on your heals, that’s another story. Aggravated, Rin launches into his demonic form and basically rips the corpse into little petrified pieces. Though it soon becomes apparent that he’s not alone in the basement. Remember that teacher from earlier episode? Turns out that he wanted to see Rin’s legendary blue flames himself. Rin turns around to show the guy a piece of his mind but he’s no where to be found.

Okay, so we’re back to our friends that are stuck in the classroom. Thankfully, the lights are back on now, but they aren’t making progress. Finally, Bon recites the one line of John need to slay that really awful demon and it vaporizes. Rin enters the classroom, causally proclaiming that he just totally slayed that other half by himself.  Izumo goes over to Shiemi who is starting to come to. She apologizes for her really asinine behavior.


 Well. sorta.

Episode 9

Again, we find ourselves continuing straight from the other episode. Though, this time we can truly gather that the series is finally getting on the ball story telling wise.
The episode opens and we hear the same eerie music playing in the background. Our suspense is broken, when, surprise! Mephisto appears! Turns out that scary demon was their actual midterm exam.

While the students lament about their performance over their surprise exam, Yukio takes a minute goes to  grill professor Neuhaus about his very unprofessional behavior. The two have a bit of a spat, and Yukio goes to cool off. He visits Shiemi in the shop discuss her possible future in exorcism. What follows is a cute little nostalgic flash back to how these two met and how Shiemi was actually more annoying than she now. But all kidding aside, Shiemi is still pretty iffy about becoming a tamer. (Read: an exorcist that can summon familiar)

Fast forward and it’s now night time, Rin is sleeping peacefully in his bead when professor Neahaus sneaks into his room only to discover that he’s a…big fat lair.

Yeah, I totally wasn't going to kill you Rin.

Then suddenly that dramatic theme music that we know and love starts to roar in the background as Yukio and Neahaus make a made race to the top of the roof. Things aren’t so bad, seeing that Yukio is quite the Draggon and is doing a fairly decent job keeping up with professor I-seem-to-have-an-endless-geyser-of-blood-at-my-disposal. That is, until Mr. fancy necromancer  draws up  one of his chalk circle and summons….well, something even MORE grotesques than all of this other familiars combined.

Yukio gets beat up and slammed into a wall for a few seconds until Rin arrives just in time to distract the creature and the professor. Yukio erases a fragment of the circle just in time to vaporize the beast and to save Rin into being smooshed into a devil pancake. The brothers finally stop this crazed mad man, only to discover that the reason behind his Cuckoo behavior is that he has an absolute vendetta against Satan. Then again, if have been watching Blue Exorcist for a while you would know that the Blue Night is no joke. That infamous day known by most as the night where Satan virtually slaughtered all the majority of  the world’s predominate clergymen. And that night some serious stuff went down.

That's messed up. Srsly.

Neahaus is full of fury, but then makes up his mind to back off once he realizes that good ol’ Rin here is nothing like daddy. As proven here in this little screencap.

Rin and Yukio are still on the roof when Shiemi arrives. It’s here that she ultimately decides that she want to be a tamer and a medic so that she can help people. Oh, and speaking of exorcist specializations.

Later that evening the students gather in the class room. Mephisto counts down in his little German accent that he dose and  announces that…

They passed! Hurrah!
Wait, they all passed? Everyone including the kid with that stupid hand puppet? You have to be joking.
Yukio confronts the flamboyant headmaster about his usual handling of the whole Neahaus situation. Meph  apologizes. However, at the episode’s closing it turns out he really wasn’t that sincere after all. That and along with that fishy phone call that he makes to a certain someone (Hint. We also saw in episode 4 I believe.) is something that’s making me think twice about our playful school director…

How do these episodes stack up?

As a whole Episode 8 was the more average episodes. As far as Episode 9 is concerned, all I can say is that I say I liked the overall pace as well as the plot progression.
In these episodes we get a small taste of the team dynamic. In Ep 8, Rin got separated from the rest of the students. Okay, even though it was a bit of a dick move, I thought it was smart of Prof. Neahaus to do it. Actually, now that I think about it, it’s kinda nice to know that the rest of the students don’t really need Rin to fend off demons that come into their wake. Also, in this episode, there’s more Izumo here. Honestly, I believe that Izumo is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters in this thing. Personally, I think that Izumo’s character is nice break from Shiemi, the naive and bumbling shy girl. Maybe it’s me and have a bit of a soft spot for strong female types. But then again, does anyone else find it alarming that she’s the only one that won’t take Bon’s flack? Perhaps Izumo could teach Rin a thing or two.

In episode 9 there was a craptasic amount of action. Everyone is walking on eggshells nervous on how well they did on their first real exorcism. In the end, everyone did fine and they wind up passing the bar exam. That’s all fine and dandy, but let’s get to the real meat of the situation: Mephisto. There’s something strange about this guy.  First off, who in the hell is this strange demon character that keeps calling bother? And why is Rin important to them anyway? Maybe there’s a bit of a family reunion in the works?  Any way, I’m just curious as anyone else to see how these next epsiodes unfold as we get closer to the middle of the series.

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  1. I can’t believe they wasted two episodes mostly on the unsociable eyebrow girl. And they still haven’t given us any reason to like her. Seems like a bad bit of characterization, especially in contrast to everyone else, who are a lot more redeemable as characters.

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