Kamisama no Memo-chou First Impressions

Note to self, look at how long the episode is before deciding to watch it.

What? Is this the right anime?

Action, comedy, romance. The three main points in an anime that I like. Without these core themes, the anime will bound to fail. However, when these three themes are not correctly in sync and moderated, you would get a mediocre anime like Kamisama no Memo-chou.

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed this ridiculously long first episode. It just seemed too much of a bouillabaisse of themes that the whole episode kind of got, “distorted”. What I mean is that the random interjections of comic relief were not very pleasant, and at best, served to do very little of its purpose. Sure it got me to laugh most of the time, but you can’t help but feel: “Should this really be placed here? It seems a little off”.

Perhaps it’s just me getting a bit hazy after a long 49 minutes of my life, but despite all that skepticism above, Memo-chou does actually strike my fancy. After all, most shows these days fail to come out guns ablazing. I know I’m not the only one who thought this first episode was barely good, but I feel this is one of those shows like Hanasaku Iroha. An episode a week keeps your moe/NEET detective desires suppressed! Basically, this anime should have a “Once a week only” label on it because too much of this show will just make it seem extremely bland since it lacks the mystery and suspense building of shows such as Deathnote or Detective Conan.

This picture does justice to Chiyo-chan, Nakochi, and Charuru

Ah yes, about the characters. Although Memo-chou does feature a wide mixture of characters, it integrates each and every one of them together really well. Basically a seamless fit. Looking back on shows such as OreTsuba, we all know what could potentially happen if you introduce all the characters of the show within 20 minutes. However, Memo-chou doesn’t make the same mistakes OreTsuba made, and don’t forget,  Memo-chou did have 49 minutes to work with. Almost triple the standard time, but to be honest, it was well worth it. Also, unlike shows such as OreTsuba, some main characters were clearly discerned and their roles were very well established early on. Nothing says a good show unless you have good characters.

While the clock ticked by as I watched this episode, some characters and the art became noticeably familiar, thanks to the awesome work by J.C. Staff. Did anyone else notice that Alice ( the NEET Detective) resembled Nakochi from HanaIro a lot? I’ve heard it from several people on the net that she bears a striking resemblance to our favourite kappa from HanaIro. Also, while paying attention to some of the other characters, I did notice most of them resembling people from the To Aru series. It felt like I was watching another spin-off of  To Aru Majutsu no Index again. Certainly an art style I like. Makes the characters look distinguished and easily recognizable. On a note about the background art, the art was very well detailed in comparison to most anime that’s been airing these days. Obviously you can’t quite compare the art to that of beautiful shows like HanaIro, but Memo-chou’s art style is certainly eye-catching.

You'd think they're watching a Lady Gaga MV, but really, they're just a bunch of idiots.

So? What’s my final take on this show? Well, it’s not that the first episode is SOOOO AMAZING that I simply have to cover this show, but I do see some potential. As I said before, the only reason why I didn’t like this first episode is because there’s just too much random placements of jokes and serious moments. When that happens, the show will lack the suspense it needs. After all, this is meant to be sort of a detective mystery thriller. Also, since I don’t know if the 2nd episode is going to be 49 minutes again or not, I do pray to god that this show provides the suspense I’m looking for. Nothing says detective mystery thriller other than suspense.

I am kind of reluctant to cover this show, but because I do see the potential of this show being a small hit, I think I will be. Since I can only cover at max 2 shows this summer season, I’ll be hard pressed to make a good decision on whether I’m going to cover Mayo Chiki! or IdolM@ster. Ah well, that’s a story for another day. Hopefully you guys will enjoy my posts for this show!

When you become a reputed NEET Detective, Dokupe will sponsor you and fill your fridge

7 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-chou First Impressions”

  1. Honestly I got a Durarara vibe from the show. While I doubt that it will deal with the supernatural, it does have a big and colorful cast, with enough mystery to string me along. I think the biggest Durarara vibe I got though was from the male lead. He seems so generic in both attitude and design that he relates a lot to Mikado, right down to the hair design.

    I’m cautiously optimistic for this series, and like you said, it has the potential with the pieces in place. I do hope they tone down a bit on the unnecessary fanservice though.

    1. Hmm…now you mention it…it does seems to have a DRRR feel to it. Although it might have the same vibe, I don’t think the quality will be quite the same, especially since DRRR focuses a lot on each character, yet Memo-chou doesn’t have a character list that can support that same approach.

      Ah yes, you’d think Mikado was in Memo-chou, but somehow the male lead from Memo-chou seems a bit more mature, yet their personalities and knack for being lead around seems the same.

      Now that you mention it, I completely forgot to talk about the fanservice! I didn’t like how I kept seeing cleavage everywhere. It can either come from a new anchor, Min-san, or even Miku…LOL. Also, I thought the Alice shower “struggle” thing near the end of the episode as a bit uncalled for. Its not that I don’t enjoy the occasional NEET detective moe fanservice, it’s just that they should’ve saved it for another episode.

  2. lol, I did the same thing with the length of the episode. I was watching it and I starting thinking “god, this show never ends” and I look to see how much time has past and see that I’m 35 minutes into the thing.

    With that said, I’m a little less optimistic about the show. I thought the last 5 minutes or so became pretty interesting, but the first 40 minutes seemed like just random spewing of garbage dialogue. It felt like they were trying to mimic the typical Shinbou/SHAFT style witty banter – but failing.

    1. Correct and Correct.
      The “typical witty banter” thing was an epic failure. It didn’t seem mysterious. It didn’t seem complicated. And least of all, it didn’t seem interesting.

      However because of the “shock” ending in the closing minutes, it kind of left me with a better taste in my mouth than what I had in the beginning.

      Although the first 40 minutes of the show maybe be hogwash, but that doesn’t mean it was all unnecessary. Despite being rather bland, it did introduce each character pretty well. Not to the extent that I know all of them like the back of my hand, but I guess the first 40 was like a “meet the characters” segment. Unpleasant, but I’m sure the followup episode will be a lot better.

      Also, I’m still rather confused…will this show continue to air in 1 hr time slots? Or it is going to conform to the standard 30 minutes? Or is this just a 1 hr special since it’s the first ep?

      1. Yeah the ending was a lot more… serious than I expected, which was nice.

        I could be wrong, but I thought this was actually the first two episodes just run together. I think most of the rest are normal 20 minute eps.

      2. GACK!
        Are you telling me this really shouldn’t have been a “first impressions” but rather, a episode 1 & 2 post? OH NOES!

        Anyways…the ending certainly took a turn for the better. Although it was unexpected, the impact was sort of lessened due to the first 40 minutes of randomness. It just didn’t have the suspense build up.

        And if the rest is going to be 20 min eps, that’ll be good.

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