Mayo Chiki! First Impressions

This isn’t an eroge…right?

Because this happens everyday at my school

Uhm…what did I just watch? Some hilarious fast-paced guy discovers another guy is actually a girl show. It almost seems as if it was TOO fast paced. In fact, I could barely read some of the subtitles in time! Maybe it’s just late at night and I’m a bit sleepy, but that’s no excuse for a show to seem too fast. Not too good of a sign if they’re going to apply this approach to how this show will be organized.

To be honest, I was very close to dropping this show 5 minutes in. The opening sequences were funny and interesting, but ultimately, it didn’t make any sense at all. It wasn’t that the plot was confusing or anything, it’s just that the events went by so fast that my mental processes could barely keep up. Also in the beginning, we’re just simply presented with a family morning wake up scene. It was too much for me to handle, especially since I wasn’t familiar with any of the characters, thus it made watching the first few scene extremely tedious as I tried to pay a lot of attention.

However, having a fast-paced show does have some benefits. It does set up a foundation for the show in a rather short period of time, but it does leave the audience more or less clueless till about 15 minutes in. Hopefully the next few episodes won’t be like that. Also, this show packs in a lot of comedy, which is obviously an important aspect of this show. While it does the comedic portions well, it does seem as though the show is “missing something” in other themes. For example, the romantic tune of the plot didn’t really kick in and was really subtle. In fact, I thought the preview for the next episode had more romance than the whole first episode! Well, I guess I can’t be too skeptical about romance because it’s just the first episode, thus there’s lots of room for development.

To some men, that ain't really much of a curse...

As for the characters themselves, they are pretty standard. Not too special and not too dynamic. However, they do play their parts really well. I’m not saying that these characters are going to be particularly memorable, but they certainly do live up to the expectation of this show’s quality. Obviously, since this is some sort of romantic comedy, the characters are bound to go in “full blossom” in a couple of episodes.

In comparison to Memo-chou’s art, I thought Mayo’s art was pretty standard as well. The hell? Everything about this show seems standard so far! Oh jeez…Anyways,  the background art kind of resembled that of OreImo, which isn’t that bad, but it does lack a certain uniqueness. The characters; however, reminded me of Ookami-san ( th 7 friends one). Basically a soft, acceptable art style that makes the characters kind of stand out.

Oh please slap me too!

So yeah, if you’ve been reading the whole post, you would’ve gotten the idea that I thought this show was “pretty standard”. However, because it’s only the first episode, I can’t say for sure if this show will either stay the same or become a lot better. Hopefully it’s the latter. As food for thought, keep in mind this show IS a romantic comedy. Thus, character and story development is bound to increase. After all, we do know that Konoe (the shemale butler) is actually really moe, thus this show has got to be somewhat good. It’s not every day you see anime with female butlers dressed as men. Almost seems like a Korean drama!

Well, since I’ve already decided on covering Memo-chou, I have to wait till I post my IdolM@ster first impressions. If IdolM@ster doesn’t WOW me, I’m going to pick up Mayo Chiki! because I heard that a lot of people have actually been anticipating the release of this show.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Another one of those moments that make you wonder : "Is this REALLY the first episode?!"

3 Replies to “Mayo Chiki! First Impressions”

  1. Looking at the screenshots, it really resonates OreImo, however I prefer Mayo Chiki’s art more. I guess you forgot to say that this show is bombarded with fanservice.. My suggestion is if you already find this as a pretty standard show which will only heavily rely on the fanservice, then other anime are really worth checking out.

    Also, even though I haven’t seen this, I pretty much agree with everything you said just by looking at the screenshots. So, I will definitely check Idolm@ster or something else over this anime.

    Nice review and well-written description. ^^

    1. Haha thanks Snippet!

      Oops…I think I keep forgetting to mention the fanservice in the shows I watch. See, this is how I can prove I’m not a pervert. I don’t even pay attention to the ero-scenes 😀

      Well, as I’ve said before, since it’s a romantic comedy, it’ll have LOTS and I mean LOTS of room to improve. However, if it’s like what you’ve said about the fanservice, then this show will be sort of a waste of time.

      Yeah! Do check out Idolm@ster! I really, well actually not really , but for the most part, I enjoyed it’s first episode. Slightly less action and humdrum like Memo-chou or Mayo Chiki, but it does look like it’ll set a good pace. However, Idolm@ster isn’t completely devoid of fanservice though!

      Anyways, gotta get started on the Idolm@ster first impressions post 😀

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