Hanasaku Iroha 15

While not as bad as last week, storms and losing internet continue to be a problem. And there are more storms tonight.  Lovely.

Episode 15 is an absolute delight. It seeks to wrap up episode 14 of course, but is definitely superior to it’s previous episode. Probably because there was a lot more actual things happening rather then just establishing the setting.

The episode opens with the inn being, as Gorden Ramsey would say, “In the -BBC’s poor bleeping out skills here-. Ohana proves her oddball state by offering to work for them despite being on a vacation. I can’t say I know anyone who would be nearly that selfless. I’d expect more of a Yuina response.

The scene in the souvenir shop where the characters are trying to pick out special gifts for the employees. The gifts really felt as if they fit the employees (and I want Mango Toner).

I feel you Ohana. If I ever find my name in real life, it's always misspelled.

The scene with the former employees and the ice cream was incredibly satisfying.

Seriously. Chicken in ice cream? Ewwwww.

Ohana’s stubbornness leads to her finally getting to work at the inn. In a honestly touching moment, to inspires Minko and Nako to  come help her. Minko and Ohana make much better friends then enemies. While shaky ground at first, the two of them have ended up having priceless interactions, as Minko is still Minko, but she doesn’t wish ill on Ohana.

The highlight of this episode was by far the conversation between Yousuke and Yuina. Not just because it expanded Yuina’s character, but because she got told. Up to this point, she’d been losing points with me throughout the episode with her callous nature. “La la la, my fiancee or childhood friend or whatever is stuck in this bad situation, and I’m not the least bit concerned.” In the scene with Yuina, I feel like that is the first time we get a glimpse of her true nature. Yuina is a total princess. She needs to be in the center of attention, worshiped, and have people fawning over her.

On the other hand, she can’t stand anyone rejecting her or picking someone else over her. It doesn’t happenin Yuina’s world, after all. Ever. That is, until…


I was really glad that Yuina cleaned the bathhouse room, and a taste of what inn work was like. It’s silly to decide you totally hate something until you’ve actually tried it, after all. She showed that she’s actually can do something–when Yuina puts her mind to it, and isn’t too busy being pampered.

That, and her and Yousuke actually make quite a cute couple. I’ve come to like Yousuke a lot as a character, and it’s a pity he’s probably only here for these two episodes.

2 Replies to “Hanasaku Iroha 15”

  1. I’ve liked Yuina before in spite of her kinda selfish attitude, but I agree that it was good to see Yousuke sorta knock her down a peg; I like that scene a lot.

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