Blue Exorcist 10

I understand this post is a week behind. However, this weeks episode will be posted tomorrow instead of this Sunday so that I am caught up. Thank you for your patience.

In this episode, our favorite exorcist twins are trying to survive in the scorching summer time heat by doing some studying. However, their quiet afternoon in there dorm is soon disturbed by a rather furious feline.

If you possibly haven’t guessed already by now, I’m just going to sit here and scream SPOILER ALERT Rin fights a giant cat in this episode.
That’s it.

Okay, I kid.

There’s a lot more that actually does happen. For a more detailed summery about Rin fighting this rather frighting feline of death keep on reading…


Rin trudges back to dorm after running a small errand for his brother. After Yukio bitches at Rin for forgetting his mineral water, things go from really trival to slightly educational once they launch into a whole conversation about ranks within the True Cross knight Order. To put it into a nut shell, you start off as a Paige, then move on to Esquire and from there you chose a specialty (a Meister). There’s a bit of ladder climbing after that, which leads all the way to the rank of Paladin.

That information sounds rather tedious, but, trust me, it will come in handy to keep in mind later.


Yes, Rin you're at the bottom of the totem pole. Deal with it.


The brothers then continue to get into spat. (What else is new?) Suddenly, Yukio gets a phone call for a mission and reports to the Southern Rear Gate entrance of the school.


When Yukio gets of  scene of the crime he, to his dismay, finds that Rin had followed him there. After a bit of yelling, he finally agrees to have Rin tag along. Moments later, we find out that the cause of all the ruckus at the Gate, is the Gate’s Guardian “Blackie”.


Blackie was originally a ancient silk “god”, or rather a spirit that was created to protect those antiquity people who worked in the silk trade. The people in the village worshiped him and thus he protected them in return. All was fine and dandy, but of course, just like all the progress that comes with the continuation of time, the silk workers in the village died off and the old ways of silk making was replaced by other means of technology.  Instead of destroying him, The True Cross Academy agreed to keep him as a guardian once again, only this time to serve as a full time guardian for the school. However, it seems that Blackie is  now back to his old demonic ways seeing that his current master is no where to be found.


How is this exactly a problem? Just look at this.


We find the school’s exorcism fleet running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out what to do with this Cat Sith. After all, they’ve launched all kinds of ammunition and specialty weapons at the great cat demon but nothing seems to be doing the trick. Chaos continues to ensue. Suddenly, Rin then hears a rather strange voice in his head.

Everyone is at there wits end at this point. Something  must be done about Blackie before he destroys the school. Finally, Yukio ultimately decides to use a reworked holy water grenade that Father Fuijmoto had given him. Yukio orders everyone in the area to stand back to that he can launch the weapon. Rin intervenes and says that he can help, because as it turns out, he’s been reading the creatures thoughts via some sort of demon telepathy. (Hence the strange voice he’s been hearing.) Rin then persuades Yukio that everything will be under control and that he can convince Blackie to stop attacking.

“Don’t worry,” He tells his brother, “Instead of using the powers of the sword, I’ll just use my head.”
Finnally, I thought Rin is really catching wise. Of course, never in that stream of consciousness did I realize this is Rin we are talking about here.

Meanwhile, “Blackie” is busy roaring and causing a commotion. Rin then confronts the deranged Cat Sith and tells him that the Fujimoto is dead. The demon, both equally pissed off and heartbroken charges directly at Rin. The young Esquire then proceeds to stand there in the middle of the road and, I shit you not, braces himself and ACTUALLY USES HIS HEAD TO STOP THE DEMON FROM ATTACKING THE OTHER EXORCISTS.



However, the atmosphere goes from down right silly to heartfelt in 10 seconds flat when Blackie starts bawling this eyes out and returns to his cutesy kitty cat form. It wasn’t lie after all. His beloved Shiro was dead. The highly revered Fath–Oh, excuse me, Paladin Fujimoto was dead, and never coming back.
The camera pans away from the depressing scene and it’s here that we see none other than Mr. Mephisto and his demon brother sidekick muttering and plotting amongst themselves yet again.



Still bumbling to themselves about Rin and what of use to them he can be, I suppose. Only difference this time is that they have this dirt bag, Neahaus, with them.


Still at it, aren't you...


Shortly after, we witness Blackie and Rin enjoying each other’s company as they watch the sun set from the steps of the boy’s dorm room. Yukio returns and gives Rin the congratulations that Blackie is now his new familiar, even though he’s not really suppose to have one. (Because, who the hell cares we’re just going to bend the rules for Rin, anyway, aren’t we?)


Oh, and the scary holy water grenade of death? Turns out that that was actually a canteen of katnip wine left over 😀


How does this episode stack up?
Surprisingly, it was over all a pretty enjoyable episode. As far as back stories and plot go, everything tied together seamlessly. Honestly, my only real complant is that they could have perhaps make Blackie scarier when he’s in his full on demon form. In the last episodes, the demon we got to see where nice and grotquese, so why couldn’t this cat be scary ugly when he was busy raising hell and then become this cute kitten when he’s all nice and calm?  Hell, even that one demon in the cooking episode was scarier when he got all violent. Or am I just going to assume that in this series we can safely guess that for now on that not so ugly demon= they will be good in the end? Boring.
Anyway, what made this episode relatively interesting is that he learn a thing or two about a certain figure head. Father Fujimoto. To paraphrase what Rin said he turned out to be an absolute bad ass. Which even makes me upset for the fact that he killed off so soon in the series. Not only was he humble a priest but a Paladin to boot. As explained in the beginning of this review, Paladins are highest rank in the True Cross Knight Order and as Yukio explained there can only be one Paladin severing at a time and it’s typically reserved for the most powerful of exorcists.

For those of you have been keeping tabs on the series you would start to realize that Father Fujimoto being a Paladin actually explains quite a bit. Strangely, it all makes sense now, dosen’t it. After all, I’m sure True Cross wouldn’t have a normal priest of some no name abbey to take to take care of the sons of Satan,  now would they? Of course, as we all know, it would take someone with some serious divine patience to take care of someone whose as big as a pain in the ass as Rin.


Also, speaking of demons, this is about the fouth time we see Mephesto and his brother sitting back and make some wisecrack remarks, and, oh yeah, do absolutely nothing. I swear, every time I see him and that  irking demon brother of his I’m despiratly wondering when are they going to stop being spectators and go on be apart of the action? Alright, Meph, we get it. Your going to sir up some serious trouble for Rin here. Honestly, I’m getting tired of sitting here and waiting cause that’s what I’ve been dying to sink my teeth into for a while now. Devilish mayhem to be unleashed next episode? Who knows, but they might as well carry on with the plot considering everyone in the opening credits have been properly introduced already…

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  1. It was nice getting a little background on their dad, but… I can’t help but wish that they’d move forward with the main story!

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