Sacred Seven First Impressions: Meido Army, Move Out!

Hello, here be Lemmi writing his first initial impressions post for Rabbit Poets, and here’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for; the spiritual successor to Code Geass. Oh sure, they play it off as an entirely different series, but it has all the Code Geass trademarks: Dichromatic eyes, ninja maids, roller skating mechs, and over the top actions and dialogue that make you wonder if they’re serious or taking the piss out of themselves.


Alma Tandoji is a man with a bad reputation and enormous strength who has hulked out and harmed many people in the past due to latent otherworldly powers. Because of this, he’s secluded himself as much as possible from those around him, coming across as callous and mysterious. One day, he’s approached by a classmate with an offer to join her club and go on a museum trip with her. Naturally, he declines.

On his way home that day, he’s questioned by a little girl and her butler, who come to him backed up by an army of ninja maids. They request that he join them to fight an ancient evil, but he politely declines (Read: Begins to hulk out). Crestfallen, they return from whence they came and Alma angsts out because of his powers.

I know, puberty sucks.

Meanwhile in town, a hulking clay monstrosity moves toward the museum that Alma’s friend is visiting, shooting lasers and destroying everything in its path. The ninja maid army mobilizes, and the butler takes control of the token mech, since Alma won’t get off his angsting ass to do so… or at least that’s what he thinks. In reality, Alma is going to town on his scooter that looks just a little like a clown bicycle with his bulk riding on it.

Alma confronts the ancient evil, unleashes his powers in the process, and is only kept from destroying all around him by the little girl he met earlier using her sole power to tame his ability, turning his appearance from something that exudes pure evil to something that looks like a generic mech suit. Having delayed the ancient evil another day, Alma returns to school to find the little girl and her butler now attending. And thus ends this rather beefy first episode.

On a... rather ugly note.


I can’t help but wonder if they actually took this seriously at first glance, or thought that doing it straight faced would be a better way to get the ridiculousness of the situation across. Either way, this was easily the funniest thing that I’ve seen all season. However, that’s not me saying that Sacred Seven isn’t promising. It’s just a little hard to take seriously when there are so many similarities to the overly hammy Code Geass.

The plot itself is pretty mundane, but holy hell do they run with it. The characters thus far aren’t too interesting, with Alma being the only one characterized. But if I expected it to have incredible depth after one episode, I think my expectations would be considered too high, especially for an action series.

Despite being straight action, it has many mecha hallmarks that can easily have it confused with such series. Not nearly as many as it does with Code Geass, but the dynamic doesn’t change despite there only being one mech thus far.

Albeit a rather silly looking one.

Animation-wise, it’s clumsy but workable. There isn’t an overabundance of QUALITY animation, but it gets choppy from time to time and just doesn’t look as well put together as some of the other shows that have aired this season. The character designs are also somewhat generic or just plain ugly, and I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who thinks Alma’s purified suit looks utterly ridiculous. This is usually hardly noticeable if you don’t pay particular attention to it though, so it’s nothing to worry about.

Voicework’s decent, the OP is pretty damn energetic, and the ED isn’t all that memorable. It’s alright to good on the auditory front, and that’s all you need to know.

As far as future prospects go, this is looking to be pretty engaging. While a few other shows that have aired had too much dead space in their first episodes, this one kept a tight pace, never letting itself fall into lulls more than a few times for impact’s sake.

So yeah, I have nothing else to say there. Sacred Seven is promising, here’s hoping it lives up to that.

It definitely has its heart in the right place.

5 Replies to “Sacred Seven First Impressions: Meido Army, Move Out!”

  1. Great review. Nice breezy read, and loved the good humor.

    As for Sacred Seven itself, my views are close to yours. I’m actually Ok with Alma’s main costume, but it’s certainly not the most stylish one around, or the most easy on the eyes.

    I agree with you on the Code Geass comparisons. It’s been joked that Alma is the love child of Lelouch and Suzaku from Code Geass, and I have to admit, he really does look like a blend of the two. XD

    I think this will be a very hammy, and explosive, action romp. I don’t expect much depth, but it should be a fun ride. 🙂

  2. Nice job on your first post!

    S7 was ok. But they couldn’t have made the lead character any less charismatic if they tried. As entertaining as the Geass universe was – Lelouch owned that show. And the girls like CC and Kallen were way more interesting than Ruri and Nanami… I also hope they have some better villains in future eps. Mythology-driven medusa mech? Meh.

  3. Let’s just say Sacred Seven merely superficially resembles Code Geass in all the ways that were never the reason why I watched that other show in the first place. Elaborating further seems to be quite pointless here so I’ll spare you the details.

    I would only suggest that the true spiritual successor to Code Geass, at least where it matters, is most likely going to be Guilty Crown from Production I.G. instead, not this show.

    1. I’ll concede that there are certain elements missing here than were key in Geass. It lacks the bombast, the urge to tell a compelling story no matter how silly it got, that Code Geass had. It has enough to set it apart, but it won’t likely be quite as charming. Though I could see it being riddled with just as many gaps in logic.

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