Blood-C: First Impression

Behold! It’s your favorite vampire series now Shoujo-fied courtesy of CLAMP.

I believe when I first got wind of a new BLOOD series coming this summer, my first initial reaction was HOMG!ASKJASUKDJ! I damn near squealed like a fangirl over a Naruto/Sasuke fanfic.

Say what you want about a girl running aimlessly in a sailor suit while hacking away at her┬áchiropteran foes. Some call it tasteless, I call it a great way to kill a really boring weekend. Though, I will admit that I nearly got caught up in my own excitement to see what this revamp really was… A complete and utter shock to my system.

Now, whether I mean that in a good or a bad way, you’re just going to just keep on reading.

The episode begins with our favorite vampire killing machine, Saya Kisaragi. Though, instead of being transported into bleak world that’s over run with terror, (like in the movie or the former anime), the audience is transplanted to a…dare I say it? A more calming environment. Like, let’s a say, a shrine?

After spending some time with her father, (From what I’m guessing is just some basic mediation to start the day.) Saya gets dressed into her school uniform and visits the local inn to eat a lovely breakfast and then goes off to school. Just like a typical CLAMP anime heroine.

Oh, and things get BETTER.

You’d think the second that Saya sets foot in her homeroom that we’d be introduced to some interesting characters. Nope. Evidently, typical stock anime characters do seem to be all the rage this season, even for a group as influential as CLAMP.In fact, we’re reintroduced to the boring stereotypes. You know, the overtly kind teacher, the bossy tough girl and oh yeah, these two monsters:

No, you two are.


Thankfully, there is a silver lining to all of this. After a day of school Saya goes back to the shrine, where we find out that she has to get some rather important chores out of the way before dinner.

Hey, Hunny, mind fighting this monster before you take out the trash? Thanks!

When CLAMP said that they where going to take the premise of BLOOD and basically “run with the concept”, I thought this was funny. Funny, cause I had no idea that translated into hey-why-not-take-this-concept-on-a-1ooo-meter-dash and basically make this an utterly different series.

A complete and totally different series that revolves around a totally different Saya. A Saya that not only wears glasses, but who’s terribly awkward, shy and really klutzy.

Oh and sings about freakin’ BUTTERFLIES and how oh so yummy her toast was!

I think I’m done here….

The Verdict?

Moral of the story, if you’re expecting this incarnation to be anything like any of the BLOOD franchise you’ll be disappointed. Saya is pretty much Sakura from Cardcaptor, only with big black pigtails and a giant samurai sword. The supporting cast dosen’t help either, they’re all pretty much a big fat yawn.

Okay, pettiness of not liking the new Saya aside, if there’s anything CLAMP has gotten right is that the action scenes turned out half way decent.

If you’re interested in seeing CLAMP’s newest “revamp” series and their work dosen’t insult you then I suggest watching it, that is, only if you’re really curious.With that said, CLAMP’s retelling of BLOOD isn’t absolutely horrifying…

But not horrifyingly good either.

6 Replies to “Blood-C: First Impression”

  1. I liked the first episode more than I thought I would. I figured maybe I’d delete the episode midway thru, but nope, I stuck to the end. That action scene was pretty sweet, and I like Nana Mizuki.

  2. Those twins! They were cool in the first episode and in the OP, but that will be as far as they go for me xD Agreed with Jrow action scenes so far are really impressive! But we shall see how this goes, might turn into monster of the week ­čśŤ

    The oddest part so far Saya singing on the way to school! Guess they want to make her somewhat cute, which is fine now I will wait to see if she sings while killing monsters lolol I would love that.

  3. Blood C is… blegh. For the first two episodes, it was either really, really boring, or pretty damn good. Just a shame the only way it could transition to the latter was through pretty good fight scenes. Unfortunately, the former happened times than not.

  4. I’m particularly loyal with the BLOOD franchise, even watching the live action movie for luls. I wasn’t very disappointed though; I’d more or less expected that it’d turn out this way, since CLAMP’s styles are easy to recall. I just think it’s too early to tell how well this show ranks in with their other work, and it’s a long distance call from Mouryou no Hako.

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