The Idolm@ster, Episode 3: Because in 2011, cooties still hasn’t been eradicated.

It’s like one of those episodes that focus mainly on one of  the most annoying characters ever~

Your expression says otherwise.

Not quite the make-up episode of last week’s mediocre Idolm@ster that I had expected…

This week’s Idolm@ster seemed so ridiculously…b-b-b-bbbland…that I actually had to “try” to watch it. The only thing that compelled me to keep watching was because of Miki-chan. She’s just too cute to ignore. So Idolm@ster storyboard writers, be thankful that I actually like Miki, otherwise, you’re going to lose an important fan.

As of last week’s episode of Idolm@ster, things have been going straight downhill. It’s not that the girls aren’t moe enough or the songs aren’t as good as expected, but the fact that all the characters seem so “scripted” and cliché makes the show seem like a blunder. However, that in no way is going to affect my future aspirations of this show. I know what they’re doing is just to get the audience familiar with each character right now, but the way the producers are doing it just seems too boring. I know this isn’t meant to be an action or drama show, but in terms of K-ON’s story, Idolm@ster is seriously slipping up if it wants to match that level of achievement.

Yes please, I really don't want to see another second of you.

Okay, maybe I took the rant a bit too far, but one must understand, after watching 20 minutes worth of a show that contains a girl who wants to be an idol, yet can’t talk to guys, it  just drives one’s mind to the limits of sanity.

Anyways, despite how uneventful this episode is, I’m still going to do an explanation of events…

Because of the more appropriate looking “idol-photos” the idols took in the last episode, the idols finally landed a gig at some place. Well, what place you might ask? Is it Akihabara? Shibuya? Shinjuku? Madison Square Garden? Nah, who am I kidding,  with idols like those from 765 Pro, their first gig is obviously going to be at some desolate in-the-mountains village.

Once they travel to that village, the idols get to go set up their OWN stage. I mean, what kind of lowly idols have to go set up their OWN stage? Ah well, it does make sense, since it’s their first gig anyways. Gotta start from somewhere after all. Despite all of the random crap that goes on in this episode, I’m actually appreciative of this kind of level of realism incorporated in the plot. Kudos.

Okay, you might wonder, how does Yukiho’s fear of men play into this episode? Well firstly, when the idols arrive at the village, Yukiho gets to run into several men who just want to help her, but out of her phobia of men, she yelps and literally tries to dig herself a hole. I don’t know how that’ll solve anything, but it’s ridiculous how the creators of Idolm@ster can write in a character who’s afraid of men to be a main character. Absolutely ludicrous.

So by the time the performance is about to start, more trouble occurs. Not only does Yukiho feel utterly down and the group’s attitude is at an all time low, the costumes they brought were for the wrong gig. Since the VK (Visual Kei) style is not really appropriate for a small village, thus the producer-man decides that the idols should just appear on stage with their current clothing.

Anyways, back to Yukiho. Right before her performance starts, she sees the men in the audience and freaks out as usual (Jesus Christ, grow a pair Yukiho. Err…yeah…even though you’re a girl…). Instead of letting it slide this time, Yukiho’s friends (what are their names…?) successfully convinces her that it’ll be all right; however, Yukiho spots a dog in the crowd and goes berserk once more. Like seriously, what’s up with this girl? Can we please just kick her out of the group?

So, seeing the impending predicament, the producer-man comes to the rescue and does that pinky-swear-I won’t let it hurt you-cliche scene. Luckily, it works out eventually (like usual…), and Yukiho decides to toughen up and somehow awkwardly dons the group’s inappropriate VK costume to the stage. By the time she arrives, her friends have already started the performance, but that doesn’t stop our dearest Yukiho from screaming into the mike upon her entrance. Not sure what that is supposed to mean, but it’s just retarded.

So with the end of Yukiho’s performance, the group leaves the next day and returns back to the city.

Troll much?

Anyways, with my quick description of the plot completed, now it’s back to my rant. I had originally planned to do a shorter post on this episode, but the thought of how bad this episode was  just compelled me to write even more.

Aside from all that crap I saw, you can actually see a bit of light in this show. In a way, it does kind of have a moralistic theme (wait, does that sound correct?) to it. It’s like, “try your best” or “overcome your fears” that kind of thing. Sadly, despite having a deeper meaning, it still doesn’t make this episode good in any way. The way they showed those “deeper meanings” was more akin to that of how a kid’s anime would show it, not how it should be shown in a show geared towards grown woMEN.

However, I know this is a process that Idolm@ster has to go through so that the audience can “understand” more about each character, so maybe it’s just the fact that I really disliked Yukiho that made me rant about this episode. Still, if you look critically at how the characters are, I’m generally very forgiving on how I “rate” these moe-innocent characters, but in Yukiho’s case, she might seem moe and innocent, but the show just simply takes it too far. In K-ON!, I was already getting pretty fed up with Yui, but Yukiho’s act just takes the cake. I almost wanted to click “close” on my MPCstar player.

Anyways, since I think next week’s episode is going to be focused on Chihaya and Takane, I’m sure I’ll start that episode off with a better note, despite this episode leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Ah Miki is correct! Riceballs ARE gourmet noms. Silly idols who think riceballs aren't gourmet...tsk tsk...


6 Replies to “The Idolm@ster, Episode 3: Because in 2011, cooties still hasn’t been eradicated.”

  1. Sounds like it’s getting funnier and wackier each week!

    “I was already getting pretty fed up with Yui, but Yukiho’s act just takes the cake. I almost wanted to click “close” on my MPCstar player.”
    Lol this just made me laugh, you’ve full of complaints but you’re still watching it.

    It’s still doesn’t sound anywhere close to K-On! I’m feeling hopeless that it will…

    1. It is getting wackier and funnier by week, but the show’s overall performance isn’t getting better.

      It’s almost counterproductive…Hahaha yes, I had to say that. It’s a true story :D. Of course I’m full of complaints. If this show appealed to me as much as KamiMemo does, then I wouldn’t bash it as much. However, Idolm@ster has been letting me down more or less since the 2nd episode, so I have everything except accolades for this show.

      Yeah…it just doesn’t have that “shoujo” vibe to it….not anywhere close to K-ON!’s feel. The music isn’t bad, but the show itself just seems so awkward…Perhaps it’s these “character-centric” episodes that are giving off the negative vibe…

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