Kamisama no Memo-Chou, Episode 2: My Sign Is the Yakuza!

Remember kids, when your parents tell you not to make bad friends, they mean it. Especially when it involves betting.

*Insert troll face*

So after about a week or so, it feels really difficult getting back into the blogging groove. Therefore, if this post does seem to go awry, please bear with me 😀

Anyways, this week’s episode of Memo-chou was actually somewhat more moderated than the first one. In terms of unnecessary fanservice, it was toned down quite a bit, since not a single bra or panty was seen during this episode. However, this episode wasn’t completely devoid of fanservice either, albeit it was done quite well with Meo’s sudden appearance in a naked towel, which was good enough for a modest fanservice exposure.

Unlike the first episode, where we were given an abrupt, yet easily understood ending, we were given a cliffhanger at the end (SnippetTee). This is completely justifiable as the pace was much slower  throughout this episode. However, because of its slow pace, I actually felt as if I kind of “lost focus” in this episode. Maybe the clues along the way just weren’t that significant or interesting.


With that kawaii expression, how DARE you add noodles to her order.

So basically in this episode, we’re presented with a ditch-your-child plot, which isn’t that bad, yet does lack some originality to it. Anyways, the case is about a Yakuza member who is a money launderer, but has apparently gave up on his dark occupation and ran off with the laundered money. However, he gets tracked down and is able to give information to his daughter of the whereabouts of where the money is. Well? How does this involve our favourite NEET detective? Quite simple, because the daughter (Meo) finds out her dad has gone missing and enlists the help of Alice to recover him.

Obviously there’s a lot more to the whole plot of this episode, but I won’t go into details about all that drama and pizzazz. You can do it yourself. Otherwise, what’s the whole point?


Been there, done that.

Oh and back on a critical view of this episode, I do feel that the occasional humor in this show helps “lighten” up some of the situations. Otherwise, we could get a rather bland NEET detective show. However, if the pace remains as slow as it is, the show will definitely be needing a LOT more than what it is giving to earn popularity. By that point, even a ultra moe NEET detective won’t increase the show’s ratings.

In an odd way, I feel as if I’m watching DRRR!! again. This is because of the slow pace of things and how we’re almost presented with an objective point of view. This leaves a lot of interpretation up to the audience, which can be, and is confusing in this case. In fact, this episode was so confusing, that despite all the given clues, I felt as if the case was as close to been solved as me getting a real life Saeko Busujima as my girlfriend. However, I do hope that it does prove to be like DRRR!! and eventually the show will pick up a much more acceptable pace and gains a lot more “action”.

How come I'm not surprised at all.

With retrospect to the first episode, it does feel that we’re watching a completely different show. Maybe it’s because of the 20 minute show length (in comparison to the first episode’s 40 minutes). Who knows, but if it Memo-chou does keep going the way it is presented now, things won’t be looking too bright.

Hopefully in the next episode, we can get all that action, drama, romance, etc that we had all seen in the first episode. Also, hopefully my writing will get back to standard again. I guess Wednesday night is just not a blogging evening for me 😀

I think the audio and sub files from Nichijou got mixed up with this...

4 Replies to “Kamisama no Memo-Chou, Episode 2: My Sign Is the Yakuza!”

  1. I’m quite satisfied with this episode because they took time to develop the mystery involved. As you said, not a single bra appeared on this episode so I guess it’s good that they focused more on the story. Aside from that, I liked how Alice was showing emotions, at least they’re telling us that she’s still grounded to her age.

    Btw, thanks for a fun read review! ^^

    PS if Wednesday night doesn’t work for you, then why not choose a different day 🙂

    1. Well I guess the “taking time to develop” concept is working; however, it just seems a bit TOO slow for me. Maybe I just didn’t start off my anime-watching night with a good starter show.

      Ah yes, you did mention something about Alice that I forgot to discuss. Unlike in the first episode, we were able to see a much more friendlier side to her. Her display of emotions certainly added to her moe image. On a different note, I did notice there was significantly a lot less of Alice in this episode. Somewhat odd, but still, it’s completely understandable.

      Haha you know, it’s not that I’m procrastinating and leaving my post till a couple of days before the next episode airs, but rather, this week has been really hectic for me (hence my seemingly disappearance from Twitter), so I didn’t get a chance to sit down & blog. Thus, when I was writing this last night, it was certainly hard for me to get back to the blogging groove and write something that I could be proud to call a blog post.

      Oh and I still have to do Idolm@ster today. 😀

      Thanks for the comment Snippy 😉

      1. Agreed, there’s less Alice facetime on this episode. Hopefully on the next one will see more of her.

        Btw, don’t over work your brain. Actually, I’m supposed to be writing today but I have no idea where to start, and I’m tired too. That’s why I’m lurking on the web first and see if I fish in some ideas. Setting deadline is also my lifestyle so I guess I know exactly how you feel. ^^

      2. Hahaha thanks Snippy 😀

        Snippy, you should just chillax and write about something new & maybe not related anime. Perhaps something to do with your life? Ah who knows, at least I’m certain you’ll pump out something by the time I’m about to sleep 😀

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