Yuru Yuri First Impressions: It’s cute and sparkly


Scamp was quite glowing in his post about Yuru Yuri. To wit:

A work of pure bril­liance. Such a seem­ingly simply yet ingenius twist on a well known tale. The effort gone into this is immense. Each scene is brim­ming with energy and charm, yet it has this under­ly­ing tone and mes­sage that cuts straight through to the heart in a way that’s dif­fi­cult to describe…

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same (what do you mean there’s a twist ending to that review?).

Yuru Yuri is the latest slice of life featuring cute lolis Err,  I mean the latest from director/writer team Masahiko Oota and Takashi Aoshima. After striking gold with the first Minami-Ke, they were a bit hit-or-miss with Mitsudomoe. Yuru Yuri is a bit more like Minami-Ke in format, more slice of life, than outright comedy. Unfortunately, they apparently forgot to include the comedy.

It’s pretty easy to make me laugh. If you find the right note, I’ll laugh. No matter how many times you beat the joke to the ground. Mitsudomoe is evidence of that. Baka Test, another. Unfortunately, Yuru Yuri is just boring. The jokes aren’t funny – not over the top enough to be outrageous, and not clever enough to be subtly appreciated – and the situation (new students starting an after-school club in which they do nothing) has been done wayyyy too much lately.

On the plus side, the show is pretty well animated, and the girls are loli cute (although they pale to moe goddess Yune). On the bad side… well, there’s no longer a bad side, because this is an insta-drop for me.

8 Replies to “Yuru Yuri First Impressions: It’s cute and sparkly”

  1. I guess the whole purpose of the show is:

    1. Moe
    2. Cute
    3. Loli
    4. A culmination of the above.

    Anyways, since I can’t stand moe lolis, I’m still going to have to pass up this show, no matter how cute they may be.

    On an interesting side note RP, you’re only 1 post away from the elusive 500 post mark.

    1. Oh, I should do something special for that… ah, but I’m too lazy and unmotivated. 😛 At least I didn’t waste it on a crap show… I’m surprised you don’t like moe lolis, since you do like the fanservice-friendly shows.

  2. Yeah, yeah I’m feeling you there RP. For some particularly outrageous shows to work – particularly one with that name – it kind of has to have a certain charm. That sounds so trange. But they either need to take it in a serious or meaningful direction with yuri shows or have particularly zany jokes, and if it doesn’t deliver, it doesn’t. End of story.

  3. I definitely see your take, RP.

    The problem with this anime is that everything we see in it has been done before, and done A LOT before (and recently). Aside from being slightly raunchier than usual, it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table as far as anime shows all about “cute girls doing cute/comedic things” is concerned.

    To me, it feels like a slapped together mixture of K-On! (artistic style, ‘goofing off’ atmosphere, some of the girls’ personalities) with Lucky Star (otaku-centric references/jokes) with A-Channel (generally relaxing mood, plenty of yuri subtext). So, via pure synthesis, it’s a bit different. But it’s not different enough from the dozens upon dozens of other shows like it to stand out, imo.

    The “cute girls doing cute/comedic things” genre needs a shot in the arm, I think. Either the jokes need to be freshened up a bit, or the plot of these shows needs to be thickened with deeper ideas and goals.

    1. I haven’t even watched Madoka Magica, but my first thought in response to your commment was maybe “cute girls doing cute/comedic things” needs a Shinbou/SHAFT take on it.

  4. I dunno, I watched this and got very bored about halfway through. Still, it wasn’t all that bad. Especially when compared to the monstrosity that was Ro-Kyu-Bu, this actually has some glints and glimmers of what makes a good show. They’re few and far between, but they’re there.

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