Hanasaku Iroha 13-14

Oh Doki. I love you, but your fansubbing for this show has been sporadic. This time two episodes were release within days of each other, with a promise of subs being released on Monday. This in the end is good news. It took me a bit to get to them as for Fourth of July we had house guests that kept me on my feet. I suppose I got a taste of what the day to day life of Ohana was like. On top of that, we have been enjoying power issues. Nothing like losing power and internet on a semi-regular basis for the past week.

Back to Hanasaku Iroha, episode 13 was an absolute gem, although I struggle to say much about it. It took the plot lines of the family tension between Ohana, her mother, and grandmother, and resolved it perfectly, in a very touching way, with much said in it’s subtly. Not only did it wrap up this arch, it wrapped up issues presented in the first couple episodes. I enjoy how Hanasaku Iroha is able to accomplish a lot of drama without being overly dramatic…most of the time. I also can’t shake the feeling that this show is going to have a really sad ending.

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