Manyuu Hikenchou First Impressions

Style a la Seikon no Qwaser.

Woah those are nice, white tits.

Well, uhm…I’m not quite sure how I can start with this one…

It’s not like Manyuu Hikenchou is so good that I’ve nothing to say, but it’s such an awkward mixture of good and bad that I simply am speechless.

Anyways, I guess the main focus of this first impressions post will be on its fanservice. After all, Manyuu is ALL about the fanservice. It’s like a Seikon no Qwaser with ninjas and all that ancient stuff. Even boobs are an important part of the plot line! I mean, what type of show would go so far as to use boobs as a plot device?! The producers must be nuts if they think this is going to sell. Wait, what? Sex sells? Oh. Okay, back on track. So, the first few scenes of fanservice began exactly the same way that Qwaser did. Some random abduction of some bishoujo and followed by some intense fondling. Like, the fanservice started out in a normal way, with the tits being all of a “normal” kyonyu size (wait…is there even anything “normal” about kyonyu?), but as the story progressed, it wasn’t all that fantastic. In fact, I thought it was somewhat grotesque. Seriously, do you expect me to believe that when some certain girl slices across the chest of another girl, that girl will absorb the victim’s breast mass and add it to her own? Jesus. The things that Japanese folks come up with these days…Regardless, the fanservice certainly wasn’t as “crazy” as Qwaser, but I would say they are almost on par in terms of the ratio of fanservice to actual content.

Putting aside the big, jelly-like tits, I’ve come to realize that the plot and the plot devices used in Manyuu is simply bizarre. Having endured through Qwaser, I thought this would be child’s play; however, I was shocked once more by some very intense lesbian foreplay. Obviously, if we were to change the plot and the plot devices, then show wouldn’t even exist, but because Manyuu does actually display SOME good traits, it’s really like a tossed salad. There’s the good and the bad. That’s the line.

This will be the only time you'll actually pay attention to her face. Oh, and she's actually pretty too!

Okay, so now that I’ve basically unloaded all of my skepticism, we can get to what I think was well done in this show. Not surprisingly, I believe most of you guys will think either I’m delirious or that I just wanted to say something about a a tit-focused show, but there’s actually somethings that Manyuu did a lot better than expected.

So, because the voice acting in the past shows that I’ve done first impressions of weren’t that great (aside from Idolm@ster), I’ve actually never talked about it. However, I do feel that since Manyuu doesn’t have a lot of good points, I can’t afford not to bring it up. Anyways, the CVs actually all did a spectacular job in setting the mood and the type of character that each person is. In fact, they do it so well, ย you would think the moaning and groaning are from AV actresses. Don’t ask how I know that, I just do.

Also, in terms of actual plot development, things were quite fast, yet they were well connected. Everything seemed mellifluous and nothing was extraneous to the plot. However, I do feel they could’ve elaborated a bit more on why Chifusa tried to defect from the village. That was my only problem with the plot (other than using tits as plot devices).

Uhm...what is that?!

On another note, Manyuu actually displays its genres really well. There’s a lot of action-packed drama, which absolutely suits this type of show. It’s drama that makes Manyuu stand out from the normal ecchi-centric shows, thus I do have to applaud Manyuu for that.

Oh and before I forget, does anybody remember Ishihara’s ecchi ban? Well, there you have it. The picture above…well…you can tell me what that is because I don’t know. It’s not that I don’t agree with this immense amount of censoring, but it’s not exactly porn anyways. It’s like channel 4 and only adults watch it at 2AM. Well, isn’t that when shows such as Manyuu or Qwaser airs anyways? So why bother censoring out all those details. Also, while I was paying attention to a certain character, I noticed she was censored rather unevenly. What I mean is that, there are some of her appearances that block out her chest region, why others, show all of it. Not quite sure what’s going on, but this inconsistency isn’t too good. It’s not that I want to look specifically at how to make girls orgy by fondling them, but too much of this censoring is killing the show. After all, fanservice is the core of Manyuu.

Anyways, obviously I refuse to cover this show mainly because of various reasons such as lack of good pictures, lack of good plot, ย and lack of viewer support. Basically I could just ramble on and on and on about Manyuu and not much people would care. However, I do recommend watching Manyuu if kyonyu anime is your cup of tea. As I mentioned above, there are several elements that Manyuu pulls off really well that makes it stand out from those low class ecchi anime, but still, due to it’s core elements, it’s still not going to be good enough of a show.

I knew big tits made girls rich, but I didn't know that being a pettanko made them inhuman...

8 Replies to “Manyuu Hikenchou First Impressions”

  1. First, thanks for the Google+ add!

    I love a good ecchi anime and despite the most bizarre of premises, I was at least interested to see what Hoods would do with a show all about the tits. Tits are Manyuu’s plot, and I can’t see them!? I liked how Samurai Girls handled censorship, since it was a part of the show’s style and still had that bit of allure to it; Hoods is just plain lazy at it and there’s really no rhyme nor reason to watch it as it is now. Definitely not a “bloggers” show.

    I’ll check back when Blu-Ray’s are released.

    1. Haha NP! You gotta thank SnippetTee for inviting me to G+ in the first place!

      Yeah, I do enjoy ecchi anime on a regular basis, but because the censoring in shows such as Qwaser and Manyuu are done so poorly, it makes you want to quit. However, I do think, as you’ve said, the only ecchi show that seemed to handle censorship the best is undoubtedly Hyakka Ryouran. The “calligraphy” touch to it was simply ingenious.

      Hahaha, it’s good to see someone who agrees with me in that Manyuu is not a blogger’s show XD. I think RP would be a tad furious if I turned his blog into an ecchi photo hosting site ๐Ÿ˜€

      Oh and yes, I’ll definitely check this show out once BDs are out. However, there are the DC versions that air a bit later, but after seeing the quality of Qwaser’s DC airing, I guess I’ll pass.

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