Kamisama no Memo-Chou, Episode 3: Ma’am, I think you’re working at the wrong shop.

Spectacularly outperforming my expectations.

The cake is a lie. The ramen ain't.


I’m utterly amazed at this week’s episode of Kamisama no Memo-chou. This is EXACTLY the type of show I signed up to blog about.

Well, what makes this episode so much better from last week’s? Let’s just start with how much more action, romance, and appropriate comedic scenes are in this episode. Plus, we get a longer exposure to our beloved NEET detective Alice, which is always something good that I can’t complain about. In terms of actual stuff that goes on in this episode, there was just a plethora of  actual relevant details. Not one second was wasted on redundant scenes.

With a lack of irrelevant details, this episode felt really fast-paced, but just at the right pace so that I didn’t get confused about what was going on. In comparison to last week’s episode, KamiMemo 3 was much more organized and in fact, actually kept my interest throughout the whole show. Kudos to J.C. Staff for a great followup to a mediocre episode….and there I was getting all worried I made had the wrong choice to blog about this show.

*pat pat*

Anyways, by request from Snippy, I’m going to provide a more “in-depth” explanation to what happens in this episode. I guess my quick rundowns before just didn’t do.

So, in this episode, we continue on from where KamiMemo left off last week. We start off with some Yakuza coming to Min-san’s shop looking for Meo, but before any fighting could commence, the Yakuza decide to leave with just a “warning”. However, the next day, Narumi finds out Meo has disappeared and with the help of Alice, he finds out she’s at a payphone waiting for the Yakuza to come pick up the money in exchange for her father’s safety.

Luckily, our “assistant-san” comes in the nick of time to change Meo’s mind, but despite Narumi’s efforts, they’re trapped by the Yakuza. Suddenly, out of the blue, this guy and his gang show up:

Are all Yondaime(s) this cool?!

Yeah…that’s what I’m talking about! I was actually so convinced that Narumi and Meo would be captured by the Yakuza in that scene and would require to be saved by some elaborate plan from Alice. However, our kickass Yondaime shows up out of nowhere, tailgates the Yakuza and beats the hell out of them. Now that’s the “suspense” episode 2 so desperately lacked.

Anyways, after that event, Narumi tries to get sworn in as “blood brothers” with Yondaime, which somehow turns out all right…? I was actually expecting Narumi to get harshly rejected and put down, but yet, KamiMemo throws another curve ball in the story. Plot excellence at its finest.

Although I can’t quite describe the pure awesomeness that was displayed in the “ceremony” that the Yondaime and Narumi had, but I can tell you this. You MUST watch it. I have to say, you don’t get this kind of character bonding in a 3rd episode. Thus, I was very surprised this kind of action took place at all!

Okay back on track about what happens. So, after their ceremony, the NEETs get together to form together some sort of grand plan. As you first get a peek into their devious plan, it might seem utterly confusing, but actually, it’s about using the 200 million yen and depositing it into Kusakabe’s account. Why would they do this? So, they can send the 200 million to the victims of the money laundering process, some group name I can’t remember, but you get my point.

After depositing all that money into Kusakabe’s account, Narumi leads some NEETs to the Yakuza boss leader’s office and plays a “bluff” on him. The bluff is exactly what’s said above, so you already know what’s going on. Because the bluff involves transferring the money back to the victims on Monday morning, and since it is Friday afternoon, the Yakuza rushes to bring Kusakube in person to a bank to stop the transfer (banks are closed on weekends). Since this was all part of plan, Narumi and his NEETs were already waiting for the Yakuza to bring Kusakabe, and thus when the Yakuza finally arrived, Narumi & his group ambushes them and take back Kusakabe.

After the events, Kusakabe gets to reunite with Meo, and everything seems to go “happily ever after”.

Perhaps I didn’t explain this too well, but hopefully it kind of made sense. After all, a mystery story is supposed to be confusing, so if what I wrote just made you even more clueless, just go watch the episode and it’ll all make sense.

Yondaime approves.

So aside from all that jazz in the episode, I felt it was actually pretty well-organized. I know that the way I explained it above isn’t all that clear, but if you do watch this episode, you’ll see how perfectly structured it is. Not perfectly structured as in predictable, but as in, you can see how well the events are spaced out and given a feel of “chronology” to it.

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but when KamiMemo comes close to solving a case, it all gets remarkably interesting and spectacular. Like in the first episode, there was a lot of random things, but eventually near the final minutes, everything felt in place and finished with a bang. In terms of this week’s show, it was akin to the “final minutes” of episode 1, and episode 2 was like the beginning of it. I know this trend puts me off a lot, so hopefully it won’t continue, because I feel the ups and downs of how this show presents itself could affect how well the audience interprets this show.

With such a great ending to this case, I can’t wait for the next one! AW JEEZ THURSDAY COME FASTER!

Because teamkill doesn't just happen in FPSes

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