Usagi Drop, episode 4: What are moms for

Nothing in particular seems to really happen in each episode of Usagi Drop, but then you look back and realize the kids are growing up so quickly.

Listen to your childhood friend. They will always hold the key to your harem.

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Sacred Seven Episode 4: A Riveting Tale of Baffling Statues

T'is the season for inane statues

With each passing week, Sacred Seven keeps hovering around the line of mediocrity. Once more, its silly elements that are a joy to watch in their ridiculous glory are balanced by drama that isn’t all that compelling, and action that ends way too quickly. Unfortunately by now, the meido army gimmick has worn out its welcome as well. I’d hesitate to call Sacred Seven bad, but whenever it takes a minute to actually make itself appealing, it seems to cower from the idea of success and curl up with its security blanket of boring clichés. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 4: A Riveting Tale of Baffling Statues”

Sacred Seven Episode 3: Winners Don’t Use Drugs

After the middling followup to the somewhat promising first episode, Sacred Seven seemed poised to be completely average in every respect, with very little focus on a main story. I can’t say that this episode completely dispelled that, but it gave a possibility for something more than the sum of its parts. And all it took was a reasonable introduction of drugs into the mix. Continue reading “Sacred Seven Episode 3: Winners Don’t Use Drugs”