30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 12 [END]: Congratulations on your Graduation!

I think I’m tearing up already…

You know what the euphemism "graduation" is for...

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Hanasaku Iroha 11+12

I apologize for this being late. I’m very picky when it comes to fansubs for this show, I only want to watch Doki’s fansubs. I didn’t want to write my episode 11 post as I was sure 12 was going to released any moment, just for Hanasaku Iroha to be late this week. But here we are.

I’m so glad that this show has stopped messing around for now, and seems to be living up to the potential that is promised with the first two episodes. Hanasaku Iroha is now really good. I just don’t know if it should have taken Hanasaku Iroha so long to find it’s groove or if being P.A. Works first 26 episode series, I should cut them a little slack (answer: I won’t).

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