Hanasaku Iroha 13-14

Oh Doki. I love you, but your fansubbing for this show has been sporadic. This time two episodes were release within days of each other, with a promise of subs being released on Monday. This in the end is good news. It took me a bit to get to them as for Fourth of July we had house guests that kept me on my feet. I suppose I got a taste of what the day to day life of Ohana was like. On top of that, we have been enjoying power issues. Nothing like losing power and internet on a semi-regular basis for the past week.

Back to Hanasaku Iroha, episode 13 was an absolute gem, although I struggle to say much about it. It took the plot lines of the family tension between Ohana, her mother, and grandmother, and resolved it perfectly, in a very touching way, with much said in it’s subtly. Not only did it wrap up this arch, it wrapped up issues presented in the first couple episodes. I enjoy how Hanasaku Iroha is able to accomplish a lot of drama without being overly dramatic…most of the time. I also can’t shake the feeling that this show is going to have a really sad ending.

I was dreading episode 14. If there is one thing I’ve become more and more jaded toward in anime the more I watch, it’s the beach episode. Beach episodes are usually thrown together with a lame excuse, and exist to sell merchandise. Luckily, this wasn’t half bad, probably because very little of it was actually a ‘beach episode’. Most of it focuses on the character’s reaction to being at another inn, and developing Yuina.

Developing Yuina at episode 14 is a bit jarring. She’s led a very simple existence to this point–look cute, feed Ohana information, and cause drama fueled by misunderstanding. Her character, while interesting, at the same time is something that’s been pretty obvious since we first met Yuina. She’s had the inn and everything that comes with it thrust upon her, but has zero interest in taking on the inn.

But she is really cute.

My favorite parts of the episode were two things. One was the juxtaposition of the big inn with the business model of hiring employees for the short turn to save on coasts and having machines do to the work compared to the personal nature of Ohana’s inn. It was a stark reminder of how uncommon places like Ohana’s are, where they hire work for the long term, and they get to know you on a personal level. Livng in a small town, we do have our share of personal service businesses, and they’re wonderful, compared to, well…

The other thing that amused me to no end was how Ohana and Nako couldn’t stop thinking they were suppose to be working, and at one point, reorganized the shoes. It’s so entrenched in their way of life, they can’t sit back and relax. I don’t know if I feel sorry for them, or am very amused.

On my complaint I’ve made before and will make again, everytime I hear the name Kou, it’s like nails on a chalkboard. I’m letting him go. I’m in love with him! Argh!!!!!!

I apologize for the lack of screenshots. Today is the first day we’ve had a storm not mess with the power–yesterday even, we had a power outrage from the storm the day before that also messed with the power– and I’m trying to get this posted while good luck holds out. Skies are still clear, so maybe the power is here to stay?

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