30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, Episode 12 [END]: Congratulations on your Graduation!

I think I’m tearing up already…

You know what the euphemism "graduation" is for...

So before I start on my last post for 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku, I would just like to take the time to thank the readers of my posts for their continued support, RP for helping me out with episode 10 and giving me the opportunity to blog at Rabbit Poets, the producers of this show, and SubDesu for giving me accurate subs to this show!

Now for a long grueling post…hehe…

At the start of this finale, we are shown that Hayao and Natsu go on a 2 day 1 night “vacation” to a ryoukan and they are about to share a futon for the night. Obviously, their intentions aren’t just to “sleep” in the futon, but to complete the task that they’ve been charged with, which we should all know by now.

Don't you think the futon+floor might be a bit too hard?

In all seriousness, I don’t know if this is what 30-year-old people do before they have sex, but why do they kneel in front of each other like that? I mean, it’s not a “ritual”. Plus, I don’t think this is quite the mood to do it in. Here in North America, we have mood music, mood lighting, and everything else that sets the “mood”. However, I don’t think that’s the case…

This is how I want to feel next year when I graduate from high school.

While the couple sits there all “stiff”, each individual is having their own little “party” inside their heads. Just a little too extreme I think, but that’s probably what actually would go on inside a 30-year-old virgin’s head when they’re about to lose their precious virginity.

Uhm, I only have lucky socks, and I don't think they're anywhere close to "moderate sexiness"

So with all that going on at night…

They come back to this…

What happened to Hayao's house?

Basically, they come back to a celebratory party…only to disappoint the hosts.

Why, you ask? Well ,actually, since this is 30-sai, they never manage to get anything done. In fact, all they did in that ryoukan was just daydream about each other and not have sex at all. Or were there complications?

I think 30 years old is a bit early to be needing Viagra.

Haha, the classic erectile dysfunction fail. That certainly got me ROFLing. I was under the impression that they didn’t even take off their clothes, but it got to the point where Hayao just couldn’t “stand up ” for himself at the right moment. What a virgin.

*Cue Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”*

So, being that we’ve watched 11 episodes of this series, we all know what happens when the gods get angry.

Exhibit A:

Doesn't this kind of look like that Doritos snack in Japan they had a while back?


Exhibit B:

Insert for *censored*: Kick, boil, grind, lick, set on fire, or cut.

Ah well…there’s always disappointment all over the world. For example, an Asian kid fails to get 100% on a math test or when an imouto fails to be kawaii. Anyways, back on track.

So, after Hayao and Natsu’s failure has been revealed, the gods remind them that they must have sex, otherwise the gods can’t return to heaven. After getting scolded, the couple head to a local park where they discuss a couple of things and decide to hold a “welcome party” for the gods. There are some key moments in that park scene, but I’m not going to get to it, so you’re going to have to watch that carefully.

When the couple go back to Hayao’s house to have the party, they find …

Economy. A dangerous thing indeed.

The gods have been “fired” because of a lack of progress between Hayao and Natsu. They can’t return to heaven now, even if the couple has sex…which seems pretty awkward, but I know for sure this must be some kind a plot twist.

Ignoring the plot twist and carrying on with the welcome party plan, Hayao and Natsu head to the kitchen to prepare the party meal while the gods have their own little discussion, revealing their secret agenda.

This is how a sex god goes in for the kiss.

No but actually, it’s revealed that the gods, instead of being fired, are actually been forced to return to heaven. This is because of the ongoing chemistry between Natsu and Hayao has been spectacular, and from the “higher-ups” view, the couple are bound to get married. Thus, the gods need to get back to heaven in case they accidentally interfere with anything.

I kind of...teared...up...at...this...scene...(TT_TT)

So without saying a final goodbye, the gods are forced to make their fated return to heaven, waiting for another pair of 30-year-old virgins to require their services once more. Also, as you can see, quite a bit of romance is going on between the gods. The Daigorou and Pi-chan flag and the Ku-chan and Macaraon flag. Guess they didn’t return back all empty-handed!

Well actually, who are "they". We have some many couples going on now...


Anyways, the camera zooms to a couple of years later…

It's the spawn of 30-year-old virgins!

