Blue Exorcist 12. Bonus: A Mid-Season Reflection Review.

Besides my normal season review this week. I’ll be offering some added mid season reflection as an added bonus.

Praise Sata–err… the lord… er, whatever. We’ve finally reached the Mid-season mark for Blue Exorcist! Hurray! Anyway, Let’s see how our young Exwires fared for this week’s episode.

Instead of going to the beach to fend off summer boredom, the gang is headed to…wait for it…


Mephisto Land! It’s the happiest place in Hell! Or on Assiah in this case, I suppose. Oh, and speaking of our exorcists in training, can anyone guess what their first official assignment is?

Hunt down a toddler ghost that’s making a whole lotta mischief in this place, so that Mephisto can open up his coveted theme park to the public again.

Funny, cause she's talking to yo--oh. wait.


Of course, thankfully, that’s not all that happens in this milestone episode. (If that where the case, no amount of bribery could coax me out wanting to destroy my computer screen into smithereens.)  There was lots of action,  some suspense, and even some perverted school boy humor thrown in for some good measure.

This episode’s major highlight was, unsurprisingly, the fleshing out of the central plot. Finally, fans get to see Mephisto’s famous grand scheme come into play.

Prior to watching this episode, I would have figured that the series would have taken a dive into slightly more darker depths. However, this notion was soon discarded. Instead of having something sinister in store for our young students, he sends everyone to his theme park and sends them one a wild goose chase. While watching, I couldn’t help but think that Mephisto reminds me of a house cat that likes to play with his food before he kills it. Still, as weird and/or usual as it may seem, I think throwing a distraction in everyone’s face was the right way to go.

And on that note, (without spoiling too much of the episode for our fellow readers that watch the series) I will comment on one crucial element: Yes, finally Rin gets the confrontation that we’ve been waiting all season for.And it’s quite the nasty surprise.

Also, not to steal the lime light away from our main protagonist (or the plot in general)  but I have to give a hand to Shiemi, who seemed to get out of her typical shell and be somewhat of a help to Rin.

Yes, all and all, I think I can safely say that things are going to start to get interesting around here.

Very interesting.

How does this episode stack up?
Honestly, this was a very solid episode.  Here in this episode we where in for a rare treat. Besides the plethora of action, there was a unexpected element: Comedy. Believe it or not, but there was a mild funny part which I thought was pretty entertaining. Okay, true, these elements are all fine and dandy but none of them are as awesome as, oh, let’s say, THE PLOT COMING BACK. That’s right folks, the plot has comes back to town! Yes, thank you, Blue Exorcist. Now you’re starting to behave like a typical Shonen…

And I mean that in the most sincere way possible.
Mid-Season Reflection Post
We’ve gotten to epsiode 12 already. How has the series been so far? Want my my personal predictions for the next episodes? Well, keep on reading…
When I first started blogging, you can say that Blue Exorcist really, well, screamed out at to me. Those first 30 seconds of episode one where pretty brutal. When I first began the series I honestly couldn’t have been happier. An action pack Shonen series that I can actually enjoy watching? I thought hell had pretty much frozen over. Plus it was so chalk full of blood and guts I didn’t even know what to do with myself. How could I even say no? So finally I made up my mind and it was settled, I was going to be covering Blue Exorcist.




In retrospect I wish my enthusiasm never left. Sadly, as time when on, the hype eventually wore off. What broke me was the sudden pace change of the show. You see in the beginning episodes everything was running rather smoothly. The plot was picking up really well despite traveling at a breakneck speed. If memory serves me right, episode 5 is when I believe things started slipping.

Suddenly, there was no plot to be found, almost as if it went on a lunch break and never came back to work again. I would wait a week for an episode to air only to find out that I had been bombarded with yet another petty character back story. I didn’t want to admit it. But there it was right in front of me, every anime fan’s arch nemesis. Filler.
Okay. Okay. Yes, character development is absolutely vital element. And character stories are a great way to engage your audience, but that act gets old fast when your cast is pretty much made out of stock characters from other Animes. Also, I don’t know whose idea it was to stack these episodes back to back, but having a never ending slew of pointless back stories is a little grating. If that wasn’t irritating enough there was quite a bit of filler. Okay, honestly, for a 24 episode series, a little bit of unneeded content is expected. Though, I still find it a bit troublesome. It’s like your going to your fanbase and saying, ” Oh hey, I don’t have this plot thing figured out yet so I’m going to try to entertain you with nonsense while I do.” If BE should receive an award this season, it’s for the biggest plot tease. Thankfully the team is  starting to show signs of buckling down again. Now they can go back and continue on with the story progression.
Blue Exorcist is your typical Shonen. Yes, despite it’s interesting premise, there’s still a bit of generic after taste to it. But, fret not… there are some small positives.

B.E. has great action scenes, and they’re pretty much the highlight of the whole show. The plot is semi-decent, though I wish it was paced better. On the character front, those on the supporting cast are not too bad, but I still feel as if the writing team just cherry picked some stock characters from different Animes and stuck them in there. I just hope they get the chance to flesh out a bit more, so that we can actually sympathize with them.
I suppose that I could be judging this show a little harshly, after all you could only get so critical over a show that aimed at 12-16 year old demographic.
But as for the for the future of this show is concerned, I’m pretty much praying for plot twists. Eventually, our main man, Rin Okumura is going to face Mephisto and then finally, his infamous father: Satan himself. Personally, I’m pretty eager to see how the show is going to pull this one off. Honestly, this when things are going to get interesting, meaning things could go either really awesome or really god awful.


On that note, I believe what really keeps us watching, is that deep down we all know that Blue Exorcist has the potential to be a pretty notable series. Although, sadly, all we can do is wait and see if those next 12 episodes really take the whole show up a notch.


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  1. nice drawings, haha. But I’m with ya, the show started off pretty solid, but completely went off the rails with fillers and supposed “characterization” episodes. Which is all well and fine, except all of the characters are pretty much typical shounen stock characters. There’s really nothing very unique about them, right down to the “WHY AM I ALWAYS YELLING!?” Rin. It’s like he inherited all the annoying qualities of FMA’s Ed, but none of his good qualities. Hopefully, they’ll focus more on the plot in the second half. My patience is wearing thin.

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