Oh and yes, they are your very important friends Hayao. In fact, junior over there should be thankful, because without them, he wouldn’t even be on this Earth. Also, important advice from Hayao to junior, YOU NEVER WANT TO MEET THOSE PEOPLE.

And guess what junior’s name is…

Now, if only he'll be as cool as the real Daigorou

Ah…such a wonderful family!

I'm going to miss this show. A lot.

So with that, we have the end of the finale!

Woot! 12 weeks of 30-sai and we finally got somewhere! Yes! Sweetness!

Anyways, did we learn anything about sex and dating? Yes and no. We learned a bit of what we’re supposed to do, and we learned a lot of what we’re not supposed to do. After all, wasn’t this show originally meant to be about how to lose your virginity?

Oh and before I forget, WEDDING PHOTO!


Final Impressions:

So, I’m going to separate my final impressions into a couple of categories and give them a rating out of 10 each.


To be honest, I’m actually not quite pleased with 30-sai’s plot since it was not terribly original. We’ve all seen countless shows where there’s a catalyst between 2 people to get them to start dating and eventually end up getting married. However, in defense of 30-sai, I really liked how they had the “sex god” thing added in there. It’s certainly different from your average shinigami or mahou shoujo. Also, since you could figure out the ending from the get go, you could pretty much figure out what happens in each episode, right? Well here’s the catch, 30-sai has these awkward plot twists that kind of confuse you for a while, and then reveal the truth. I kind of like that addition, considering the length of each episode and how short the season is. Definitely a bonus I think.

Mark: 8/10

Again, as with the plot, the main characters seem fairly mediocre. However, the inclusion of the sex gods certainly boosted its rating in terms of this show. In fact, I seemed to like the gods more than the main characters. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign, but I don’t think it’s good for a show for people to appreciate the supporting characters more than the main ones. Also, in terms of character complexity, Hayao and Natsu were simply just too plain, but when it comes to character such as Daigorou and Ku-chan, they were very diverse. They showed various changes throughout the show such as Ku-chan suddenly being able to speak Japanese and Daigorou showing sympathy towards Hayao. So with the gods being in this show, it pulled up the marks for the character section

Mark: 8/10

Okay, perhaps I shouldn’t be giving a mark for music because of my odd tastes, but I thought this was probably 30-sai’s strongest point. I’ve heard various people say that hey can’t stand the opening and the ending songs, but to be honest, I really liked both. The opening animation was pretty well designed and had a few “easter eggs” that you had to really pay attention to notice. However, the animation was not entirely smooth sometimes, so I’m sure what’s up with that. Perhaps my computer just sucks? Anyways, the ending was definitely a bonus. I actually looked forward to the ending theme. Not that 30-sai was bad and I waited for each episode to end, but the ending was pretty cool. Anybody recalled Infinite Stratos’s ending? Well remember how each time Ichika met a new girl, the new girl will also join his harem in the ending? Well it sort of applies to 30-sai’s ending as well. Each ending, we’re presented with a version of Hayao and Natsu in various stages of their life running to meet each other. They showed various stages such a baby, toddler, teenager, young adult, etc. If you’re not sure about what I mean:

Oh jeez I'm tearing up again.

Also, the OST was very apparent in this season. I don’t recall many scenes where the accompanying music wasn’t appropriate or many scenes where there was a dearth of OST. In addition, the OST was very diverse. For a short show with such limited genres, this show actually had quite a lot of OST tracks. In fact compared to longer series such as KoreZom or IS, there was so much more OST compared to those 2 shows. Undoubtedly, the music was the best part about 30-sai for me.

Mark:  10/10


So, in conclusion, I would have to say 30-sai is more or less a type of revolutionary show. Although it has a lower popularity, it does have a number of people who appreciate this show. I mean, even people who don’t usually watch anime LIKE this show. Also, the 13 minutes per episode thing was never seen before, well at least, I haven’t, which means it’s either rarely seen or never done before. Another thing that makes 30-sai so special is the genre and type of show it is. Usually there aren’t a lot of these satirical shows, which means 30-sai is among the few. Speaking of satires, 30-sai is by far the best I’ve seen, which is quite an accomplishment, because there are some decent satires out there. So with all that being said, it’s been a great series and I wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone about 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku or recommend them to watch it!

Oh and, thanks to everyone for a great Spring 2011!

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